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Are you looking for a datacenter proxy provider with dedicated proxies? If so, Mexela is here for you. In this article, we review their benefits, features, and more.

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There are only a few proxy providers that can live up to their name and constantly perform effectively. Mexela is one example of such a proxy provider. It allows customers to choose from several packages, each with its own set of benefits.

Mexela specializes in dedicated datacenter proxies. It has over 300,000 highly secure proxy servers spread throughout the United States and Europe. They also provide high-speed connections with limitless bandwidth and perfect privacy.

  • Over 300.000 IPs
  • Located in the US and Europe
  • 24 hours refund policy
  • Support sneakers sites, SEO software

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Mexela Risk Free Proxies

Since 2014, Mexela has been a reputable provider of proxy services. As shown by their positive user comments. It is also ranked as one of the top 10 datacenter proxies. The 24-hour full refund guarantee and immediate customer care have all contributed to the positive reviews. They also have many other features, which include the following.

Mexela Pros and Cons 

As said earlier, Mexela has a perfect amount of helpful features. It comes with tier-1 elements that other providers don't offer. However, they also have their own set of shortcomings. Here are some of the advantages and flaws we experienced with Mexela.


  • Compatible with Social Media: It supports various social media platforms. This means you can create multiple accounts.
  • API Supported: This enables you to connect two devices or computers easily.
  • Fast Customer Support: They have responsive customer support that addresses queries in real-time.
  • Fast and Dedicated: Their proxies are super-fast and are not shared.
  • Support HTTP/HTTPS: This ensures you can use different browsers when surfing.
  • Various Packages: They come with a variety of packages to help you get what you need.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: You can run as many tasks as you want.


No SOCKS Support: They don’t have the SOCKS protocols.

Less Diverse Locations: Their locations are dispersed across the world.

No Credit Card Payment: You cannot make payments using your credit card.

Mexela Overview

Mexela Overview

Mexela has been growing very fast and has many valuable features. One of the unique ones is proxy rotation. You may maintain your existing IPs or acquire new ones by default. It assures that you will continue to have access even if an IP address is blocked. This is extremely important for sneaker site proxies. Proxies are always fresh and have the slightest chance of being previously banned.

They also provide unlimited bandwidth. Mexela offers unlimited bandwidth with all of its proxy subscriptions. As a result, the user does not have to be concerned about a data limit. You are also not required to discontinue the use of the service midway through the month.

Mexela is also capable of working with both HTTP and HTTPS. Thus, online transactions will be unaffected, and security will be assured. Using these proxies to create several accounts on social networking sites should also be no trouble. They claim that no user data is logged while utilizing the service. Additionally, the proxies are suitable for all browsers and SEO software.

Customer service is another fantastic element of Mexela that many people praise. It is accessible 24/7 and responds quickly. They feature a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 24-hour money-back promise. This is useful if the consumer is unsatisfied with the service.

Individual apps cannot be configured as proxies on cell phones. Instead, the whole network must be set up to use the proxy. This is possible on both Android and iOS smartphones. Go to WiFi or WLAN in the Settings app and then click on the connected WiFi.

Scrolling down from there will provide the opportunity to input the proxy IP and Port address. Mexela's proxies are password secured. As a result, a browser pop-up will prompt the user to enter the login and password given by Mexela.

Mexela Types and Pricing

Mexela Buy Proxies

Mexela has several proxy types for different purposes. They all come with various features and special pricing. Below is a summary of each of them.

Private Proxies

Mexela Private Proxy Plan

"(《世界人权宣言》) 私人代理, also known are dedicated proxies, are great to have. They ensure you are the only one using the IPs allocated. In addition, they have top features. This includes total anonymity and unlimited bandwidth. It also comes with US and Europe locations. The proxy has two packages; 50 proxies for $150/month and 100 proxies for $300/month.

Sneaker Proxies

Mexela Sneakers Proxy Plan

Sneaker proxies are equally good to have. They have the same level as residential proxies and can be used for sneaker copping. They are dedicated and have high-speed connections. They can be used for Adidas, Supreme, and other sneaker sites. The starting price is $5/month for four proxies. For $50, you get 100 proxies valid for a month.

Shared Proxies

Mexela Shared Proxy Plan

他们的 共享代理 also have good anonymity and speed. They can be shared between three people. The proxies also support Europe and US locations and have unlimited bandwidth. The starting piece is $10/month for ten proxies. If you want more proxies, you can get 2025 at $1500.

Mexela Locations

Mexela Location

Mexela does not give much information about its proxy servers. They only display a subset of the countries in which they are situated. However, they have proxy servers spread across North America. They are also present in various European nations such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Estonia, Romania, the United Kingdom, etc.

Having a more significant number of servers provides a considerably more comprehensive variety of IP locations for anonymity. It also assures that there are at least some servers that are not geo-restricted. In these nations, Mexela has over 300,000 proxies. But, to have greater flexibility and lower ping, companies need to work on dispersing their servers to additional areas.

Mexela Authentication & Protocols 

Mexela Authentication and Protocols

IP authentication and username/ password authentication are the most common out there. Mexela uses both to ensure that every customer is satisfied. Furthermore, it makes it easier for you to log into your account.

They also have HTTP and HTTPS Protocols. This ensures you can use a wide variety of browsers. However, they do not support the SOCKS protocol, which some browsers use.

Mexela Customer Support

Mexela Customer Support

They have a robust customer support system. Here you should expect to get feedback on queries in real-time. They use a ticketing system, where you can ask a question, and you'll be answered appropriately.


Mexela is undoubtedly one of the top datacenter proxy services, with a high level of client satisfaction. Mexela provides high-speed, dedicated proxies throughout Europe and the United States. They have a vast user base that is continually rising.

Although they could work in several critical areas, they have some of the most significant features accessible among proxy providers. Some of the positive and bad aspects we discovered after analyzing Mexela might assist you in determining where it is a suitable match for your proxy requirements.

Overall, it's reasonable to conclude that Mexela excels in proxy service. With an assortment of capabilities that may meet the expectations of even the most seasoned users. So I'd like to suggest it to everyone looking for the most exemplary proxy service for the money.

Last Updated on 12月 12, 2022



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