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Best Adidas Bots of 2023

Are you tired of purchasing unreliable sneaker bots for Adidas and Yeezy? Here, we review the best bots to use for coping on Adidas and Yeezy websites.

Adidas Yeezy is one of the top sneaker collections in the world. Having been developed by Kanye West (a famous rapper and designer) in collaboration with Adidas, the sneakers come with a heavy price tag.

Even with its high price, people still scramble for sneakers. An excellent example of this is the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350, which came with a retail price of $349 but still had a massive demand. The reason for this is usually because of its limited number and a symbol of status. Many people also buy the collection of sneakers to resell at a much more profitable price.

Why Use Bots for Adidas Sneakers?

Bots for Adidas Yeezy Sneakers

The main problem with Adidas sneakers is that they are often sold out before anybody can get a chance to cop. This happens because of the high demand for them and the deficient supply.

The option of using bots is the best solution for getting your desired Yeezy sneakers. Bots are tools that can purchase a sneaker with just a click of a button and without physically visiting websites.

They also eliminate the time you would spend waiting in lines for several hours just to get disappointed at the end due to sold-out signs. During this time, you could be doing something else that is beneficial for you.

Bots are easy to use and quite common among sneaker-heads. It's nothing new, and the technology has been around for long enough now (more than five years). It's only recently that there has been a significant breakthrough in how bots work and how they can be used to cop things online.

Top Adidas Bots
Here is a review of the top ten Adidas bots. Sneaker-heads have used them all for hundreds of purchases, and they are also among the most recommended out there.

1. AIO 机器人

AioBot Homepage

  • 平台支持: 视窗
  • 费用 A one-time payment of $325
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

It is the fastest, safest, and most reliable bot on the market. It has been around for a long time now, and it is made available to everybody through a straightforward installation process.  This bot is available at a one-time fee of $325, renewable for $69 after every six months.

AIO Bot is the most reliable bot for an Adidas Yeezy release because it has never been down and always able to cop.

The bot boasts of fast speeds connectivity and high copping success. Its dashboard is also easy to navigate, making it more straightforward for new customers to use the platform.

2. Nike Shoe Bot

Nike Shoe Bot Homepage

  •  平台支持: Windows & Mac
  • 费用 $ 499/ year
  • 代理: 支持
  •  与其他网站兼容:

Nike Shoe Bot (NSB) is a sneaker bot that takes pride in its high-performance rate. Using it, you will be able to purchase Yeezy and Adidas sneakers instantly. It comes with some of the most impressive features, such as a captcha resolver that ensures a smooth purchase process.

They have a user-friendly dashboard that is favorable for new users. In addition, they regularly update their website whenever sneaker sites make changes on purchase processes.

The bot also provides updates on the latest information from Yeezy. They also have a Yeezy buyers guide which enables beginners to make purchases without any flaws. The company has a very responsive customer support and can be reached via Twitter, Discord, or email.

3. 毁灭者计划

Project Destroyer Homepage

  • 平台支持: Windows & Mac
  • 费用 $200
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

This is another popular bot for sneakers. It was created by a sneakerhead who wanted to help other people cop their desired collections.  This bot has been tested on many famous releases, and it has never disappointed its users.

The most outstanding feature about this bot is that it still updates from time to time even though the features are already sufficient. This is an excellent example of how much dedication the creator has for his customers and his work.

Additionally, the bot works on Windows and Mac computers and can be purchased at $200 with a monthly renewal of $35.

4. 科代 AIO

Kodai AIO Homepage

  •  平台支持: Windows & Mac
  • 费用 $ 175/ two months, then $59.99/month
  •  代理: 支持
  •  与其他网站兼容:

Kodai AIO Bot is another good bot for Adidas sneakers. It helps users bypass different steps in a website by using an internal browser. This way, customers can shop more efficiently and get their desired products more easily.

Kodai is the best option for those who want to buy directly from the Adidas website because it has the same design, so customers can easily navigate it. The bot works on Windows and Mac computers with one single-user license.

When it comes to prices, it starts at $ 175 for two months with a renewal rate of $59.99 per month.  It has a robust user interface which makes it one of the most accessible bots to use.

5. Splashforce

Splash Force Homepage

  • 平台支持: Windows & Mac
  • 费用 Starts at $300
  • 代理: 支持
  •  与其他网站兼容:

Splashforce Bot is one of the good bots out there because it has always worked and will continue to work. In comparison with other Adidas bots, it's also a bit cheaper. This bot can be used in Windows and Mac computers with a single-user license.

The price starts at $300 for lifetime access with a renewal fee of $60 billed after six months. It offers a fast connection to the server and is also very easy to use.

6. Velox

Velox Homepage

  • 平台支持: Windows & Mac
  • 费用 €150
  •  代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

This bot is one of the fastest out there, and it also boasts a 99% reliability rate. It works on different websites even though not all sneakers are included in its list.   Buyers have to pay a retail fee of €150 for a Velox Bot license, while the renewal fee is €75 billed after six months.

It is also possible to get a bundle license with other bots at half the price. It is compatible with Adidas websites and works on both Windows and Mac computers. It is a simple navigation dashboard with a good interface.

7. Ghost

Ghost AIO Homepage

  • 平台支持: Windows & Mac
  • 费用 $300
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

This bot works for a massive list of sneakers and websites. It has one of the largest databases of accounts, with more than 6500 entries.  Every sneaker-head needs to pay an amount of $300 to use the bot; this price is subject to a renewal fee of $150 every six months.

Ghost can be installed on one computer only with a single user license.  This bot is good for both Windows and Mac computers and has an easy-to-navigate interface, making it a good platform for beginners.

8. Easycop

EasyCop Homepage

  •  平台支持: Windows & Mac
  • 费用 $600/ year
  •  代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Easycop is a new bot that is great for those willing to buy and sell sneakers directly. It is expensive compared to most of the bots, but it offers more perks. Users can earn good money by reselling their products or get easy access to retail stores without having issues with their credit cards.

This bot can be installed on both Windows and Mac computers. It is priced at $ 600 with a validity of one year. The bot works well for Adidas sneakers but not for all of them.

9. Adept Bots

Adept AIO Homepage

  •  平台支持: Windows & Mac
  • 费用 £100
  • 代理: 支持
  •  与其他网站兼容:

This bot is designed to help customers get ahold of sneakers from different brands like Adidas. It is also compatible with other bots, such as NightBoy's All-in-one bot, so users who have acquired it can expect to use its many features for their bidding needs.

Adept works on both Windows and Mac computers with a one-time payment of £100 per license with a recurrent fee of £35 per month for updates.

10. Sole AIO

Sole AIO Homepage

  • 平台支持: 视窗
  • 费用 £300/ 6 months
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

This bot is a bit expensive compared to the others, but it's also guaranteed to work on Yeezy and Adidas sites. It has access to more than ten other websites and can be used for shoes from different brands.

Sole AIO Bot works on Windows computers with a single-user license.  The one-time fee starts at €300 per license with a renewal fee of €125 payable every six months.

The bot comes with an easy-to-navigate dashboard and offers fast-speed connections. It also has an excellent captcha resolver that helps maintain your connectivity. Sole AIO has multithread features which enable you to run different tasks at a time.


In today's business world, technology holds a great deal of influence. Online shoppers these days want to get what they are looking for as fast and efficiently as possible. Sneakerheads can count on bots to help them with their purchasing needs because they optimize the shopping experience for users.

The bots will decrease that waiting time instead of spending countless hours waiting online and hoping that the product will still be available. They are also the best solution for people who have had previous issues with their credit cards when trying to buy products online. To sum it up, they help buyers get what they want from different websites and stores instantly.

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