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Is the AIO bot worth your money? Read our review and worry no more as we will reveal everything in our review. Learn from our experts and sweep all the releases with the AIO bot.

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Well, we assume that as a sneaker retailer, you have once in your research encountered the AIO 机器人. You might have come across it due to flashy adverts or marketing gimmicks in which their team adopted. This bot is well known for its fun tutorial video and detailed guides on the latest releases. The developers and marketing team have done a lot as they are the best marketer in the sneaker industry.


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This review is all about insane ideas that might free you from all bullshits. All reviews out there do not give all that this bot deserves, but so far, does this bot has more to offer to the sneakerheads? This review peeks into the world of the AIO bot. We will dissect the AIO bot and go deeper to find out if the bot will live up to retain its image.

This bot is good to have in store but does it work well? Let us now dive deeper into that.

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AIO Bot Overview

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Although AIO bot might mean any bot that supports copping sneakers from multiple platforms, in this review, we are referring to the AIO bot developed by ANB. It is most popular in the sneaker market. We will demystify the bot and simplify everything for you to understand.

Initially, it started as ANB's AIO bot, and the latest version is AIO Bot V2 which many sneaker coppers prefer using over other alternatives. Its popularity has been far-fetched since AIO bot V1.  AIO bot V2 is the most advanced version that is optimized for copping limited editions.

The bot is successful at evading sneaker resale prices while copping drops from multiple online stores. Resellers have also experienced advantages using this bot. It has secured over 300k hyped checkouts, and the rate is still growing. For you to make a reasonable decision, you should go through the pros and cons section first.

Before that, we can look at some of its few features. This AIO bot supports over 200 sites as we speak. You can attest to this from their Twitter feed. This bot has also been featured on CNBC and other reputable media outlets. The developers are keen, and they update it regularly. The bot owes its popularity to its impressive performance and high success rate.

AIO Success

Again, this bot is readily available compared to other bots, which you need to wait for restocking. The bot has recorded perfect user experience on YeezySupply, Footsites阿迪达斯 Splash. When you buy AIO Bot V2, always check the discord server for release guide and help as well as Shopify monitor.

The bot does not only support server use. It also supports proxy, which is essential for successful copping drops. Thanks for its auto-retry on checkout and upon failure or when the site crashes. Purchasing and using this bot is simple. Follow these simple steps below.

How to Use the AIO Bot?

The AIO bot is simple to use hence common among the new bot users. Not much help is required from the developers. The system does everything from the checkout process, as well as adding to the cart and paying. You only need to receive the order upon shipping. Its working mechanism is simple:

  • First, you need to register and make a license payment to use a bot. To use an active subscription, you must have an account.
  • Visit the website and download AIO bo V2, install. All will be set after installation, add payment, and shipping details are ready.
  • Launch the software and select your preferred copping site.
  • Select the kick you want and enter details like size, color, and style.
  • Go through the step of setting up the bot. They are simple steps as the bot guides you through.
  • Then sit back and wait for the release. The bot automates checkout, add to cart, and makes payments for you.

AIO Bot Pricing


The initial cost of the AIO bot is cheap. It goes at $325 for the first 6 months. After that, you will be required to pay an update fee of $69 after every six months. However, to run on two computers, you need to pay an extra license fee of $200. Without an update, the bot becomes useless. Therefore, you cannot avoid update fees.

However, you can still eliminate the charges by signing up with a google cloud server at $300. Using this method might last for a while but generating proxies cost $0.007 per proxy per hour. This is cheap when you decide to run the proxy when demanded. But be advised the proxies are datacenter which does not work well on Yeezy and Adidas. These sites require 住宅代理 that cost $0.8 to$1 single proxy per week.

Is It Worth to Buy an AIO Bot? (Pros, Cons, and Features)

Many sneakerheads preferred the AIO bot due to its features and good reputation. No one doubts it's impressive. Let's now look at some of its features, cons, and pros.

  • Support Multiple Sites

The AIO bot supports many sites, as the name suggests.  You will not need to purchase bots to cop from different sites; an AIO bot can get your sneaker game going perfectly. It supports footsite, Shopify stores, and Adidas, to mention a few. The sites go over 100, yet it is still increasing.

It does not compromise anything while copping from these sites, and in fact,  it stays functional like any other specific bot. For instance, AIO bot V2 provides site-specific features like bypassing  Shopify queue and footsite captchas. This feature alone is the best among the new users in copping limited editions since specialization is not set.

  • Multithreaded for Multi-Tasking Support

Aio Bot Step

It is a powerhouse because it has multithreaded support. This feature enables the AIO bot ability to multi-task. This implies that sneakerheads can set their bot to carry out multiple tasks and run concurrently hence a high success rate in copping more pairs. Each task operates on a different thread, therefore a faster checkout process.

For retailers, speed is essential, and these features optimize the AIO bot's speed. However, you should multi-task it before it starts experiencing adverse effects on their performance. You can register up to 100 threads to run concurrently, and beyond it, you will have to pay extra charges as stated in the pricing section.

  • Works on Windows

Although their website stated that this software supports Windows and Mac, it is not the case. If you observe deeper and experiment with it, it's natively developed to support windows only. You must use a virtual machine running on Windows to run on Mac, and two effects can be observed here. It is not easy for beginners and non-techie besides creating additional tasks. Again, it adds up to copping cost. For windows, it is not an issue.

  • Multiple Features

Multithreaded is just one of the features, but in reality, the AIO bot comes with numerous features. These features not only make it functional but also increases the chances of successful checkout. Another feature that works in conjunction with this is the link monitor and keyword search.

Product keyword search is vital in searching the keyword of the drop before release to enable sneakerheads to create a task before its release. Elsewhere, the link monitor notifies the retailer when a product is released, ready to add to the cart, and checkout for payment.

It also supports a proxy to help evade detections and bans while copping sneakers. To sum up, the AIO bot is rugged, which makes it continue with the tasks even if it crashes, and we appreciate its retry option and its automated checkout retry.

  • Optimized Proxies and Servers

AIO bot has optimized servers and proxies, and this feature makes it perfect for use by beginners. The proxies are optimized for use with the AIO bot to attain maximum results. But, its usage is not free, and we can say that it's expensive than other alternatives on the market. The software also has a pre-installed server, and users only need to buy the license key.

  • Expensive Pricing

This is among the drawbacks of the AIO bot, as its pricing is expensive. Developers do not use a subsection-based model. The user should pay a one-time payment of $325 and own the bot forever. But, this is simply a catch because there is also a renewal fee charged for upgrading for 6 months. Without updates, the bot becomes outdated full of frustrations.

This one-time payment is solely for one computer. To use on two pcs, there are additional expenses of $200. Unfortunately, these payments are non-refundable, and they do not have a free trial not guarantee.

AIO Bot Customer Support

AIO bot is brilliant when it comes to its resources, and its customer support is top-notch. Before buying the license, the support team is available to help you make a decision. You can reach out to them via pop-up or send an email address which they always get back to you within 24 hours.

However, when you purchase the bot, it comes with a discord server, a good place for customer support, and the latest updates. Still, you can reach out to them by creating a ticket or sending a message to their Twitter handle.


Although the AIO bot is expensive, it has a high success rate in copping limited editions. The bot is easy to use this perfect for beginners and non-techies. Pricing is not a factor if you need a reliable and secure bot.

This is an excellent choice for sneakerheads and retailers alike. The pros outweigh the cons, and alternatively, the cons are easily fixed. Try out this all-in-one bot.

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