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What makes project destroyer stand out from the other alternative bots?  Please read our review to see how the project destroyer has hyped many drops. Get detailed information in this review.

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The botting market has gained momentum, and many sneakerheads are joining this business. And developers are never asleep. They are consistently developing new bots quickly in this lucrative business. Currently, the saker copping game has been swamped with many bots. Most AIO bots support multiple sites but again, other bots target a particular sneaker store.



Therefore, there are many sneaker bots available on the market. Consequently, many sneakerheads find it hard to select the best sneaker bot. With these available choices, it is hard to list them all under one review. That is why we have decided to review some of these bots. This review will dive into the 毁灭者计划, the features, pros, and cons. Doing this way, we would have helped you decide if the bot is suitable for you.

Project destroyer is also referred to as PD and is one of the best sneaker bots. The bot has established a good reputation, as we are about to see.

Project Destroyer Overview

Project Destroyer Homepage

Since its inception back in 2017, Project Destroyer has been dynamic in the sneaker gaming market. Any slight technological advancement can easily shove its market. Because newer bots incorporate the latest technology, it becomes hard to outweigh them.

Project destroyer has unique features that older bots find hard to compete with it. In terms of [erformance, PD has never faced any issue since the bot has maintained a consistent performance. The developers regularly update the bot to meet all the latest technological advancements.

Although project destroyer does not guarantee a 100% success rate, the developers are active in updating it whenever it experiences a lag in its performance. This is the reason behind project destroyer being regarded as the most consistent bot. It is consistent performance and the ability of the project destroyer bot to bounce back often.

Project destroyer can again be grouped as an AIO 机器人 because it supports multiple sites (over 200). The lists of sites do not affect its concurrent operation in the market. When you compare with other available alternatives, you will find that most of them don't maintain performance rates on the majority of their sites. The PD bot maintains a proven record while its Twitter page is full of success stories from its users.

The uniques feature places this bot at the edges of other bots. The proxy grouping and account allow users to categorize accounts and use proxies to access multiple stores. It also ensures that proxies are used on a single site to help avoid detection and consequently ban.

Another unique feature is the waterfall monitor. It helps users focus on similar keywords during the latest drops to reduce the chances of anti-spam detecting PD. The multi-tasking option increases its efficiency too and saves time as users can simultaneously multi-task.

Proxy delay switch, cookie jar, captcha harvesting, and discord webhook checkout are other advanced features found on the project destroyer. The features override its capabilities.

How to Use the Project Destroyer?

It is simple to use a project destroyer. After purchase, download and install o your PC, then use the below simple steps:-

步骤 1: Launch the software and log in with your credentials.

步骤 2: Secondly, open the taskbar and immediately create your task.

步骤 3: Chose the profile tab and sign up for the user name and address where required.

步骤 4: Go to the Proxy tab, paste the proxies and save.

步骤 5: Then log in to create a group name

步骤 6: Confirm special shipping rate, then

步骤 7: Enable the V3 captcha harvesting logic

步骤 8: Run the tasks and complete the checkout process for a successful purchase.

You can watch the above video for a detailed guide.

Project Destroyer Pricing

Project destroyer on the retail market goes for $200. This is not the only charge but, there is a monthly subscription of $35. Again, users can obtain a lifetime license from a reseller that usually goes for $500. For long-term users, this is a cost-effective choice because, lifetime license saves sneakerheads’ time and money while at the same time, it is expensive for one-time users working on a fixed budget.

Project Destroyer Price

The bot is worth it if you look at its advantages, although most people claim that the cost is high. However, due to high demand, the bot is always out of stock. While other retailers rent it, still sneakerheads somewhere else wait for restocking.

Is It Worth to Buy Project Destroyer?

1. Account Grouping

Proxies group helps create and separate the groups while concurrently running multiple tasks on different sites using different proxies. Users chose the proxy group while creating a task. The tasks automatically select proxies from a specifically selected group to run the task. This way, the bot is safe and cannot be detected.

2. Proxy Configuration

Project Deastroyer Proxy Cenfiguration

In the waterfall monitor, the project destroyer has a unique feature. These features make the bot support proxies. The proxies increase copping or checkout speed but also helps evade detection and banning from the sneaker stores. But again, the project destroyer monitors one task. The setting also reduces the risks associated with bans and reduces the use of proxy when using data.

3. Site Support

Project Destroyer Supported SItes

Project destroyer dominates multiple sites, and this has earned it immense popularity. The bot supports over 200 sneaker sites, including Adidas and Nike. You will never go wrong using this AIO bot. Users have the freedom to cop from many online outlets. In addition, users can again compare the pricing plan of other online outlets using the project destroyer.

4. Custom Shopify

Project destroyer has custom features while copping from the Shopify platform. This is the best Shopify bot on the market. This option makes it easy to cop efficiently. Users can manage and delete the unlimited proxies. Still, you can get the reports of all the activities. Developers have also introduced additional features to the recent stores to access superior services easily. Other than Shopify, you can still customize on other sneaker platforms.

5. Multiple Advanced Features

Project Destroyer Advance Feature

Every bot claims to be perfect for sneaker copping but getting a reliable one is tricky. But here, the PD comes with multiple yet advanced features that you will seldom get from other bots. Use can execute multiple tasks without any delays. This is a great feature since users can cop multiple pairs at once.

And additionally, the PD bot comes with verification code collection that bypasses all the restrictions on various websites. The PD bot also comes with general settings that youcan customize your operation easily.

6. Suitable Resale Price

The project destroyer is affordable and effective on the sneaker copping game. It can take you to greater heights. The bot costs $200 to acquire the license and has a monthly renewal of $35. But again, you can rent the bot before buying it. After using the biot, you can resel it at a good profit. In some circumstances, the PD resale price goes high up to $1500. This high price is due to its high demand, and it is always out of stock.

7. Replenishment is Slow

The PD is always out of stock, and they rarely restock. There is no monthly restocking plan stipulated. Therefore, users are likely not to get this bot. For that reason, you should consider renting the bot, which has a high resale price.

8. It Does not Support Android

The project destroyer bot doe not support android. It is only compatible with other platforms, as we are going to see in this review. You must use a PC to cop sneakers with PD. This bot is not for you if you want to use a smartphone.

9. Multiple Threads

project destroyer multi threaded-task

Project destroyer is multithreaded; thus, users can carry out endless activities and add unlimited tasks. The bot still works perfectly without hitches as their servers are designated to different tasks. Since it supports multiple sites, users must also create different functions for each website.

10. Supports Multiple Platforms

The bot works well on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Thus, it is convenient for all sneakerheads. Users from different platforms can access it too.

11. Account Combination

In recent updates, users can update and add accounts with proxies. This enables all users to add accounts for various sneaker stores. You can initiate each account’s capability while still managing different activities in groups. This has reduced the burden of managing accounts separately. It has also lowered the possibility of being identified.

12. Waterfall Observer

The PD mainly focuses on a task than a keyword. This is a nice feature when tracking the latest releases with the same keyword. This choice has reduced the vulnerability of your IP  being detected. But again, this option reduces your proxy data while using a proxy pricing plan.

Project Destroyer Customer Support

Project Deastroyer Customer Support

All sneakerheads or retailers at a time need help when they get stranded. And so are the beginners. Thus, PD supports its customers using a variety of platforms. First, they have detailed documentation, youtube videos, and guides as well as supplement information.

If you cannot be sorted on that, you can always reach out to the support team via Twitter page, Instagram handle,s or send an email address. One-on-one support is available on the discord using a private discord. Create a ticket, and they will respond as soon as possible.


Project destroyer has maintained a consistent performance rate n sneaker copping. Developers are working extremely hard to update and come up with advanced and top-tier features. The feature and performance make it stand out from the available alternatives. While it is expensive, the performance quality is worth your pocket. However, we advise you to get a lifetime license to evade the renewal fee.

The bot is undoubtedly good based on our expert experience. Their customer support is exceptional, and they can reach you in real-time. Unfortunately, it is always out of stock, and renting it is expensive.

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