Why Is My PS4 Asking for a Proxy Server

为什么我的 PS4 要求使用代理服务器?

Is your PS4 console still spinning and asking for the proxy server while you want to hop into the famous match?  If it's not an internet connection, learn more about why your PS4 is also for the proxy server.

While online and offline gaming has become fun for most people online, so are the hackers advancing and coming up with new techniques to steal your online identity and hack your credit card.

Today, there are multiple situations under which the PlayStation 4 will seek to use a proxy server even before launching the game.  You might have also come across many questions about why your PlayStation asks for the proxy server.

Therefore, this article will cover some benefits of using a proxy on the PlayStation 4 and how to solve other related issues.  Please, read along to the end.

Why is My PS4 Asking for a Proxy Server?

Although there are 不同类型的代理 online, they all work and act as intermediaries to link the player submitting a request on the resource, with the server providing simple.  They should not sound like abnormal language to you.  If you are a newbie in this field, that should be fine; welcome; it is a new day, and not late to get started.

Therefore, in layman;'s language, proxies are meant to manage all the numerous requests sent by innumerable clients and simplify it, which balances the network traffic to reduce long loading time.  These proxies are vital and have multiple benefits.

In this section, I am ready to take you through why you need proxies on your PS4.  Besides the PS4 asking the proxies every time, there are other reasons you need the proxies on your console, as discussed below:-

1. Managing An Unsecured Wi-Fi Connection

Managing an unsecured Wi-Fi connection

This is often the case encountered by many people worldwide.  For instance, if you carry your console to a particular place and wish to play, you have no option other than to request the nearest Wi-Fi connection.  Sometimes, the console evaluates the Wi-Fi as unsecured and fails to connect to the resource server.  For this reason, your PS4 will request you to connect a PS4 proxy server to proceed.

2. Resolving Internet Connectivity Issues

Resolving internet connectivity issues

The obvious reason your PlayStation is not connecting is simply that it is not sensing the correct network connection.  Therefore, when you encounter a situation like this, you must understand that your network has issues that must be resolved.  Sometimes, you must have lost the internet connectivity or Wi-Fi connection.  Sometimes, you'll see a connection to proxy failed' warning.

3. Hardware Failure Issues

PS4 Hardware failure issues

The other thing that can bring up the proxy server error on the PS4 console is hardware failure.  For such a case, you must conclude that something is wrong with the Wi-Fi chip.  The other hardware that might bring up errors is the ethernet cable as well as the Wi-Fi router.

4. Power Failure Issues

PS4 Power failure issues

It would be best to be careful because any corrupted files can quickly bring in issues on your console.  When you realize the files are written on the storage device but incorrectly, it causes such problems.  The reason behind such cases and the primary concern is the PS4 console shutting down poorly, especially when there is a power failure.

5. Ban On The Playstation Network

Ban on the PlayStation network

The other cause of encountering the proxy server error is likely that your PS4 network is banned from accessing the resource server.  Therefore, always go through the PS4 terms of service found on their official website to ensure that you have not gone against either.

Something interesting is that the site does not tolerate any play that owes them money.  It has zero tolerance in such a case.  If you have canceled the subscription or, rather, you have an empty bank account, then there is likely a possibility of encouraging such proxy error requests on the console.

How to Fix My PS4 Asking for a Proxy Server?

When a PPS4 console asks for the proxy server, there is always a solution.  In this section, we have compiled methods for fixing the proxy error.  There is always a solution for the proxy server in your console, and keep enjoying the game.

1. Reboot the PS4 Console

Reboot the PS4 console

When everything is intact, you start rebooting the console but still experience the proxy error.  If nothing is wrong with your hardware, this step can help resolve a few proxy error issues as long as the network connection is fine.

Note that it is recommended to power down the console thoroughly before turning it on.  Avoid entering the reset mode alone and waking it up, as it will not solve anything.  If that fails, reboot the modern or, instead, the router.  If all fails, move to the next resolution to give it a shot.

2. Evaluate the Status of PSN

status of PSN

PSN is the PlayStation network.  Confirm the status, which should be the first step in finding the solution to the proxy errors.  When you realize the PSN is off, nothing is faulty on your console.  You only have to be patient until it is available for use again.  If you so wish, you can report such a case on the official website and get a solution as fast as possible.

In most situations, it has become a trend where some players misdiagnose the outage on the PS4 level blaming the internet connection, which only brings about unwanted issues and confusion.  If this is not the case, let's continue to the end.

3. Check If There Are Software Updates

software updates

This is also an excellent solution to some PS4 proxy errors.  Hence, ensure that your console is on the latest version.  For you to update the version to the newest version, here is what you need to do.

On the PS4, navigate to the home screen

Click on settings, choose the system software up[date option from the menu

  • If there are updates, then click next and proceed to update them
  • Be patient until the download is complete; click on download and install the files
  • when done installing, restart the PS4 and give it a try if it works. If the error persists, we are okay with giving you other options for fixing them.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

PS4 internet connection

It even goes without saying that for a console to function and enjoy gaming, it must be connected to the working network.  This way, your console will go online.  Therefore, internet connectivity might be the issue, and thus you must check the device to ensure the connection is intact.  When there is no connection, the problem is on the internet bringing about the PS4 proxy server errors on the screen.

5. Confirm the Console Network Setting

PS4 internet connection

The next step is also to evaluate the network settings on the console.  Dive deep into the network setting and issues that might be on the Wi-Fi connectivity.  You can then resolve the DNS settings on the PS4.  The other option is to modify the address which the WIFI is using.  When through, then reboot the console and come back to check if it is working or if the error still displays.

6. Try Login To Your Account Using A Different Console

When all the above methods fail to work, you might suspect that the PlayStation has banned your account.  Get a different device and try logging in to access your account.  When your account credentials work well on a different device, the issue still exists on the connection of the hardware itself.

7. Seek Help From Psn Support

PSN support

When you realize the account is banned, you can contact the PS4 support team.  The team can help you retrieve the account and get back on track as the issues will be resolved.  This is a good move, as agents can help in many matters related to your PS4.

8. Place the console next to the router

Another thing that might bring the issues is the distance between the console and your wireless router.  Immediately you become suspicious of this, get your router and place it near the condole.  Always remember that some obstacles, like the reinforced doors as well as the walls, interfere with the Wi-Fi signals.

9. Factory reset PS4 Console

Factory rFactory reset PS4 consoleeset PS4 console

This is the last resort when all the above methods fail.  Restoring the console might be the only option you have, but remember, only use this option when no other means discussed above are working.  However, you must have the console backup, including the games, before resetting the PS4.  This is because resetting deletes everything.

Do I Need a Proxy Server on My PS4?

Proxy Server on My PS4

This is a question that most people ask themselves.  You did ask yourself as well.  The perfect answer to this question is no; using a proxy server on the PS4 console is not compulsory.  Once you see the proxy server error on your console while trying to connect online, then this implies there is an issue with your network connection or the hardware.

Remember that when you use the proxies on your PS4 console, they help serve multiple purposes.  First of all, it improves your PS4 gaming experience.  Again, it is essential to avoid all the region or geo-location restrictions, enhance speed, and ensure online privacy.  Proxy servers are perfect for eliminating not only connection losses but also lags.  There are two ways here, make a decision today.

How to Assign a Proxy Server for PS4?

Setting up a proxy on the PS4 console is very simple.  as long as you are on the console screen, locate the settings menu, head to the network tab and click on the Wi-Fi or LAN.

From there, go to the “custom option” and modify the DHCP hostname ‘ Do not specify‘, and when you are done then switch the automatic for the domain name system.

Tap on the proxy server, and choose use then enter the IP address, the port number of the proxy you have selected.

This is the time to tap on next when you are done and make sure with the credentials you have entered.  Finish up by testing the network connection.  If this sounds confusing, then click 这里 for more detailed steps and get the best PS4 proxies


In this article, we have shared some common answers as to why the PS4 consoles keep indicating the proxy server error on your console.  While it is not a must to configure the proxies on your PS4 console, there are multiple benefits you can enjoy while you game on the PS4 using proxies.

If that is not an issue, you can go through the above-suggested solutions to fix the proxy server error on the PS4  and keep rocking the game.  Try the solutions; at least one will work for you and resolve the issue.

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