BlazingSEO Account and Billing

BlazingSEO Account & Billing Issues: Learn Manuals Before You Buy

If you have decided to purchase the Blaze SEO proxy, please check out the purchasing process and user manual.

BlazingSEO Purchase

Are There Any Discount Codes Available?

We have the code BHW for 5% recurring on our proxies and 5OFF for a 5 % recurring discount on our servers.

What do I do If I Do Not Receive A Verification Code?

If you are not receiving your verification code after signing up or after signing in from a new device, please contact our support team by email.

Why Are My Proxies Are Not Assigning?

There may not be some locations available at this time. We highly recommend assigning your proxies to the “Mixed” location preference in your dashboard 这里. Once the proxies are assigned to the respective “Mixed” location setting then the proxies will be provided to you. If for some reason they are not provided to you after selecting the “Mixed” location after 10 minutes please let us know right away.

Why Are My Proxies Not Showing in My Dashboard or Are Blank?

If you have purchased proxies, and find that there are blank areas where proxies should be in your proxy dashboard, then this means that you have selected a location that we may not have in stock currently.

In this case, you have a few options:

  1. You may wait up to 48+ hours, and we may receive more stock in, but it is not guaranteed.
  2. Recommended –  Change your proxy locations to Mixed under the Location Preferences tab in the proxy dashboard 这里.
  • You should receive the proxy in about 10 minutes after changing the location to mixed, and saving.
  • Note: Setting to Mixed location will provide better subnet diversity, which is the best thing to have when connecting to websites. You will spread across more ISPs, ASNs, and A+B+C class subnets.  

How Do I Purchase More Replacements?

We currently offer one free proxy replacement, per proxy, per 30 days. So if one of your proxies is not working to a site you using the proxies on, then you may use one of your replacements.

If you have used all your replacements, then you will receive more than 30 days from the day that you used the replacements. So if you used the replacements 15 days into your 30 day billing period, then you will receive the new replacements 15 days into your next 30 day billing period.

If you would not like to wait for this, you are able to purchase additional replacements. Currently, you will need to speak with our support team and they will be able to assist you in completing this process at the link.

We will be implementing a client friendly way of doing this soon.

BlazingSEO Account

What do I do After I Complete the Purchase Process?

After you have completed the purchase, to access your proxies, follow the instructions below:

1. Please login your account 这里. You may also follow the below video guide on how to access your client area too

2.  After logging in, you may access your proxies 这里. You may also use the Shortcuts link found on the bottom left corner of, “Log In To Proxy Dashboard“, to login to your proxy dashboard as well.

If this is your first time logging in, you will need to assign your proxy's location in, and after saving your assigned proxy's locations, your proxies will appear on your proxy dashboard.

Make sure you authorize your computer's IP address prior to usage, so that your proxies will grant usage access to the IP that you authorize. You may follow this video guide on how to do just that: How to authorize your IP address for proxies:

Can You Tell Me How to Login to My Dashboard and Manage My Account?

This article highlights Login Areas, and Account Management locations for your account.

Login Option 1 – Control Panel 

Proxy Dashboard Login (found under Shortcuts>”Log In to Proxy Dashboard”)

Please login using your registered email address and the password you've set during registration. If you have forgotten your password, please use “Forgot Password?” to reset your password.

Login Option 2 – Proxy Dashboard 

To View and Administer Your Proxies, Authorize Your IP Addresses, Set Authorization Type (IP Authorization or Username/Password Authorization),

Please login using your registered email address and the password you've set during registration.

How do I Reset or Change My Password?

If you would like to change your account password, you may do so at this link.

How do I Remove a Cancellation Request?

If you have accidentally requested cancellation for your respective subscription you can remove it through your client area. Please follow the steps below on how to remove your cancellation request.

1. Login to your client area

remove a cancellation request1


2. Then proceed to your active service(s) that you request a cancellation for


remove a cancellation request2

3. From there you will select “Continue billing”

remove a cancellation request3

4. Next select “Ok” after this window shows

remove a cancellation request4

BlazingSEO Refund & Cancel

Does Blazing SEO Process Refunds?

Blazing SEO does not guarantee refunds for lack of usage or dissatisfaction with the Services. The refund policies can also be referred to in their TOS and AUP.

Trial Refunds

We offer a 2 day trial for our products so that you are able to test our proxies for your specific use-case prior to purchasing. If you find that the proxies do not work for you purpose, you can contact and request a refund.

Once you pass the two-day trial period you can continue to use them and they will automatically renew monthly until you cancel. If you believe you are entitled to a refund due to a special circumstance, you can submit a refund request but we do not guarantee refunds to any individual.

3/6/12 month Refunds

If you have purchased a 3/6/12 month service with us, then please contact our support for details on refunds.

How Do I Cancel a Proxy Trial?

If you would like to cancel your proxy trial service, and not renew, you will need to request a refund and your service will be cancelled at that time. We do offer two day trials and we encourage you to use those two days to fully test the proxies for your use case.  Refunds can be processed if you notify us within the first two days of sign up.  If you decide that particular type of proxy may not meet your needs but there is another type you'd like to purchase, our support team can work with you to determine the best type of proxy to recommend based on your use case.  If you have questions, please email.

How Do I Cancel My Service?

Video on how to cancel:

Text instructions:

1. Access your Client Area.

cancel my service1

2. You will then select the active service you want to cancel.

cancel my service2

3. Select ‘Request Cancellation'.

cancel my service3

4. Enter a reason for the cancellation, then click the final Cancellation button.

cancel my service4

This cancellation request will ensure that your service is cancelled at the end of the 30 day period of the service, and that you will not be charged again for the service.

*Please double check and make sure all of your payment subscription are cancelled through PayPal. You may cancel your recurring subscription payment profile in your PayPal account by following this guide here.

Please make sure your subscription is properly cancelled in PayPal, in order to prevent PayPal from automatically sending payment on your behalf for renewal.


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