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Residential proxy is the hottest product at present. This is one of the most comprehensive guides for residential proxies. If you want to learn more about it, don't miss this article.

Do you have a grasp of the technicalities that go behind internet connections and the exchange of information? This article seeks to explain an essential aspect of an internet connection that deals – Residential Proxies. At the end of this article, you should have a robust knowledge of proxies and their roles in internet connections.

What are Residential Proxies?

A residential proxy is a means of staying safe on the internet. It is an intermediary that utilizes the IP address provided by an internet service provider for your internet connections.

Residential Proxies

When you use residential proxies, they channel the traffic generated by your internet connection through another server. This server, which is the intermediary server, alters the IP address attached to your internet connection request. Here is the best part; the IP address provided by residential proxies belongs to real devices and has a real physical location.

Residential proxies are one of the best ways of staying safe and secure online without affecting your web scraping activities. It rids you of locational restrictions and makes your time on the internet more pleasurable.

The Benefits of Residential Proxies

Truth be told, residential proxies are not the only types of proxies that offer you a sense of security and anonymity on the internet. Other types of proxies include 数据中心代理 and mobile proxies. However, there are some advantages that residential proxies offer over the other types of proxies. These advantages include:

  • Value for Money

Residential proxies are effective and provide value for every dollar paid on them. Residential proxies come at competitive market prices and edge out the other types of proxies.

  • Advert Verification

One of the nuisances on the internet is unsolicited adverts. Sometimes, these ads pop up annoyingly and make our internet experiences awful. This is where residential proxies come in. Residential proxies ensure that the appropriate audiences get the ads. It also makes sure that the advert links work appropriately as they should. Finally, you get a secure and regulated ads environment with residential proxies.

  • Data Collection

One of the benefits you enjoy with residential proxies is data collection. Residential proxies scour the internet to collect data from numerous websites. You can then use these collected data to build new datasets for your business or sell it out to other businesses.

  • Accessing Sneaker Sites

Datacenter proxies have been tagged by Nike, Adidas, and other popular sites, but residential proxies are trusted by them because of their real-IPs.

  • Social Account Management

For creating or managing an account online, a residential proxy is the best suited. Their rotating IPs change in times or sessions, which keeps the account safe from social media suspicion.

Types of Residential Proxies

There are two types of residential proxies. These proxies do the same thing but in different ways. The two types of residential proxies include rotating residential proxy and static residential proxy.

Rotating Residential Proxy

Rotating Residential Proxy

A rotating residential proxy is a type of residential proxy that gives you a new IP address for every connection request that you make. Thus, if you send a thousand connection requests, you get a new IP address for each of the connections. And each of these IP addresses is real and traceable to a physical location.

With rotating residential proxies, you can now enjoy many online activities without fear of geo-blocking or restrictions. These online activities include web scraping, website audits, and many others. You also get protection from issues like subnet bans and the likes.

Static Residential Proxy

Static Residential Proxy

A static residential proxy is the direct opposite of the rotating residential proxy. It allows you to remain connected to an IP address for an extended period. Unlike the rotating residential proxy that assigns a new IP address with every connection request, the IP address on the static residential proxy doesn’t change.

This type of residential proxy has the advantage of a faster connection as you don’t have to deal with a new IP address with every connection. Also, it eliminates the problems faced when using a rotating residential proxy.

How Do Rotating Proxies Work?

To understand how a rotating residential proxy works, we shall explain the two ways through which rotating residential proxies work. These are rotating IP sessions and sticky IP sessions.

Rotating IP Sessions

Rotating IP Sessions

In this case, you get a new IP address with every internet connection requests you send. As an example, assume that you log on to a website. When you send the connection request for logging on to the website, you get a new IP address.

If you proceed to do any other action apart from that, you get another IP address, and it goes on like that until you finish whatever activity you are doing on the internet. This system is ideal for web scraping activities.

Sticky IP Sessions

Sticky IP Sessions

This is a whole different case from the rotating sessions. In this instance, you don’t get a new IP address with every request. Rather, the validity of an IP address is timed. This means that you get a specific duration on an IP address. Once this duration elapses, the IP address gets changed.

The duration of the IP address varies. Some last for as long as 30 mins while some get changed after 10 mins.

However, if you terminate a connection and reestablish another one before the timeout on the IP address, you get a new IP address. Also, if there is no activity detected from the IP address for sixty seconds, the session gets terminated, and a new IP address is given.

This system is best used for social media bots such as Bots on Instagram and Sneaker bots.

Residential and Datacenter Proxies

Residential and Datacenter Proxies

As said earlier, residential proxies are not the only types of proxies that we have. The datacenter proxy is also as popular as the residential proxy. In this section, we will compare the characteristics of the datacenter and residential proxies.

Pros and Cons of the two Proxy types

  • Residential proxies have more legitimacy than datacenter proxies. This is because residential proxies trace back to real devices and locations, unlike datacenter proxies that do not belong to any real devices.
  • Residential proxies provide you with a lot of locations to connect to, especially rotating proxies. You cannot enjoy this feature with datacenter proxies.
  • Residential proxies are better for hiding 运动鞋机器人 on websites than datacenter proxies. Datacenter proxies easily get blocked in such cases.
  • Datacenter proxies are cheaper than residential proxies.

FAQs About Residential Proxies

1. Are residential proxies illegal?

Residential proxies are not illegal. You have legal permission to use residential proxies in any location of the world.

2. When Do I Need Residential Proxies?

If you intend to engage in web scraping anytime soon, you may want to get a residential proxy.

3. Where Can I Buy Static Residential Proxies?

You can purchase static residential proxies from many service providers such as 亮数据IPBurger.


Residential proxies are important to the safety of your information and business activities on the internet. While there are many types of proxies, residential proxies outrank them with superlative features. There are also many residential proxy service providers that you can get residential proxies from.

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