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Zoom 代理审查

Are zoom proxies worth that cost? Well, the good news is here from our point of view after taking our time to test the zoom proxies with unlimited bandwidth.

Zoon Proxies Homepage

After testing zoom proxies, we have come up with our honest verdict from an unbiased viewpoint.

Before we dig into the zoom proxies overview, let's look at its features first.

Features of Zoom Proxies

  • 无限带宽
  • Offer discord support
  • High speed 10GBPs ports
  • High success rate proxies
  • IP and User; Pass authentication
  • Limited geo-location

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Zoom Proxies Overview

Zoom Proxies Overview

First, Zoom proxies is a legitimate proxy provider company. You should not be worried about it. When the packages are available, their uptime is decent. However, they only sell Datacenters, and in our case, they are always sold out.

We also noted that their proxies are limited to four locations, and still, they are overpriced. But in our test, the speed was good enough to cop sneakers. Support Supreme, Shopify, Eastbay, Champs, Foot Locker, etc. It is worth noting that the speed depends on the quality of the server you are connected to.

The website requires a serious update to address FAQ, payment options, and detailed information about their IP pool. Although 数据中心代理 are unreliable, we depended on them when accessing geo-restricted data, cybersecurity, and brand protection. The proxies are optimized for 抄袭运动鞋 with as low speed as 60ms.

One thing we noticed is that the majority of their plans are sold out. Again, the website is not secured by HTTPS.  Unfortunately not good for you, and you know how bad this might be. They never give a refund once you purchase. Let's look at the plans and pricing.

Zoom Proxies Plans and Pricing

Zoom proxies have different plans with different pricing. Under each plan, you can choose a number of proxies from 25,50, or 100. In detail, the plans we got are as discussed below.

Premium ISP Plan

Premium ISP Plan

In most cases, this package is sold out but has reasonably good speed for sneaker copping. They have a 3 day and one-month plan only limited to Virginia. You can choose a number of proxies (25,50, or 100). It starts as low as $21.25, which comes with 25 proxies for three days. Alternatively, one month package goes at $53.50/25 proxies. They are secured using user; pass authentication.

UK Plan

UK Plan

Fully dedicated proxies with unlimited bandwidth and 10GBPs ports. This package is only available in the UK and secured using both IP and user; pass authentication.

Captcha Plan

Captcha ISP Plan

Like the UK plan, the Captcha plan has 10- 100GBPs speed depending on the plan you choose. The 3-day plan comes with 100GBPs ports, while the monthly plan has 10GBPS ports. The monthly plan goes at $24.75/25 proxies.

Retail ISP Plan

Retail ISP

This package is designed and optimized for sneaker copping. They provide clean IPs and 10GBPS port speed. Proxies are delivered instantly but secured with the user; pass only. The 3-day plan starts at $20.75/25 proxies while monthly starts at $30.50/25 proxies.

Zoom Proxies Location

Zoom Proxies Location

Zoom proxies do not shine in this area. Their datacenter proxies are only limited to five locations. These are:

  • Ashburn
  • Chicago
  • Illinois,
  • 英国
  • Virginia

Zoom Proxies Authentication

Zoom Proxies Authentication

The location of the server determines the type of authentication. UK plan zoom proxies are secured with both user; pass and IP authentication. However, other plans, or rather the other two locations VA and IL, features the only user; pass authentication

Zoom Proxies Customer Support

Zoom Proxies Customer Support

Zoom proxies do not have a live chat on their website. We noted that they offer customer support through discord and via email address. Their dedicated technical support team provides instant support that gets you back on track if you ever run into problems.


The million-dollar question is that, do we recommend zoom proxies for sneaker copping?

Zoom proxies lack essential features, it is limited to five geo-targeting locations, and as well, they overcharge their datacenter proxies. For our case, this was a dealbreaker, and we would not recommend using zoom proxies for sneaker copping. Looking at their disadvantages, it is easy to go for other alternatives, although the speed was good for web scraping and brand protection.

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