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Do you want to buy private proxies from a Proxy-sale company online? first thing before you buy, we would advise you to have an honest review and learn more about the company. Read our artcile for detaile and honnest reveiw.

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Here are some of the features which sets Proxy-Sale apart from the competitors:

  • Over 65K private IPs
  • Cover 30 countries around the world
  • Support HTTP(s) and Socks5 Protocols
  • The competitive and flexible pricing system

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With so many things happening online, many companies are finding ways to join the proxy market. And when the market has plenty of options to select from, it becomes challenging to decide on an authentic company. Without research, you might fall victim to so many angry scammers online. Therefore, before becoming a loyal customer of any company, it is always advisable to get a rough idea of the company and see its reputation.

And after thorough research, we have identified 代理销售 as a new entrants company in the proxy market. In this article, we review and go deeper to see the company's online reputation with their services to the customers. So, keep reading to the end, and it is only one conclusion that will determine if it is worth investing in a Proxy-Sale company for a better result. Without wasting time, here are some of the features of the company.

Proxy-Sale features


Proxy-Sale Pros and Cons


  • Excellent location coverage: Proxy-Sale supports over 30 locations worldwide that cut across significant content like north America, Asia, and Europe, which are most sought after.
  • Offers unique use cases proxies: From the website, you would tell that, Proxy-Sale supports many use cases, and you can also get social media proxies as well as geo-targeted proxies meant for data scraping, gaming as well as streaming. Perfect speed. Proxy-Sale has one of the high-speed private proxies, which is acceptable when choosing.
  • Flexible and competitive pricing plan:  Compared to other companies, Proxy-Sale has a competitive pricing plan, which is affordable and flexible. You can buy weekly proxies without striving to pay for a whole month.
  • Stellar 24/7 customer support: Customer support is available 24/7 through live chat, email address, or social media platforms.
  • Free proxies: This is only for those who request the free proxies package from their website.
  • Money-back guarantees: They promise that they offer high-quality services, and if they fail, they guarantee you money back.


There is no proxy for all usage: Though they claim to offer social media proxies and other user cases, it is suspicious since private proxies are easily detectable.

无 IP 验证: The only method of authentication this company offers is user: pass authentication.

Proxy-Sale Proxy Overview

Proxy Sale Overview

Proxy-Sale though it sounds new comp; started working in 2015. It is among the few companies that provide private proxies. However, Proxy-Sale does not get that needed publicity regardless of its being among the market's medium-aged proxy providers. According to our research and test, they have private proxies, which are high quality.

And if you look at their website, you might realize that Proxy-Sale has over 65000 IP addresses and out of which the active users are about 5000 today. One of the best features of Proxy-Sale proxies is good location coverage. The 私人代理 support about 30 locations, and if these locations, they target the most sought regions.

Besides offering clients a free trial upon request, Proxy-Sale has a refund policy. When they fail to deliver quality services, they guarantee you money back. Otherwise,  upon subscription, these guys p[romsies to provide the package instantly. And if you need unique social media proxies, they are available.

Proxy-Sale offers clients the option to select the proxies based on the country and target. Here, you will find that Proxy-Sale has proxy IPV6. With Proxy-Sale, you will be able to access the IPV4 and IPV6 proxies that are compatible with HTTP(S) and socks5 protocols.

This guarantees you high speed and stable operation. Customer support is available 24/7 anytime you need them. They also claim that they offer you real IP addresses based on your preferences when purchasing their private personal proxies.

Proxy-Sale  Proxies Pricing

Proxysale Price

One of the selling points of the private proxies from Proxy-Sale company is the pricing system. However, you must be aware that when proxies are cheap, they will not break a record. This is because there are also other more affordable proxies online that offer the same services. But when you look at Proxy-Sale proxies' quality, you might realize that their pricing is very competitive.

Besides that, Proxy-Sale also allows their customers to go for the rental period, up to 360 days. However, it would be best to keep in mind that the higher the duration you select, the lower the price you will have to pay. Also, that is not all about pricing; they offer different proxies with specified quantities packages other than favorable pricing duration. Thus, users can select the number of proxies to purchase.

As we said, Proxy-sale offers competitive pricing. A good instance is with only $17.48; you will have 10 proxies available, lasting for one month. And when you go for 100 proxies, you will pay $147.22 per month. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can select the proxy package based on the geo-targeting region or sort by the purpose of scaping, online gaming, or social network.

Though you can purchase individual proxies, you can get a good deal if you pay for their bundles of proxies. If the proxies are not helpful, they also have a money-back guarantee policy hence a user-friendly proxy provider.

Proxy-Sale Proxies Locations

Proxy-Sale location

Well, Proxy-Sale offers private proxies and custom packages when you need them. For the fast that, their proxies are geo-targeted, and you can access popup country-level proxies; proxy-sale has a good location coverage. It is rare to find that the datacenter supports multiple locations compared to the residential proxies provider. This is because private proxies need physical partnerships with those they support.

But Proxy-Sale stands out as a unique company. The company has proxies supporting about 30 locations to date. They are expanding day and night to cover other places around the globe, among 30 locations, including Europe, Asia, and North America. These locations are the most sort after regions when it comes to the IP location for most online gamers and marketers online.

That alone means that you can get Proxy-Sale proxies at your doorstep for one-stop-shop purposes when you need Proxy-Sale proxies. These include unlocking some of the geo-restrictions in the supported locations, online gaming, data scraping, social media automation, gambling, and streaming.

Therefore, when buying Proxy-Sale proxies, customers must choose the location of their proxies before delivery. This is so different from the case of rotating residential proxies we ever know on the market.

Thus, with that good location support, it is evident that you will get relevant proxies or IP addresses you are searching for from his company. And based on the details from the homepage, we can learn that they have over 65 000 IP addresses from which their customers route their requests. Most users are online and very active instead of other types of proxies online.

Proxy-Sale Proxies Speed Test

Proxy-Sale Proxies Speed Test

Speed is an essential aspect when you want to buy proxies. And there is no doubt about this. So, before we conclude the Proxy-Sale reviews, we decided to perform the speed test so that you can have everything on the table to chew.

To some people, this is not an essential factor, but we encourage you first to check the speed for various use cases. When the proxies are not fast enough, they are useless since they tend to be non-performing. If they manage, they'll underperform as per your expectations.

We took our precious time and tested the Proxy-Sale private proxies, and from the finding, their speed is super fast enough and acceptable to perform any task as stated on their website. However, the speed is not record-breaking. Our procedure to test the speed was very straightforward. We first got the internet speed without Proxy-sale proxies, then recorded and then proceeded to test the speed with various proxies and conclude based on the average speed metric.

We sued a famous testing tool that is SpeedTest from Ookla. Remember that we carried out our test in an area with poor internet connection but without using a proxy server; the sped test gave us 215 ms ping, a download speed of 8.48Mbs, and an upload was 25.55 Mbps as our benchmark. And then, the average speed with proxy servers obtained was a ping of 250ms, download of 4.15mbps, and upload of 26.63mbps.

Though the reduction in the speed, the proxy-save speed is fast enough and falls within an acceptable range. The experience using a proxy server and without a proxy server was almost the same. Thus, if you need fast proxies for streaming, gaming, and marketing operation, you can count on the Proxy-sales proxies.

Proxy-Sale Proxies Authentication & Protocols

While there are two well-known authentication methods, not all providers support them. Okay, to start with, proxy-sale proxies are premium on the market. Thus, for you to use these proxies, you must authenticate. However, Proxy-sales only authenticate through the username: password method and does not support IP authentication. And if you love IP whitelisting or authentication, this is not your choice.

While authenticating, you cannot access the user and password on the dashboard; instead, you can obtain them from the email addresses you used to register upon payment. Something good is that Proxy-Sale proxies are compatible with all software and browsers that support HTTP(S) and socks5 protocols for maximum security, stable operation, and optimum speed. This also guarantees you extra security and protection of online privacy.

Proxy-Sale Proxies Customer Support

Proxysale Customer Support

Proxy-sale company has one of the excellent customer support services. They seem to be capitalizing on the support services, which is lovely. This is an essential aspect of any business that is ready to keep its customers. Besides the detailed information on their websites, you can also reach out to customer support through live chat, request help through an email address, and check them out on various social media platforms.

The team is readily available 24/7 to help you. So, anytime you have an issue, they are here to help you. They even have youtube videos to guide you and a detailed FAQ page covering significant places of their services.

When considering the live chat, the response is simply excellent and instant. These guys have technical professionals that understand the need of their customers. And even through email address, we guarantee you that you will receive a response within a few hours.


Proxy-sale is a company that has been around since 2015 and is taking over the market due to its high quality, high speed, and competitive private proxies. The company has an extensive IP pol size with good location coverage around the globe. Their customer support is excellent, and the team is readily available to respond to you as soon as possible.

But, you must understand that, while their proxies are perfect and have free packages, they are only effective on websites without a strict anti-detection system. Otherwise, Proxy-Sale proxies have many use cases, and if this is your take, go ahead and get a package today.

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