Find IP Address on Omegle

如何在 Omegle 上查找某人的 IP 地址

Do you think it's hard to find someone's IP address on Omegle? On the contrary, it is not all that mysterious. We will show you how to do that!

Technology has had a significant impact on the livelihoods of many people. The internet has made the world a global village where people can freely interact and find new friends. Omegle is one of the most popular platforms that help individuals chat with strangers and potentially be friends.

Although this is cool, it may also come with its fair share of challenges. This includes cyberbullying and your location being compromised because of your IP address being leaked or hacked.

As impossible as it may seem, getting an IP address on Omegle is easy, there are various ways you can use to get someone's IP address without them knowing.

Some of these methods can require a little tech knowledge, while you don't need the know-how skills to conduct for some. Hold on tight as we take through some of the most remarkable ways you can use to get someone's IP address on Omegle.

Find Someone’s IP Address on Omegle by JavaScript 

The Javascript language is what is used to run most websites. It helps web pages with things such as graphics, maps, and videos. By using special Java script codes, you can get someone's IP address.

  •  Open your chrome development tool

This is a set of already existing tools in your browser. It helps you inspect animations, use the Console as well as run JavaScript. Go to the Chrome menu, select More tools, and click developer tools to open, google chrome, then go to the Chrome menu.

  • Open Omegle

Here you need to start Omegle and engage your target with a video chat. Once this is done, their device will start sending you protocols, including their IP address. JavaScript console code will do all the magic.

  • Run Console

A Console is a chrome development tool that helps you run JavaScript. Click to open the tab and run the following code:

window.oRTCPeerConnection = window.oRTCPeerConnection || window.RTCPeerConnection
window.RTCPeerConnection = function(...args) {
const pc = new window.oRTCPeerConnection(...args)
pc.oaddIceCandidate = pc.addIceCandidate
pc.addIceCandidate = function(iceCandidate, {
const fields = iceCandidate.candidate.split(' ')
if (fields[7] === 'srflx') {
console.log('IP Address:', fields[4])
return pc.oaddIceCandidate(iceCandidate,
return pc
  • 获取 IP 地址

After running the JavaScript, you will generate the IP address and location of the person you are talking with on Omegle.

This is one of the easiest methods of getting someone’s IP address on Omegle without technical know-how; it is also fast and accurate.

Use Omegle IP Locator

We are lucky to have a wide variety of plugins that help us find IP addresses and locations quite easily. One of the best plugin is Omegle IP Locator. Here is how you can use them to find an IP location.

  • Install the extension.

The first step is to go to the Omegle IP locator download page and ensure you download and add the extension to your browser.

Omegle IP locator Extension jpg

  • Start a chat with the target on Omegle.

Once you have added the extension, start a conversation with your target on Omegle. A video chat can be more reliable than a text chat because it makes it easier for the app to get its data.

Omegle Chat

  • Get hold of their IP address.

When you start a video chat with your target, the caller information will be generated to your computer. What the extension does is capture it. Their IP address and location will be provided; you can also see their region, city, and internet provider.

Omegle ip

Omegle IP locator is an effective way of getting someone’s IP address. It is not only fast and reliable but also requires little computing knowledge to complete the task.

Use Omegle IP Grabber

IP grabbers are one of the most popular and easiest ways to get an IP address. What these tools do is help you create a link with strings attached. If you send the link to anybody and open it, the device can generate their details, including location and IP address.

There are a couple of IP grabbers, but we use the Grabify IP logger for this example.

  • Select a link.

To get hold of an IP address, you need to send a link to your target and ensure they click on it. Therefore, the link should be about something of interest to the target. You may opt to send a video, song, or even a meme.

  • Shorten a Link.

Open a Grabify page and paste the link you had selected earlier on the top of the page. After that, click “create URL.” This enables the tool to shorten a URL and attach a string that will be used in finding the target’s details.

Grabify ip loggers

generated Grabify link

  • Send the link to the user.

In this step, go back to Omegle and send the link to the target. Ensure that you have established a strong relationship with the user and have gained their trust. It would be best if you also convinced them to click the link for you to get their details.

link to the omegle user

  • Get hold of the IP address.

The moment your target clicks the link, you need to go back to Grabify. Enter the shortened code you had gained earlier into space on top of the page. Click tracking code and wait for the IP grabber to generate all the information you need about your target.

Grabify Tracking Code

Grabify ip details

IP grabbers are widely used for finding IP addresses. They have proved reliable and only require a few snaps to get hold of someone's IP address.


Every windows computer is fitted with a command prompt feature. It allows you to enter commands of different types and operate your computer. Command prompt is a great tool you can use to get people’s information and IP address.

  • Close all running apps.

Before you start using the command prompt, you need to ensure you close all running apps on your computer except your browser Omegle tab. This is because the command prompt will generate all the IP addresses that are likely to connect with your computer.

Close All Apps

  • Start an Omegle chat.

Using your browser, open the Omegle page and start up a conversation with your target. A video could be more relevant because it generates information faster than a regular chat.

Omegle video chat

  • Open a command prompt

Opening a command prompt can be done in two different ways. First, you can go to the start menu, then windows apps, and click on the command prompt. Secondly, you can click Win+R, type in cmd, and open the command prompt.


  • Enter the command.

Enter “netstat-an” in the command prompt for it to generate all incoming IP addresses. This will enable the command prompt to show a list of all IPs connected to your computer. If you had closed all running apps earlier, then the only IP address shown is for your target on Omegle.

netstat -an command

The command prompt is a very effective way of getting IP addresses. The best thing is that it does not require any payment because it is already in default for all Windows devices.

Use Wireshark

Wireshark is a network protocol analysis software. It helps you get knowledge of what is happening inside your network in a very informative way. If you get hold of the app, then getting someone's IP address won't be hard.

  • Download Wireshark

The first step is to google Wireshark and download it. You can then install it on your computer to analyze network data.

Install and Tune Wireshark

  • Choose a network device

When you open the app, it will require you to choose a network device. You should pick the network device you are using from a list provided to you on the page.

winshark network device

  • Select necessary protocols

The moment you choose the network you are on, the app will generate many packages for your computer. Find the search bar, click and type UDP. This will reduce the number of packets that are generated: Omegle will undoubtedly be one of them.

Wireshark udp

  • Know your IP address.

For you to be able to filter and trash unnecessary packages, you need to know your IP address. If you do not know your IP address, you can start a command prompt and type “ipconfig.” The tool will display your IP address.

ipconfig tools

  • Establish a conversation on Omegle.

Open the Omegle page and start a conversation with your target. A video chat will be more reliable because it generates all the necessary protocols.

Omegle conversation

  • Analyze the data on Wireshark

As you go on with the video chat, you should be able to take a peek at your Wireshark window. You will notice that some of the packets are being sent to your IP address. The packages you are receiving include the IP address of your target on Omegle.

PS4 Wireshark ip trace


1. How can I prevent my IP address from being tracked on Omegle?

Many services will help you hide your IP address on Omegle. Here are some of the best examples you can use.

VPN Services

  • Hotspot shield: They provide both free and paid services. The free service contains ads that can be blocked using the Adblock extension. It works by changing your IP address and hiding your privacy while on site.
  • Hola Free VPN for Google Chrome: It assists in changing your IP on browsers as you use them. It's the best work in Google Chrome. It has many country options and is suitable for unban from Omegle.
  •  Ultrasurf: It is one of the best ways to hide your IP address. It is also absolutely free and reliable!


Proxy services are one of the best ways to hide your IP address. Many proxy service providers offer their services at pocket-friendly prices.

2. Is finding someone’s Omegle IP address illegal?

Finding someone’s IP address in Omegle is not illegal. This is because you need to know the IP addresses. Even when you send requests to web pages, they get hold of your IP address, which is legal. However, what you plan to do with the IP address is what qualifies it as legal or illegal.

3. Does Omegle IP address show your history?

Your IP address shows details about the location of your device. It requires some deeper digging for someone to get hold of your private information using your IP address. this information may include your passwords, which could open your Omegle account and compromise your search history.


Your IP address is the key to internet accessibility; you require it to visit various online websites. Knowing how an IP address can compromise details, it is essential to protect it even if there is no foreseeable threat.

Someone having your IP address can lead to severe problems such as your details landing in the hands of scammers. It also means that someone can remotely hack into your device and do all the illegal stuff they wish.

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