Rotating Proxies Review

RotatingProxies Review

This article gives you an up-to-date and comprehensive review of RotatingProxies. Dive in to know more about their rotating backconnect proxy and premium dedicated residential proxy.

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RotatingProxies is one of many proxy service providers. It is a US-based company mainly providing rotating proxy services. Its product range includes rotating backconnect proxy and premium dedicated residential proxy. Other products include ATC proxies which work very well with sneaker copping bots.

  • USA dedicated backconnect proxies
  • 提供国家地理定位
  • Suit for Scrapebox, Ticketmaster, and sneaker bot

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Such include Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Footsite, and OVO proxies. Their Ticketmaster proxies work incredibly well for booking ticket batches from ticketing websites. RotatingProxy is known for providing users with excellent IP rotating services.

If you’re on a tight budget but require quality rotating proxy services, consider RotatingProxies. With that said, let’s look at the good and the bad of this company.

Type of Rotating Proxy

RotatingProxies Pros and Cons


  • Automatic IP Rotation: RotatingProxies has an industry-leading built-in proxies rotation system. It gives you new identities every 5 minutes.
  • Bulk Proxy Plan Package: RotatingProxies offers up to 10,000 proxies in a month. They can also accommodate a client requiring more than 10,000 proxies at a discounted price.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth: RotatingProxies provides unmetered bandwidth for all users across the board. You get to have unlimited requests and high connectivity.
  • Undetectable: Your connection is protected with features such as unretained access logs. It also provides secure HTTP message headers so you’re seen as a regular visitor.

What We Don't Like

Only in US location: RotatingProxies proxy plans are targeted for the US market by default. However, they also provide proxies for a few other tier-one European countries.

No Free Trial and Refund Policy: Presently, RotatingProxies do not have a free trial period. You won’t know how it works until you buy a plan from them. They also don’t have a favorable refund policy.

RotatingProxies Overview

RotatingProxies mainly serves the US market and a few other European countries. Its scope is limited to one country however it provides superb connections. It automatically rotates your IP addresses every five minutes. Its proxy plans are fairly charged with big long-term discounts.

Rotating Proxies Homepage

It mainly provides residential 旋转代理 and works well with sneaker copping bots. You can get your sneakers fast and easily because it well configured to work with the bots. Its proxies also seamlessly connect with Ticketmaster for uninterrupted ticket browsing. They have specially curated IPs to help you browse and purchase anonymously.

Their backconnect proxies work perfectly well with any proxy supporting software. RotatingProxies supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. It also has Firefox, chrome, Safari, Opera, and IE proxies. Social media proxies include LinkedIn, 推特, Facebook, YoutubeInstagram. You can therefore own several accounts without the fear of being blocked.

Each proxy supports 10 different connections and you can get more than 10,000 proxies. RotatingProxies offer great discounts of up to 25% of the value of your plan. This works well with long-term proxy plans. It is known to be very stable with excellent connections and unmetered bandwidth.

RotatingProxies IP Types and Pricing

RotatingProxies is one of the most fairly priced but effective proxy companies around. It currently supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols. You get to have seamless connections, especially in the US. The screenshot below showcases their plan pricing.

Rotating Proxies Pricing

The Function Comparison of RotatingProxies

RotatingProxies provides various specialized proxies. With their website tool, you can compare the plans to know what fits you. There are several plan options to choose from so take your time.

RotatingProxies Authentication & Protocols

RotatingProxies uses both HTTP and HTTPS protocols for authentification. You can trust that they have a secure method of identification. Pick a username and password or go the IP authentication way. After purchasing your proxy plan you will have the choice of choosing which method is best.

RotatingProxies Customer Support

Rotating Customer Support

RotatingProxies can be reached via email or through their website. They have responsive customer service that responds to queries fast. They provide 24 hours customer service and have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. You can find information about their offerings at any time.


RotatingProxies offers competitive and fairly priced proxy packages with good discounts. It is dedicated to the US market only but also has other European connections. These are mostly first-tier European countries. The company is a trusted, recognized, and dependable proxies provider.

It has fast connectivity speeds and you can book a test for as low as $4.99. It has secure authentication protocols which you get after buying a plan. Their cancelation policy is a bit of a challenge so always get the right proxies package.

Use the comparison tool on their website to compare plans and offerings before buying. You can contact the company and get a swift response in a short time. Their proxies work very well with sneaker bots and ticketing websites among others.

Last Updated on 12月 12, 2022



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