GeoSurf Review

GeoSurf Review

Are you looking for unblockable residential IPs and Datacenter proxy service? Have you heard of GeoSurf, which offers undetectable scraping and crawling? You will learn more about GeoSurf in this article.

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GeoSurf offers both static IPs and Residential IPs. Static IPs are datacenter IP addresses available in more than 130 countries and 30 US Designated Market Areas (DMAs). Other than that, here are some additional features offered by GeoSurf:

  • 2+ Million IPs from over 130 countries
  • Offer Countries/ Cities Geo-Targeting
  •  It can be used for Sneaker Sites, Instagram and Craigslist

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GeoSurf has been active since 2009, qualifying it as an older proxy provider compared to others. It also offers residential proxies and claims to have a pool of over 2 million IPs covering every city on the planet.

GeoSurf is also quite vocal that it creates legally irrevocable consensus clients to ensure that it would never divulge any of their information.

Geosurf IP Location

Geosurf Pros and Cons

When we look at this proxy service, we find that it has aspects that we like and some that we don't. Do you want to learn more about them? If so, continue reading!


  • Good Location Coverage: GeoSurf offers its services in over 130 countries and is available in 1700+ cities worldwide.
  •  Offer 1, 10, or 30 Minutes Sticky IPs: They have sticky IPs which change dynamically to ensure you do not get blocked or banned by websites.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: The company provides unlimited bandwidth for all their data plans.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: The features of this proxy provider are easily found in their dashboard. It is also easy to navigate and manage your account.


Smaller IP Pool: GeoSurf IP pool is relatively small compared to other proxy providers; this makes it less competitive.

Different Login Interface: When you insert your username or email address then leave the page to look for the password, the username disappears.

Expensive: Compared to many of its peers, their cost is higher for the same services being offered.

Missing an Overview of the Contract: The proxy doesn’t enable you to see how many countries you can add and how you can change and send requests.

Doesn't Work for IOS 10.X: Since the removal of PPTP from IOS, they have not provided any other solution.

Only Ideal for Large and Mid-Size Organizations: The company is only suitable for large firms as it does not have individual plans for independent or small businesses.

Geosurf Overview

GeoSurf says that none of its IP addresses has ever been banned or blacklisted. It also owns and runs all computer systems in its network, which makes it simpler for them to control their operations.

Geosurf Homepage

GeoSurf believes that these procedures have improved the dependability, accessibility, and privacy of its IT infrastructure. GeoSurf says that its residential proxies cop well with challenging targets like Instagram, as well as age-verification-based targets.

Geosurf IP Types

GeoSurf only offers residential proxies. Their advantage of service is no specific limit to the number of threads or places you can connect at the same time. GeoSurf measures plan based on bandwidth rather than IP addresses.

Geosurf IP Type

They have an auto-rotate feature which enables you to use one IP for your preferred time frame. This means that as far as you send requests before the time limit expires, you can keep the same IP.

Their browser extensions make it easier to use different browsers without having any hiccups. With a single click, you can change your IP address and clear your browser's cookies.

Geosurf Pricing

GeoSurf has some of the most expensive proxies in the market. All their plans are pre-paid and have an auto-recurring subscription fee charged automatically at the start of a new billing cycle.

Their cheapest residential proxy plan costs $450 per month and includes 38GB of usage (roughly $12 per GB), with additional bandwidth costing $12 per GB.

Geosurf Plan and Pricing

If you use a lot of data, you can upgrade to the Professional plan, which costs $900 per month but gives you 90GB of bandwidth for $10 per GB. As is rarely familiar with many proxy providers, GeoSurf’s plans require a minimum monthly commitment. However, they claim to give you a discount if you purchase higher data plans.

The plans target clients that are serious about proxies. The company is even ready to offer 2 TBs of traffic should you require this much. Given this, we are not sure how big your sneaker-buying or Instagram-marketing business needs to fit into the target demographic. Nonetheless, the service provider addresses these issues on its website.

Geosurf Authentication and Protocols

GeoSurf is known to offer username and password authentication features in its residential proxies. This means for you to log into your account, you only require to insert your username and password.

On the other hand, they also have IP authentication, mainly used in their static datacenter proxies. For IP authentication, your device's IP will be used to authorize logins.

GeoSur has various protocols that help it cop with multiple websites. You can use the service to target people depending on their country, state, or city. However, it does not support SOCKS5 but does support the usual HTTP and HTTPS protocols. GeoSurf provides two different kinds of IP rotation strategies.

Sticky IPs allow you to keep connections open for a set period. The service provides you with sticky IPs that you can keep for 1, 10, or 30 minutes. Additionally, their Per Session rotation policy helps you to maintain session persistence.

Testing Geosurf

We carried out various tests to confirm if what the website claims to offer is genuine. We run tests on data scraping, social platforms, sneaker sites, and speed tests. The ratings were out of a hundred, and we found the following results.

测试目的 数据搜索 Social platforms 运动鞋网站 速度测试
评级 69/100 70/100 70/100 76/100

The overall performance of the proxies was far from what we expected. However, the highest rate we recorded was on the speed test, which could only hit 76%. Considering the cost of the proxies, it may not be wise to use these proxies as the performance is not proportional to the price.

Furthermore, we also undertook a test on individual samples to affirm their performance. Our first test was on data scraping, which is shown in the table below.

For Social Scraping

Amazon 67%
eBay 68%
Walmart 71%
Target 73%
Best Buy 70%
Aliexpress 65%

Average Rating – 69%

According to the test results that we got, all the E-commerce websites did poorly. The highest rating was on Target, standing at 73%, while no other shopping site could go past that mark.

We recorded meager ratings for Aliexpress and Amazon, even after increasing the port coverage plan. We kept getting 404 and 503 errors, which we suspect was due to their strict antispam measures.

Test on Social Website

Facebook 68%
Instagram 73%
YouTube 70%
推特 71%
Reddit 67%
Twitch 71%

Rating – 70%

The proxies did not also produce the expected results on social media websites. In general, most proxy providers do well in social websites, but this was not the case for GeoSurf. One of the sites we saw potential in was Instagram which scored 73%, but still not what we expected.


Nike 70%
Adidas 68%
Supreme 69%
Foot Locker 72%
Finish Line 71%

Rating – 70%

We tested the proxy on Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Foot Locker, and Finish line for sneaker sites. Although we were aware this was going to be the toughest one; we still got average results. The highest performer was Foot Locker which scored 72%.

However, we expected the results to be anything above 80%. This performance suggests that if you need proxies for sneaker sites, GeoSurf is not worthwhile.


GeoSurf Residential Proxy Ping(ms) 下载(兆比特/秒) 上传(兆比特/秒)
GeoSurf Proxy 1 115 4.36 1.31
GeoSurf Proxy 2 237 1.68 0.53
GeoSurf Proxy 3 71 10.97 5.9
GeoSurf Proxy 4 157 6.55 1.02
GeoSurf Proxy 5 89 7.95 3.28

Rating – 76%

Out of all our tests, the speed test was the best. However, compared with other proxy providers, GeoSurf is way below average. In this case, we used variables such as ping, download, and upload speed. The fastest response speeds for ping, download and upload were 71, 10.97, and 5.9, respectively; our third proxy recorded this.

Geosurf Customer Support

It's usually a great idea to try to fix your problem with documentation before speaking with a natural person. Thankfully, GeoSurf has you covered here. You'll find step-by-step instructions for every component of the service, as well as examples and (slightly out-of-date) YouTube videos.

Geosurf Customer Support

If it doesn't work, you can email or Skype with human support. We looked up GeoSurf on Skype and were able to locate the company's account. We received a response in an hour's time after sending a brief note. Following that, communication via Skype went off without a hitch. We needed help with a few minor issues, and the GeoSurf team was always fast to answer.


GeoSurf has some advantages. Although it can't be compared with the pool of IPs supplied by most competitors, such as Bright Data, its 2 million IPs are of good quality and of worldwide coverage. In addition, their services are based on bandwidth rather than the amount of IPs, making it a viable choice.

However, in relation to other of its competitors, the service isn't very inexpensive. Also, even though GeoSurf is older than many other proxy services, it does not give similar upscale services.GeoSurf, for example, does not provide mobile IPs. It also doesn’t have its own crawler and does not support protocols such as SOCKS5.

Geosurf Alternatives

廉价代理 is the best alternative which provides enough IP pool size and has more flexible pricing. For more locations, you would opt to use 智能代理. If you’re looking for the most advanced residential proxy network, 亮数据 would be a perfect choice.

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