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住宅代理(由 BlazingSEO 提供) :购买前了解手册

What do you know about Blazing SEO residential proxies? Do you know how to set up them? Be sure to read this article before you buy!

Does Blazing SEO Offer Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies are currently in open beta testing. At present, we offer premium Datacenter proxies, and we’ll have ethically supported residential proxies very soon.

It’s important to us to deliver the highest quality residential proxies with thoughtful ethical practices. Unfortunately, many residential proxy providers are providing IPs that are unethically sold and resold without explicit consent from the source. Not only is this shady business, but it also puts the user’s IP at risk when using these services.

That’s why we strive to hold our products and services to a higher standard–it’s more fair, it’s legal, and everyone benefits from ethical residential proxy practices.

Residential Proxies Setup Guide

Welcome to the Blazing SEO Rotating Residential beta program! To start using your rotating residential proxies, just follow the instructions for your programming language of choice to install our proxy controller software:

Need instructions for a language that’s not listed above? Reach out to your account manager. For details, see Proxy Pilot.

What Am I Installing?

Proxy Pilot is Blazing SEO’s brand new, 100% free proxy management application which comes with many benefits for the residential proxy user such as yourself.

To use our proxies you need to add a line of code to your software to “ignore” a certificate warning (recommended option), or install our secure certificate on your server. This certificate allows us to intercept your traffic and decrypt it, which emulates a man-in-the-middle-attack with your connection.

This certificate then stores your data insights in the powerful ELK stack, fully accessible by you and your team. You’ll be able to see data like the list below, and much more:

  • How many connections were sent to
  • How many non-200 HTTP response codes?
  • How much bandwidth have I consumed?
  • How many total connections in the past 7 days?
  • How much bandwidth on a specific domain?
  • Look at the full header sent to the target website to understand why you may have received a non-200 HTTP response (a ban, in many cases)

Why do I Need This?

We want you to have the best possible experience with your Blazing SEO proxies, and the Proxy Pilot certificate will make your scraping project much more successful than it would be otherwise.

There are two primary reasons you must work with this certificate.

1. Improve your scraping with advanced statistics

Proxy Pilot lets you access amazing statistics at your fingertips, with detail far beyond most of our users’ in-house solutions. Without such data, we believe customers are just “spraying” connections at our competitors’ pools without really knowing what’s going on or what they’re being charged for. With our solution, you will know everything!

Here are actual screenshots of the ELK dashboard you will be provided with:

ELK dashboard one

ELK dashboard two

And in this ten-minute video, our VP of Technology shows the wide array of benefits you get from installing our simple certificate.

2. Protect our users and our proxy pool

Most proxy providers cannot technologically prohibit a customer from opening a tunnel and sending 100k requests to a single device.

Blazing SEO works a little differently. We know that setting high ethical standards doesn’t just protect the pool of users who are entrusting us with their IP addresses – it also protects YOU from getting banned/blocked from a site you want to scrape.

By giving our software the insights to know about each connection being sent, we are able to ethically spread out connections to our residential devices.

Static Residential IP ASNs

We strive to provide the best quality IPs for all of our users. Part of this process is to provide a wider range of diverse IP pools to ensure that our customers can see the best possible results for their needs. As part of this process, we source our static residential IPs from a number of companies both large and small across the United States.

All of these IPs are true ISP proxies – some from providers you have heard of, and some from providers that you might not know.

“I didn't get IPs from Company X, so they will not work for me”

Our IPs are put through a number of large-scale tests. We personally ensure that all of our static residential IPs provide quality results across a large number of use cases. We also ensure that major IP databases see them as a residential IP address rather than a data center IP. Take a look below to see some examples from IP2location, a primary database for IP information used by many large companies.

Static Residential:

Static Residential:

Static Residential:

Data Center:

The key information we look for is the “usage type” to ensure it is not datacenter/hosting. As you can see, the static residential IPs in these demos are listed as “fixed ISP” usage types, which will signal to any sites that this is a residential IP, while the datacenter IP is flagged as a “datacenter/hosting provider” in the usage type field.

So as you can see, regardless of the size of the company, all of our static residential IPs are seen as such by the websites you are trying to access.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have further questions about what we can offer you through static residential IPs.


1. Are Blazing SEO Proxies Ethically Sourced?

Yes! Unlike some of their competitors who leave their sourcing methods vague and unclear, they are open and honest… as it should be.

Blazing SEO primarily sources from their partner product They also source from other vendors who meet their standard of ethics which requires them to compensate end users for the bandwidth sold. 

With CashRaven, they create a mutually agreeable contract with end-users, or developers, that provides clear and consistent messaging on “what” end users are really signing up for. They intend to hide nothing!

2. What Websites and Use Cases does Blazing SEO Allow on Their Network?

Blazing SEO currently works most closely with data scraping companies that wish to aggregate publicly available data at scale using their residential proxy network. However, if you feel that your use case is legal and ethical, please contact [email protected] and they would be happy to assess whether or not your use case would be allowed in our network.

3. Does Blazing SEO Allow Geo-targeting for Certain Cities/Regions/States/Countries?

As of April 23, 2021, Blazing SEO does not have this functionality built-in. However, they have it on their backlog and will be implementing it as soon as possible!

4. How Large is Blazing SEO Proxy Pool?

Blazing SEO proxy pool fluctuates in size every day. For all small to medium-sized customers, their pool is plenty large enough to solve your needs (over 100,000 IPs). For Enterprise customers looking to do very large volumes, please reach out to them and they can discuss your needs in more detail.

5. Can I Resell Blazing SEO Residential Proxies?

Blazing SEO is considering resellers on a case-by-case basis, given their commitment to an ethical ecosystem. It is their utmost priority to ensure any customer that uses their network abides by the same vetting process they do for their customers. Please reach out if you believe you would be a candidate to resell their services.


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