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Are you looking for a reliable residential, socks5, and HTTPS DC proxy provider on the market? Checkout for ProxyFish. They deliver high-speed proxies around the world and guarantee high anonymity.

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The most known type of proxies on the market are residential and datacenter. There are many proxy providers on the market today. ProxyFish is among the most reliable providers in this industry. They specialize in residential, SOCKS5, and HTTPS DC proxies. Their proxies are great options for your daily uses.



ProxyFish for Indivitual and Business

  • 120M+ residential IPs
  • Offer Socks5 & HTTPS proxies
  • Support Chrome and Firefox proxy extension

ProxyFish Pros and Cons


  • Multiple Subnets and Locations: They obtain their IP addresses from ISP providers worldwide for maximum anonymity
  • Firefox and Chrome Extension: The proxy extension addon is free for dedicated and private orders.
  • No usage Logs: The provider does not use any of the services they offer, thus enhancing privacy
  • Secure, and Reliable: You can authenticate the proxy using IP and user: pass authentication for safety purposes.
  • User-Friendly Website: Their website is simple for anyone, including beginners, to use.
  • Excellent Customer Support: The sup[port staff can offer help when needed 24/7.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: They do not limit their data usage as long as you have an active subscription.


Bad Customer Reviews: Most customers complain of the poor quality on Trustpilot.

No Refund Policy: Proxyfish does not refund its services. Your purchase is final, and this is a severe disadvantage.

No Specific Proxies:  The provider does not have proxies meant for a particular usage like Instagram etc. Thus customers are not satisfied.

ProxyFish Overview

ProxyFish Homepage

ProxyFish is an elite and new proxy provider offering high-quality services on the market. They have a simple website and excellent customer support. Even though they previously received a negative review on Trustpilot, it is still reliable. The guys have been in business for a long, thus loaded with diverse experiences.

Their proxies are beyond commendable. The provider offers effective and fast dedicated datacenter, residential and ISP proxies worldwide. They pride themselves as providers with the most prominent and fastest proxy network. They support different payment methods. ProxyFish offers a quick and anonymous datacenter that supports HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.

The provider supports various locations worldwide, as we will see in the next section. And they ensure that their website does not keep user logs which guarantees their clients safety. While their proxies come with stellar speed, they also have a low ping, the best feature for use in online gaming. They offer the cheapest proxies but assure quality and anonymity for a better customer experience.

Despite being a new provider on the market, this provider has set high standards. ProxyFish offers free IPs, and users can refresh continuously or add new proxies from over 120 million IP pools. They ensure that there is no downtime. Try out today and enjoy instant delivery and easy setup.

ProxyFish Types and Pricing

ProxyFish offers three different pricing plans. You can select between business and individual packages but these are discussed in detail below:-

Residential Proxies

ProxyFish Residential Proxy Plan

Premium residential proxies have high-quality residential IPs routed from real users and devices worldwide. You can select proxies from over 120 million IP addresses. This package offers reliable services perfect for sneaker copping, ad verifications, botting from retail sites, monitoring price, and SEO purposes.

When you purchase this package, it comes with top customer support, high and fast uptime with low response time, unlimited connections, and users can geo-target and filter to the desired country. The customer can select between using a rotating and sticky session.

And lastly, these proxies support HTTP(S) protocols, thus compatible with any device. You can choose a standard or premium package when it comes to pricing. Standard starts at $5/GB monthly, while premium goes for $13/GB per month. Both guarantee high speed, discord access, and 99.5% uptime. However, you can test the proxies using a free trial costing$1 one time.

SOCKS5 DC Proxies

ProxyFish SOSKS Proxy Plan

Socks5 DC proxies guarantee high speed, excellent customer support, and worldwide coverage like residential proxies. You can purchase 1 Socks5 DC proxies costing $3.50 monthly or go for 100 Socks5 DC proxies, costing $275 per month. Each package you are buying these guys promises to support multiple subnets, IPV4 proxy IPV and socks5 proxy format.


ProxyFish Https Proxy Plan

HTTPS DC proxy package is similar to the socks package. It also supports multiple packages and IPV4 proxy IPV. The only difference is seen in the proxy format. Instead of socks5, this package comes in HTTPS proxy format. You can select proxies from 1 HTTPS DC proxy to 100 proxies. 1 HTTPS DC proxy costs $3.50 per month, while 100 HTTPS DC proxies cost $275 monthly. These proxies are also fast and support multiple locations worldwide with excellent customer support.

Note: You can also access proxyfish pro membership. This is exclusively HTTPS 共享代理 with over 100 proxy IPs sourced from over 20 locations only reserved for pro members. These proxies are only usable via their browser extension. These proxies cost $5.99 monthly.

ProxyFish Locations

ProxyFish Location

ProxyFish has its proxy servers worldwide, and they are expanding by adding new regions monthly. If you cannot see your required location, you can always contact them. But, they have proxies in the US ( east coast and west coast), UK(London), Canada (Toronto, and Vancouver), Frankfurt, and  Berlin in Germany, Amsterdam-Netherland, and many other areas.

In the US west region, the provider covers 10 cities, including LA, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, and in the US east, it supports 14 towns that consist of NY, Washington, Miami, and Chicago. To be specific, residential proxies support over 200 countries around the world while HTTPS and SOCKS 5 DC proxies are not specified but cover all over the world.

At the same time, the pro membership, which is used as a browser extension, supports over 20 locations. This is good coverage, and we think it is the same reason this company is taking over the industry.

ProxyFish Authentication & Protocols

Since ProxyFish is taking over the industry with its high-quality services, it also ensures that its services are secure for reliability. That is why the proxies support HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. This makes them compatible with any device or software and browser. However, that is not enough for privacy purposes. Therefore, ProxyFish offers both 2 types of authentication methods.

This makes accessing their proxies easy and faster. So you can authenticate proxies using the user: pass authentication method or request IP authentication anytime. This is a good approach when it comes to flexibility and proxy mobility. You can authenticate using either of the above techniques without experiencing any hitches. And in case of any problem like blocked IP addresses, you can refresh your remaining proxies once per month.

ProxyFish Customer Support

As we know, customer support is the best way to prove to your clients that you are legit and concerned about their experience. Therefore, ProxyFish offers excellent premium customer support. If you have any issues, you can always reach out to the team via the email addresses provided on their website or create a ticket. Their team is so supportive and replies in real-time.

That is not all; their website is also detailed with many information and guides to help you. They also have a discord server which you can join and obtain support. They also have a live chat but seem inactive. Proxy tutorials and social media platforms are also coming soon.


ProxyFish is an elite proxy provider specializing in selling high-speed residential, SOCKS5, and HTTPS DC proxies worldwide. Their proxies guarantee high anonymity and are compatible with any software or browser. The good thing about this provider is that their proxies work for any purpose with geo-targeting features.

They offer affordable pricing both for individuals and businesses. They also promise you a custom proxy package upon request. Customer support is excellent with real-time response and supports multiple subnets and good location coverage. This is a good service provider on the market that you can't regret selecting.

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