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2023 年 10 佳 AIO 机器人

Why has All-In-One bot become a hot target? Stop wondering. Pay once and sweep the entire top secured stores. Here are 10 of the best AIO bots you can't miss!

An AIO bot is a sneaker copping bot which is used for buying sneakers from multiple secured sites. Many of these bots are available in the market.

Why All-In-One bot has become a hot target? Stop wondering. Pay once and sweep the entire top secured stores. Here are 10 of the best AIO bots you can't miss!

For a bot to work, it has to be in limited supply — if everyone had the bot, no one would really have an advantage. So you might find that some of them are sold out, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Discord because that's where a lot of important information goes. Do not lower your chances of a successful cookout by missing out on any of these bots.

Top 10 AIO Bots

We ranked these bots basing on their success and performance capability only. Rank does not account for the price, user interface, or the number of sites they support. So let's take a look at the top 10 AIO bots that are compatible with popular sneaker websites.

1. AIObot

AioBot Homepage

  • 适合 Shopify, Yeezy Supply, Adidas, Footsites, etc.
  • OS support: 视窗 
  • Proxy support:
  • 费用 A one-time payment of $325

This is the major and OG sneaker bot in the market. When you first think of copping, it automatically comes to your mind. In case you are a starter in using bots, this is exceptionally perfect and easy to get you started. The AIObot is readily available at a friendly price.

It surfs through unlimited websites. Some of the latest releases in 2020 were And Yeezy-wise, Zyon, etc. It's a one-time payment for $325.

2. Cybersole

Cybersole Homepage

  • 适合 Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, Mesh, etc 170 sites
  • OS support: 视窗
  • Proxy support:  是
  • 费用 From £300 with £100 renewal after every 6 months.

Cybersole is also known as Cyber AIO comes to second place. This is the most hyped bot in the market. It is successful in over 170 sites and works well on supreme. You can get your bot in any trusted marketplace. A mobile companion app allows you to control the bot using your phone.

Still, you can make a task, edit, start or stop and track the success at your fingertips. This is an awesome feature. Try it out.

3. KodaiAIO

KodaiAIO Homepage

  • 适合 Supreme, Shopify, YeezySupply
  • OS support: 视窗
  • Proxy support:
  • 费用 $175 for 2 months then $59.99 monthly

KodaiAIO is the third-best AIO bot in the market and can efficiently be used for copping limited sneakers from even highly secured websites. Its clients have had an insane success. Although sneaker sites are on the toe to detect bot traffics, they are unable to tame the KodaiAIO bot.

KodaiAIO has a good client interface that allows one to organize the tasks and keep them neat.  You can as well call it an untamable sneaker bot. The small user base makes their success crazier.

4. Ghost AIO

Ghost AIO Homepage

  • 适合 Adidas, Mr. Porter, Finish Line, EastBay, Supreme, Yeezy, etc
  • OS support: Windows 64 bit and mac
  • Proxy support:
  • 费用 From $300 for 6-month license

Ghost AIO is the fifth secure and most reliable bot in the market. It is friendly as well. You can use it to browse and purchase new releases on various sites without hustle. Settle for the best, not just any bot on an analytical page, you can easily access how you're copping both in terms of failure and success. It evaluates the course of your failure to check if you are using the bot the wrong way.

5. Nike Shoe Bot

Nike Shoe Bot Homepage

  • 适合 Jordans, NMDs, Yeezys, Off-Whites, Reflectives, Supreme
  • OS support: Windows and mac
  • Proxy support:
  • 费用 From $499

Although the Nike shoe bot was designed for surfing the Nike website, it has been developed currently and become AIO to purchase sneakers from bot-sensitive websites. Since 2014, this AIO bot has been time dominated the market and is easy to use.

It is among the most expensive in the list where its latest release has more features (NSB 2.0).  You can use any monitor from cookgroup. Call it Shopify anti-bypass with a dark theme. The sensor cookie generator speed is worth your pocket.

6. MEKRobotics

MEKRobotics Homepage

  • 适合 Shopify, Footsites, and YS/Adidas
  • OS support: Windows 和 Mac
  • Proxy support:
  • 费用 $300, Mekpreme $168 and 6 month renewal

MEKRobotics comes in two categories. MEKAIO and MEKpreme.MEKAIO bot has checkout automation, user simplicity, and is more efficient. This bot copes with all sites for the latest releases. However, Mekpreme majorly slays only on all the supreme latest releases!

The bot comes with discord services and a 6-month renewal fee of $120 for service and updates.


EVE AIO X Homepage

  • 适合 Bigcartel, hot topic, box lunch, Shopify, puma, naked, etc
  • OS support: Windows 8 and later only
  • Proxy support:
  • 费用 ONE TIME $250 and $35 monthly renewal.

EVE AIO X comes with all features included for the user, unlimited access, access to discord community, knowledge base, and 24/7 customer support available. Purchase EVE IAO X and unlock your full potential for guaranteed and optimal results on captcha secured websites.

8. Better Nike Bot

Better Nike Bot Homepage

  • 适合 All major sites except Nike.
  • OS support: Window 7/10
  • Proxy support:
  • 费用 Starts at $200 for a 6-month license

Because of its ease of setting up and numerous sites, Better Nike Bot (BNB) is also the best in the marketplace. It supports multiple retainer sneaker sites. The user can register uncountable accounts, edit your tasks and importantly enjoy 6 months of free updates. The bot is automatically equipped with a captcha solver. However, you only solve difficult captcha on your own.

9. Adept Bots

Adept Bots Homepage

  • 适合 Shopify, Adidas, Supreme, Yeezy, and 200+ more.
  • OS support: Android, Windows
  • Proxy support:
  • 费用 $100 recurring monthly renewal of $35

Lastly on our list is Adept Bots. These bots are the cheapest yet capable of curating your needs to reality. They can solve the captcha on numerous websites; you can manage your tasks and also check out your history. Among the fastest bots, they provide the instant notification.

10.Sole AIO

Sole AIO Homepage

  • 适合 Adidas, Shopify, Yeezysupply, Supreme, Finishline, Footsites, etc
  • OS support: Windows 10
  • Proxy support:
  • 费用 From £300 with £125 renewal after every 6 months.

Coming to the fourth position is SoleAIO. This bot has a good experience in surfing 阿迪达斯, sometimes perfect for 无上. It only accepts GBP payments. One-month rental goes at £75 for 31 days and comes with discord access. This is the best for the beginner due to its simple feature and success rate.


In conclusion, the above sneaker bots are all-in-one some of them do not surf through Nike stores. When it comes to online bot fighting, Nike has a different concern. However, do not lower your chances of a successful cookout by missing out on any of these bots.

So, all the above are good choices if you are interested in the latest sneaker release. But on the Nike store, Nike Shoe Bot is preferred. Basing on your preferred site and distinguishing features of the bots, either of the above guarantees good results. For updates, keep checking specific Twitter and Discord.

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