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2023 年最佳私人代理

Are you looking for a private proxy provider in the market? We have already picked the best for you that brings you exclusive and fast access.

Many people are switching to proxies because they help you access a site anonymously. Not only will the proxy help you browse censored or geo-blocked sites anonymously, but also you will access those restricted sites at a fast rate.

There are proxies categories include dedicated proxies, semi-dedicated proxies, 共享代理public proxies. But in this case, the main focus is the dedicated or private proxies.

Best Private Proxies Provider

1. 代理销售商

Proxy Seller Home Page

If you are willing to have a rental service proxy of twelve months, Proxy-seller is at your service. You also get to choose whether to go for IPV4 or the new cheaper IPV6. With HTTPS and SOCKS proxies' protocols, the security of this proxy is guaranteed.

Another thing with proxy-seller is that it has an unlimited port address. This port address allows its servers to connect to many subnets and regions. Not to forget, this proxy has a sustainable live chat and ticketing where you can engage with their specialists 24/7.

Proxy Seller Plan

  • Has live chats and customer support tickets forum

  • Unlimited  proxies

  • Acquires a cheap and speed IPV6

  • Provides affordable rentals for proxies

  • Multi-locational subnets and servers

  • Do not allow disturbing spam.

  • No free trial

  • Inflexible with static IPs and no IP rotation

  • Not very fast like other proxies

  • Incompatible with many advertising sites

2. 亮数据

Bright Data for Change IP

Are you aware that Bright Data is the best proxy server in the world? There is no doubt with this belief since Luminati has over 770,000 IPs and is used worldwide. You will also likely love Bright Data's web scraping bots, SEO upgrading, and ads auditing. Still, this dedicated proxy is fast with free trials and an IP rotation scheme.

Speaking of IP rotation, Bright Data has at least a pool of 20000 IPs that ensures no chance of trackers catching you. You can also find exclusive IPs in the Luminati, which is meant for a specific site. For your business operation. Luminati helps in web data mining, brand trademarking, collecting stock info, and many other company activities.

Bright Data price plan

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Acquires a proxy manager support

  • Globally covered

  • Limitless concurrent sessions

  • Offers 24/7 customers service

  • Quality bot technology

  • Good for SEO and Ad verification

  • Flexibly usage with 30000 subnets

  • A seven-day free trial.

  • Gigabyte speed connection with limitless bandwidth

  • acquires a chrome extension for beginner's setup

  • Essential with API's programmer's interface

  • Very expensive as it costs $500/mon

  • Its dashboard is a bit complex.

3. 我的私人代理

Myprivate Proxy Home Page

Discover MyPrivateProxy, one of the most widespread dedicated proxies covering eight European countries and sixteen major US cities. First, in this proxy, a client can choose between a general-purpose proxy and a specifically oriented proxy. For example, you find specific sneakers proxies like PokmonGO proxies and Ticketing proxies.

For convenience purposes, MyPrivateProxy multitasking control panel switches quickly from proxy management tasks to authentication features. Also, most of this proxy's servers are automated. Hence you experience a gigabyte speed internet connection.

Myprivate Proxy Plan

  • Fast internet connectivity

  • limited bandwidth

  • Acquires a multitasking control panel

  • Most MyPrivateProxy services are automated.

  • Use up to ten different IPs in your username or password.

  • Refreshed IPs in every billing period

  • There are no free trials.

  • No use of the SOCKS applications.

4. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Private Proxies

IPRoyal is one of the best private proxy providers out there. It offers private residential and datacenter IPs from countries all over the world, so you can use them to bypass geo-restrictions or automate tasks online without worrying about IP bans. With its own private residential IP pool obtained from genuine ISP customers and affordable prices, you don’t have to look further.

IPRoyal’s private proxies are highly anonymous and secure as they are not shared with anyone else and are HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 supported. This also means they are compatible with the most popular automation software and bots, making them ideal for data scraping, social media management, and many other business and personal use cases. They have ultra fast speeds, 99.9% uptime, and affordable plans starting from $9 for 5 private IPs a month.

IPRoyal Private Proxies Price

  • Highly anonymous

  • Great pricing and location coverage

  • HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support

  • Fast speeds and high uptime

  • 无限带宽

  • Unlimited threads

  • 全天候客户支持

  • Live chat option

  • Securable with HTTPS and FTP

  • No phone support

  • No free trial


5. 代理-Ipv4

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

Proxy-IPv4 has successfully positioned itself as a leading choice for those seeking both affordability and efficiency in private proxies. Its vast array of features, user-centric pricing, and unwavering commitment to privacy make it a preferred choice for individuals and businesses. Whether it's for SEO, SMM, e-commerce, or just enhanced online privacy, Proxy-IPv4 offers an affordable yet robust solution for all.

Among the highlights of Proxy-IPv4 is its commendable pricing strategy. The service has carved a niche for itself by offering some of the most competitive rates in the market, ensuring that even budget-conscious users can benefit from its high-quality offerings. Starting with packages that offer sets of 10 proxies, and with durations ranging from as short as 3 days to as long as 90 days, Proxy-IPv4 ensures every user gets maximum value for their money.

Proxy-Ipv4 private proxies price

Affordability does not mean limited options. Proxy-IPv4 offers a vast array of proxy locations spanning the globe. From prominent regions like the UK, US, Germany, and France to countries like Ukraine, Brazil, and beyond, the service boasts coverage in over 30 countries. This extensive reach ensures users can bypass geographical restrictions efficiently, no matter where they are or where they want to appear.

  • Global Coverage offers access to content worldwide.

  • Tiered Pricing provides great value to users.

  • Versatile for activities like SEO, SMM, and e-commerce.

  • Flexible Packages from 3 to 90 days.

  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, and Socks5 protocols for broad application compatibility.

  • Lack of Transparency on IP Pool

6. 鱿鱼代理

SquidProxies Home Page

With the mention of the word ‘squid' in SquidProxies, you can relate to why SquidProxies is fast as it's made from Squid's technology. The SquidProxy also displays a limitless bandwidth and quality servers that connect evenly to some parts of Europe, Asia, the USA, Australia, or India.

When it comes to convenient private proxies, SquidProxy is one of them. First, the proxy is non-sequential, with no configuration needed on its setup. Second, SquidProxy gives you three days to test your package, and they can refund your cash if you are not satisfied.

SquidProxies Home Plan

  • Requires your IP and port address for setup

  • No setup configuration is needed.

  • Free proxies replacement in every billing cycle

  • Speedy connection with unlimited bandwidth

  • Affordable ten proxies in various subnets

  • Securable with HTTPS and FTP

  • Impossible to acquire a single proxy

7. SSL 私有代理

SSLPrivateProxy Home Page

Probably you would want a proxy that you can whitelist a site that you wish to recover. In that case, SSLprivateproxy can be your choice. Moreover, you get 99 percent uptime, unlimited bandwidth, and an upgraded dashboard. Not to mention that SSLprivateproxy is secure with SSL language and uses HTTPS protocols.

Moreover, you will love the seven days refund ultimatum. For the privacy protocols, SSLprivateproxy allows IP or username authentications. However, SSLprivatproxy's speed, cost, and customer support are wanting.

SSLPrivateProxy Plan

  • Seven days money refund.

  • Uses IP, or username, authentications

  • Enables whitelisting of data

  • Acquires a swarm of 30000 proxies

  • standard 70 Mbps for downloading or uploading speed

  • Their speed is less than 1000mbps

  • There is no live messaging.

  • Highly expensive with $15 on five proxies

8. 变速箱

Shifter Residential Proxy Home Page

Try Shifter proxy, and you will experience over a ten-thousand selection of proxies offering a gigabyte speed. Not to mention, this proxy is famous for its higher anonymity level. Other features of Shifters include ninety-nine percent uptime, unsystematic IPs, and advanced dashboard features.

When you have a proxy query, Shifter's technicians use a ticket system or live chat to contact you directly. You can recover your cash in three days if the proxy fails.

Shifter Residential Proxy Plan

  • Operates with 1000 Mbps

  • A three-day refund policy

  • 24/7 customer support.

  • System or live chat.

  • Unrestricted data size or bandwidth

  • Secure IPs or password authentications

  • Proxies are refreshed monthly.

  • No free trials

  • Based in limited locations

9. 风暴代理

Stormproxies for residential Homepage

Even though all proxies help you browse data anonymously, what makes the difference is how you hide or encrypt your data. That is where VPN comes into play because most proxies do not encrypt data. However, Storm proxies encrypt the data very well with in-house encrypt systems.

You will also enjoy a fast internet connection with limitless bandwidth offering close to 100% uptime. Even after paying for the Storm proxy's account, you will access the sites immediately with no hassle of proxies' installation, setup or activation. Lastly, storm proxies enable rotational IPs every 5 minutes.

Storm Proxies Plan

  • Easy-to-use control panel.

  • Higher web scraping or crawling speed

  • the cheapest proxy at ten dollars per port

  • A gigabyte speed connection.

  • Sequential IP rotation.

  • Low area coverage in the United States and Europe

  • has fewer IPs below 100000

  • There are no free trials.

  • No username and password entries are required.

10. HighProxies

HighProxies Home Page

If you are a fan of Instagram, TicketMaster, and Craigslist, you will get these specific proxies from HighProxies. You will also enjoy a fast and HTTPS secure internet connection with unlimited bandwidth. Not to mention, you can choose from a vast 25000 IPs for as low as $2.30 per month.

If you like quality servers' proxies with gigabit speed and 99% uptime, you can also try HighProxies. But these proxies only authorize the use of PayPal as the medium of payment and no use of SOCKS protocol.

HighProxies Plan

  • Multiple datacenters

  • quality servers

  • Monthly refreshing of proxies

  • consists of IP and username authentications.

  • Fast with 1000MB per seconds

  • 99% uptime

  • Limited to PayPal and no other billing methods

  • No use of SOCKS platforms

The Pros of Dedicated Proxy

Typically almost everyone loves doing things in private. That is one reason for using dedicated proxies. In that case, read the section below to discover the pros and cons of this proxy type.

1. Extremely fast

If you were using shared proxies instead, the internet connectivity would be slow since many people are competing on the same internet traffic. But in this case, you are operating on your internet traffic without competitors.

2. Security and privacy

So secure are the dedicated proxies that they use secure protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS. Else, private proxies ensure privacy through authentication protocols like passwords and usernames entries.

3. Multiple locations

Most private proxies' data centers and servers are found in many regions. Hence, you can access any censored site or geo-blocked platforms using proxies found in your locality.

4. Multi-account

If you buy multiple proxies that have different IPs, you gain numerous accounts. That is essential because you confuse the web trackers who can’t relate the proxy version you are using currently.

5. Competitive price monitoring

While using private accounts, you can access competitors' sites anonymously and assess their pricing methods or business strategies.

The Cons of Dedicated Proxies

  • Private proxies are more expensive than shared proxies.
  • The use of a private proxy severally in a website triggers a suspicious reaction from the web providers, and lastly, they may block you.
  • If a risk or virus hits a private proxy, the loss can be more severe than using public proxies.

The User Type

Apart from the advantages of private proxies, we should exploit how significant these proxies are in the following sectors.

For business

When it comes to e-commerce, market research, and SEO, firms can use private proxies to scrape, crawl, and increase their websites' market leader. Businesses can also monitor the competitors' price and market strategies by visiting their sites anonymously using proxies.

For personal use

By using private proxies, you can view the censored sites and geo-blocked programs with a proxy IP. You can still access the restricted areas in school and the workplace using proxies. With social media platforms, you can use proxies to avoid being tracked.

FAQS about Private Proxy

1. What is a private proxy?

A private proxy or dedicated proxies is an intermediary system that masks a single person's IP address from the internet or website provider. Private proxies are meant for one person, and if many people are using them, they become shared proxies.

2. What is a static proxy?

These are independent IPs given that remains unchanged while browsing the internet with the proxy.

3. What are rotating proxies?

They are the changing proxies' that acquired different IPs from a significant pool of IPs. Therefore, you can browse using various IPs at any given time.

4. How to choose a private proxy provider?

It would help if you chose a private proxy containing higher internet speed, a sustainable support system, advanced security, multilocation, and flexibility in the proxies.


Since the private proxy providers are immeasurable, we hope the eight samples we gave are satisfactory to you. If you have an extra proxy provider, feel free to share. Otherwise, be on the lookout for the best proxy sites that offer optimum and sustainable factors like internet speed, bandwidth, multiple proxies, multiple operations, securable features, and many others.

Moreover, it would help if you weighed between every proxy's pros and cons, including their price offering, to choose the best among the eight proxies companies we gave. When all is done, buy and implement the private proxy of your choice, and you will enjoy its fruits in your workplace or on personal work.

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