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2024 年最佳耐克 SNKRS 机器人

Why is it hard to find a bot for copping Nike SNKRS? We have collected a list of bots to help you cop SNKRS drops. Take your time and choose wisely.

Nike is the most popular brand, but few bots can cop their limited editions. Again, due to this hype, the sneakers get away to the market. This sounds weird. You need Nike bots to work smarter rather than harder if you want to cop your Nike sneakers in the store. Make the most out of the Nike bots. Cop carefully and go beyond limitations. Evade bans with the pools of IPs addresses.

Because of the limited number of Nike SNKRS bots, we have gathered a list that we consider as the best Nike bots available on the market. Read with us.

Best Nike bot for Botting Snkrs

Since Nike is the top brand for high-quality sneakers, it has taken us a lot of effort to gather every Bot that supports Nike as well as Jordan. This list is highly recommended for you. With the help of these bots, the sneaker releases are sold out immediately after release. The list is perfect for a smart marketer or sneakerheads who wish to cop multiple pairs while avoiding extra charges.

You should be careful while using bots on Jordan or Nike sites; otherwise, your IPs will be banned in no time. This is because Nike aggressively fights the use of bots on their site. Therefore, few developers make the best bots for copping on Nike and Jordan. Augmented reality has ruled out many bots but, we have gathered a list for you. Let’s review them.

1. BNB Bot

  • 平台支持:  视窗
  • 费用 $200 for a 6-month license
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容: 没有

BNB bots can help you get Nike limited editions a lot easier. Human users can create multiple accounts, and so it is the right choice you should consider. It easily checks out the order and effectively clears the cart. And for the unexpected drop, the BNB bot helps you with the keyword monitor.

This is one of the cheapest Nike bots that support proxies out there. Although it focuses on one brand only, it supports over 30 cop sites. The initial setup is fast and comes with 6 month free updates. They deliver excellent service with a stellar interface. Still, they do not refund money once you make payment.

Some of their best features are unlimited Nike accounts, search links, and early links as well as you can buy the bot license as long as you wish. But, sometimes, they are out of stock, and the account creator limits five accounts per day. BNB bot is updated regularly and has Captcha solver features, API for the Twitter stream, and Restock mode.

2. ANB Bot

  • 平台支持:  Windows 10 and MacOS x Mojave
  • 费用 $299.00
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容: 没有

ANB bot is among the unique Bot for copping limited editions on Nike sites. The Bot can overcome all spam checks and cop like a human user on this highly restricted site. Compared to the tasks and profit it can get you within a short time, it's worth the cost. Again, it has all features that a bot needs and goes beyond even carrying out up to 500 tasks ago. Auto checking and proxy tester are just a few of the features.

Another Nike bot is cheap, and the license costs $299.00, which goes for six months. Still, the Bot is multithreaded with a sensor generator. It is user-friendly, thus easy to use, and recommended for new users. Grab your Bot with the low initial cost and boost your sneaker business.

3. uTools/uSNKRS Bot

  • 平台支持:  Mac & Windows
  • 费用 £150 for a 6-month license
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容: 是的。

uTools Sneaker Bot is our third listing because it is the cheapest. You can bypass all security on the Nike site in multiple sessions. You won't miss out on a browser alert. And that is not all. They have a new feature that allows users to log in to their Nike account draw efficiently. You can maximize your checkout process with multiple accounts between 20 to 45. They sell not only bots but also Legit SNKRS accounts.

The price is friendly, and once you pay the license fee, the Bot is yours for a lifetime. The Bot is optimized for splash and supports any custom sites like Nike, Jordan, Yeezy.  They retry any failed task automatically, and you can sign out all logged-in sites with a one-click on the dashboard. The Bot is secured using IP and user; pass authentication. Unfortunately, you won't resale the tool without their prior consent.

4. The Shit Bot

  • 平台支持:  Windows 和 Mac。
  • 费用 $300 per year
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容: No.

The shit bot is taking over the sneaker market more than any other bot. Lately, buying Nike or Jordan drops is easy and more efficient with this Bot. The Bot has a high success rate on the latest releases and geographically supports over 50 regions. The technical support team is active 24/7 if you have any concerns. This Bot is among the best Nike bots trending since it can cop sneakers that are not easily accessible with other bots.

They provide anything you need to cop on Nike and Jordan sites. Their consistent success has earned them customer trust. They always update their Twitter for any latest hyped sneakers. TSB cops on multiple Nike regions. Their address jigger helps edit your shipping address for delivery. The license fee costs $300 per year, and the shit is just real. Besides Nike sneaker releases, it also supports Nike FCFS releases.

5. AIO 机器人

  • 平台支持:  视窗 
  • 费用 A one-time payment of $325
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

This Bot is the fifth on our list and the most popular Nike and Jordans Bot for online copping. This advanced AIO bot has everything automated, and once you input your details, it gets you the drop once released. The Bot is secured, and for any latest release, you can address the links via Discord.

For beginners, their interface looks complicated, but you can get to learn it in no time. Of advantage, this Bot supports over 74 other different sneaker stores besides Nike and Jordan. So far, sneakerheads have hyped over 300,000 sneakers at a retail price. The AIO bot has a stellar speed than a human user and gets you a pair in the shortest time possible. Any for any proof, you can scroll through their Twitter handle, which is amazing.

Furthermore, the AIO bot has a responsive technical team. And apart from selling 运动鞋机器人, they also specialize in proxies. The Bot helps sneakerheads cop multiple pairs at once without any limitations. Automated updates are also an advantage to the users since technology is advancing day and night.

6. NSB 机器人

  • 平台支持:  Windows 和 Mac
  • 费用 $499 per year
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Nikeshoebot is a highly performing  AIO in the sneaker copping business. It supports Jordan and other sites where users can auto-install the updates,auto-bypass the checkouts, and comes with multiple captcha solvers. It was the first to come up with the sneaker community for sneaker bots. Their high speed ensures faster checkout and edits on the fly. Before making payment, check out for the proof. You can only get this from their Twitter page.

The Bot always maintains a high yet consistent success rate accompanied by customer experience. The Nike Sneaker bots win from the rest if you compare their performance and their cost. This sneaker bot is not only leading but also dominating and going strong with 200K checkout processes.

7. EasyCop

  • 平台支持:  Mac and Windows
  • 费用 $600 per year
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容: No.

Easycop is a promising bot that has recently joined the sneaker copping business and has got sneakerheads' attention for big drops from Jordan. The Bot has increased customer trust and became a brand to be trusted when it comes to performance. The Bot is out of testing but with a remarkable success rate.

Specifically, this is a footsite bot that can get you Jordan or Nike sneakers in no time. According to the sneakerheads botting community, Easycop has outdated the rest with the swift speed, and in less than six months, it has proven its ability.  They dominated Jordan and Nike, if not Yeezy, and the rest to come in the future.

Also, they are time conscious and don't seem to waste any time as updates are automatic once you are running the Bot. Easycop providers give their users a VIP treatment and let you enjoy the best features in store. With Easycop, you can run unlimited tasks, and the support staff is readily available to serve you on Twitter, Discord or you can watch their youtube videos for guidance.

8. Dragon AIO

  • 平台支持:  未披露
  • 费用 $1000 for 3 months with a $50 monthly renewal.
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

This is the ultimate AIO bot that is mostly sold on Twitter. Dragon is copping and growing strongly despite stopping updates of version 0.X. Their version 1.0 is almost out to the market. The Bot has recorded a realistic success rate on copping limited editions from various sites. It is even perfect for the Nike sneakers release since it has a good speed. The speed is critical, and Dragon has everything.

However, the provider mostly markets the Bot on the Twitter handle, making it difficult to access relevant details about this Bot. One of the unique features of the Dragon AIO bot is that it replicates the request you send to the sneaker websites. They are fast enough to cop on Nike, and Jordan drops. Since Jordan and Nike are the real money maker sites, this Bot is dedicated mostly to these sites and maximizes your profit in the shortest time possible.

9. Fattye Xtension

Fattye Extension

  • 平台支持:  Windows,
  • 费用 starts at $24 for 30 days
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Fattye Xtension has been helping manual users since 2019. They have chrome extensions that work best on English browsers. The provider offers mass Nike accounts and password resets where multiple machines store their data locally and use them. They always maintain a regular software update for efficient and fast speed and offer the beginners a practice session. You can check out their proven success stories with a high success rate in sneaker copping.

This Bot is cheap, but it comes with strict rules for the users. Some of them being, no refund, there is no reselling as the account is bound to Discord, they do not have guides for all the latest drops, etc. The good news is that they allow their users to auto click( DIY), the interface is easy to use, and supports multiple sites, including Nike and Jordan.

10. Spectre

  • 平台支持:  Window, Android, and Mac
  • 费用 Starts from $59.99 and $125 for a lifetime key.
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Spectre bot has a spectre browser besides android and iOS that is good for copping any browser-related release. The Bot is restocked on Twitter and easily sold out. This Bot works perfectly as browser-centric and has shown a good success rate in copping limited editions. However, it is not an extension but rather a stand-alone browser that can open multiple tabs.

The browser allows its users to incorporate all proxies and personal information as you slay. It can run multiple tasks, which makes it preferred for queue drops because every tab you open has a chance to give you a limited edition. This is the easiest Bot to use and is highly recommended for beginners. You can manually check for updates anytime. Spectre Browser has a discord server from which users can access guides. The price is friendly. The lifetime key currently goes at $125.00.


From the above list, you can notice that these Nike sneaker bots almost have the same features with different pricing. Either one gets you slaying for Nike limited editions. This article has given you a clear overview that you ought to look at before making payment as some do not refund. Again, the list took us through hard times, and each of the above is perfect for sneaker copping.

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