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Are you interested in UK proxies to help you not only in accessing geo-restricted content but also for online marketing? Then here is what you need to know. Read our article to the end and discover the best UK proxies that meet all your needs within your budget.

Do you want to access the UK geo-restricted contents? Then you need to use the UK IP address to bypass all the restrictions. As long as you find it easy to access any open website content, it is not easy to reach out to the geo-targeted content when you are not in the region. In most cases, when you are outside the target region, such contents are always not available from your end when the host has enforced the IP restrictions from your location.

Therefore, when you are not located in the UK but need to access these contents and enjoy other benefits as other local people do, you need to mask your IP address using UK unique IP to gain access. This should not give you issues. Because you can route your request through relevant proxies, VPNs also work well and only if they are using UK proxies.

Thus our focus on the article today will base on the UK proxies. We prefer proxies because they are faster than VPNs. Therefore the best option is to use UK proxies for automating online marketing and unlocking content.

The article will cover some of the best UK proxies you need to select from. And before going into details, let us find out the benefits of using UK proxies.


Why Do You Need UK Proxies?

Selecting the best UK proxies grants you a chance to enjoy many benefits.

So to start with, you can agree that the best UK proxies effectively evade all the geo-location restrictions. Such restriction is that today, most of the contents in a particular country are becoming more located than before. Thus, most often, hosts are offering different content from different places.

For instance, the SERPs in the UK is different from the SERPs in the UK. Thus, when you want to access the UK SERPS for SEO marketing purposes, it becomes hard without relevant proxies.

Furthermore, UK proxies give you access to exclusive UK content. A good example is a BBC iPlayer service only meant for the UK local user. Any strange request from IP address outside the UK is denied since your traffic does not seem to be from the UK. This is another reason you need UK proxies so that your IP address appears as UK traffic.

Therefore localized proxies are essential in many ways. The other relevant benefits are creating multiple social media accounts and managing them, accessing the local price information, seeing the local search results in a particular area, scraping restricted UK data, etc.

Unless you get the best UK proxies, you can never enjoy the above benefits. Not all companies offer UK proxies though many providers support the UK. The list below consists of the best UK proxies ranging from free and residential to the datacenter.

Best Residential UK Proxies

住宅代理 are very powerful, have stellar speed, and are highly anonymous. It is hard to detect them when you use them to access a website since they are sourced from real users worldwide. They are essential and never raise suspicion since the IP addresses appear like human traffic. Check on the below list to find the best residential UK proxies and make an informed decision.

1. 亮数据 – Most Stable Proxy Networks in Britain

Bright Data for UK

  • IP 池大小: 超过 7 200 万
  • 地点 世界所有国家
  • 费用 Starts at $500 for 40 GB

Bright Data, formerly the Luminati, is one of the best residential proxy providers with the UK localized proxies. This is one of the best-recommended companies, with 1,575,823 UP IP addresses in their database. They also support other world regions, and it was awarded the UK's first proxy ecosystem.

Bright Data has the highest performing proxies capable of unlocking geo-restrictions and 数据挖掘. It is one of the most trusted companies in the UK for providing residential and datacenter, ISP, and 移动代理. The proxies are reliable and come with unparalleled speed.

However, to successfully utilize the UK proxies from Bright Data, you must use the geo-targeting feature, which goes from the country to the city level. Bright Data gives you 100% control over the session. But one thing that shies away most of the potential customers is their expensive pricing. But above all, it is the most stable proxy network in the UK.

2. 智能代理 – Has the Most UK Residential IPs

Smartproxy for UK

  • IP 池大小: 超过 4000 万
  • 地点 195+locations
  • 费用 Starts at $75 for 5 GB

Smartproxy is the next residential UK proxy provider company on the market. They have the large UK residential IP addresses in their database. They have a massive pool of roughly 1727716, where 49382 IPs are from London only, and the rest are distributed in the UK. Thus, when accessing the geo-restricted content with Smartproxym, you should not be worried about IP shortages.

Therefore, anytime you need a residential IP address located as UK proxies, get a package from Smartproxy. It is a famous company for its high-quality proxies. And the customers have complete control and can access the pool and change them for bandwidth use. This is the reason why Smartproxy prices are based on bandwidth.

One thing about Smartproxy is that they have a minimum monetary requirement when you want to purchase their proxies which is still favorable. On the other hand, it also supports other multiple locations worldwide. Thus, their IP addresses are faster, undetectable, and let users enjoy the persistent sessions for 10 minutes.

Soax for UK

  • IP 池大小: 超过 850 万
  • 地点 120 countries
  • 费用 Starts at $99 for 8 GB

The last favorite UK proxy on our list is Soax. They offer geo-targeted services, and considering this feature; you can access UK residential proxies. On their database, they have over 169,000 residential proxies. And from our experience and test, we found that their UK proxies are very stable. And if you visit their website, you might realize that these guys have excellent Trustpilot rating, which indicates that their clients are happy with the services they render to them.

Otherwise, these proxies are effective and reliable for accessing the geo-restricted UK contents, and eos do not have limitations. They are elite proxies that are 100% whitelisted.

When you consider their pricing, Soax has one of the cheapest pricing p[ackages for the UK proxies. And they guarantee you unlimited concurrent sessions, 99.99% uptime, and full compatibility with the SEO tools. They have a simple dashboard where users can easily manage their IPs and apply the geo-targeting filters.

They are perfect for price and SEO monitoring, speed testing, market research, data collection, etc. It is the most popular among the UL proxy users in the UK due to its affordable pricing and high-quality services.

4. Nimbleway – 22GB Free Trial for UK Proxies

Nimbleway Residential Proxy

  • IP 池大小: Specific size unknown
  • 地点: Global Coverage
  • 费用: Starts at $600 monthly for 75GB

Nimbleway residential proxies is one of the best providers of UK proxies. It is an enterprise-level provider designed to scale and can handle an unlimited number of concurrent requests and sessions. One thing you will come to like about this service is its support for an AI selection engine which helps determine the best IP to assign to your request during IP rotation.

IP rotation for this service is done after every request and but unlike others that randomly assign you a different IP, Nimbleway uses an AI selection engine to make sure the IP that will be assigned to you will work for your use case. Aside from the UK, you can get IPs for most other countries from this provider. It is one of the fastest and offers one of the best success rates in the market right now.

It is best used for web scraping and other forms of automation and works with most automation bots out there. The only major problem with this service is that its starting price is $600 for 75GB. While this is cost-effective for enterprise customers, it is not affordable to small proxy users.

5. IPRoyalBest Pay-as-you-go UK Residential Proxies

IPRoyal Residential Proxies

  • IP 池大小:超过 800 万
  • 地点: Over 195 countries worldwide
  • 费用: Starts at $7 for 1GB

IPRoyal has one of the most reliable UK proxies in the world. The company uses transparent and ethical manners to obtain all of its 240,000+ residential UK IP addresses from actual UK users and ISPs. This makes them indistinguishable from genuine UK online users, ensuring optimal privacy and performance.

IPRoyal offers city targeting, allowing you to choose IP addresses from any city in the United Kingdom you want. With 99.9% uptime and high IP trust scores, you can use them to scrape localized data, manage multiple social media accounts, or get unrestricted access to UK-only websites and services from anywhere.

These proxy servers are fast and stable and support sticky and rotating sessions. You can use a different UK IP for each request or the same for up to 24 hours. They have HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support, API access, and 24/7 customer support. IPRoyal’s pay-as-you-go plan allows you to order as little as 1GB, but there are great discounts if you order more traffic. Plus, the traffic never expires, so you have nothing to lose.

6. 网络坚果 – Global-wide application of residential IPs


  • IP 组大小: 52M+ 住宅 IP
  • Geo Targeting: 全球覆盖范围
  • Permitted Concurrency: 无限制
  • 允许带宽: 20 GB 起
  • 费用 每月 $300 起

Proxies in the UK are necessary to access browsing without limitations or geographic restrictions. If you're outside the UK and need access to geographically blocked websites, a reliable NetNut residential proxy is the best option.

NetNut is the leading provider of high-speed residential proxies with guaranteed connectivity. The service brings together over 52 million IPs globally, offering bandwidth starting from 20GB or more based on your needs, all at a price of $300 per month.

Another aspect to highlight is that the NetNut residential proxy server for the UK ensures anonymity at all times. Additionally, ISP assignment can be obtained to use the proxy for multiple purposes such as market analysis, SEO, among others.

The plans for NetNut's residential proxy service in the UK are truly affordable. You can access plans with 20GB of bandwidth for just $300 per month. If desired, you can expand the bandwidth of your plan according to your needs and budget.

Not entirely convinced yet? Enjoy a free 7-day trial with no restrictions or limitations to understand how NetNut's proxies work.

Advantages of NetNut:

  • Affordable plans for different budgets.
  • Unlimited sessions and 24/7 connectivity.
  • 100% anonymity.
  • Free 7-day trial.

Disadvantages of NetNut:

  • Inadequate API integration documentation.

Best Private UK Proxies

There are also private UK proxies that are effective in getting tasks done. This is because not all jobs require residential proxies. Since other geo-restricted sites are aggressive in fighting the proxy again, getting a datacenter proxy saves your money. So, consider these private UK proxies when operating on a limited budget, and the datacenter can get the job done.

1. 代理销售商 – Most Flexible Payment for UK Proxy

Proxy-Seller for india proxy

  • 地点 全球
  • 收费价格 代理
  • 费用 Starts at $2.75 per one UK proxy weekly

Proxy-Seller comes first on our recommendation list for the best private UK proxies. Therefore, when you wish to access a website based in the UK but it is geo-restricted, get the relevant UK private proxy package formProxy-Seller. Without the proxies, you might find things frustrating.

They have numerous packages you can select from. You only have to enter the quality of the private proxies you need. The good thing about Proxy-Seller is that they have a package that fits all your needs irrespective of your budget.

Proxy-Seller proxies will offer high anonymity, 24/7 customer support, and high-speed services. You have access to the private proxies, and you can select the location based on your needs. For the UK, we were impressed with its performance. And when you sign up for a package going for one year, you will enjoy lower prices. Therefore, this is the private UK proxies company provides you need to access the restricted sites without hassle.

2. 我的私人代理 – The Best Private Proxy Provider

MyPrivateProxy overview


  • 地点 US, Canada, and EU
  • 收费价格 代理
  • 费用 Starts at $2.49 for one private proxy monthly

Last but not least, on our list of the best 私人代理 providers in the UK is MyPrivateProxy. We highly recommend this provider for UK localized private proxies. They offer one of the efficient UK private proxies with a stellar speed. Since we have tested and vetted as the best private proxies,  you can rest assured that, MyPrivateProxy has excellent performance and high quality.

The company also has datacenters available in many other locations worldwide. But, London and manchester lead among the best regions supported in the UK. And the way the company has structured the pricing might be the best option for buying private UK proxies for business use instead of the individual.

It is much more expensive when purchasing a single proxy. So, these proxies effectively offer you required servicing like accessing recruited content and monitoring prices and other tasks.

3. Blazing SEO – The Simplest UK Proxy to Setup

Blazing SEO for UK

  • 地点 27 Countries
  • 收费价格 代理
  • 费用 Starts at $15 for 5 UK private proxies monthly

The second option you can go for as the private UK proxies on the market is Blazing SEO. It is a simple choice for easy setup. And generally, the company is considered stable and reliable because they are expanding and adding new milestones daily.

They have brilliant UK private proxies, which are the fastest and most efficient in accessing the targeted websites in the UK when your region is restricted. It is one of the companies with world-class APIs and has multiple subnet diversity that guarantees you zero bans, and in case of any basis, the site can not access the full pool of IPs.

Blazing SEO has a professional customer setup that makes sure that the user gets a great experience. So, when you go for their UK proxies section, these people have semi-dedicated, rotatingdedicated proxies. And always remember that the Uk proxies spread over multiple ASNs and promise an incredible report. The other features include secure proxy authentication, an intuitive dashboard, fewer motherboard, and 99% uptime.

4. Proxy-IPV4 – The Most Reliable Private UK Proxies

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

  • 地点 20+ Countries
  • 收费价格 代理
  • 费用 Starts at $6 for 1 UK private proxies monthly

In terms of network quality and reliability, Proxy-IPv4 Private UK Proxies provides a wide range of networks and subnets, ensuring high-speed connectivity and stable operation. This extensive network range significantly reduces the risk of blacklisting, making these proxies a reliable choice for users seeking efficient and uninterrupted online operations within the UK.

Moreover, the service emphasizes ethical use, strictly advocating for legitimate purposes only, thus ensuring compliance and responsible usage. The positive customer feedback highlighting the stability, speed, and overall reliability of these UK proxies further underscores their suitability for a wide range of online activities requiring a UK presence.

Best Free UK Proxies

Before listing the free proxies, you must understand that they are unreliable since they pose some security concerns and their performance is ineffective. However, they are still important in some use cases. Thus, if you want to get the best free UK proxies. You have to visit the below websites and get free access to the UK proxies:-

1. Free Proxy List

Free Proxy List for UK

Free Proxy-List is one of the reliable proxy provider companies. While they have premium packages, they also provide free proxies, and with only one click, you have access to thousands of HTTP(S) 代理 which come with custom features such as the anonymity. You can download the list using the app or API, and they guarantee that these free proxies are updated after every 10 minutes to improve the user experience.

They also have standard sorting where the main one arranges based on HTTPS, google support, and anonymity. Interestingly, users can transfer the proxy lists as text or equally copy the proxies to the clipboard with only one click on the icon. While they have API access to their proxies, they also support chrome extension, thus efficient for data scraping and access to the UK geo-restricted contents.


Spys one for UK

The subsequent best free UK proxies is And considering the size of the database, has one of the most reliable and largest databases consisting of free UK proxies. They also offer proxies for different countries other than localized UK proxies. The IP addresses on the list are different.

And you can even observe the differences based on the uptime, anonymity, latency, and proxy protocol. Therefore, you can also use various filters to narrow down your sections from the list. We would recommend going for the highest anonymity proxies, which can effectively mask your IP addresses so that you remain anonymous without being detected.


Hidemy name for UK

The last free UK proxy company on our list is is one of the reliable sites that offer free UK proxies. It does not only provide the UK proxies, but you can as well access other localized proxies in over 92 countries. Something unique about this company is that they list their UK free proxies in an excel format.

Like other companies, they also indicate the filters like the type o proxy, the anonymity, and speed. They always ensure they regularly update their proxies to keep updated with any changes to the target website. Besides free UK proxies, you can also get premium proxy packages and VPN services. Even their premium packages are cheap. They also make sure that you remain anonymous.

In the UK, laws as concerned, they have not released any legal status on the use of proxies. This implies that many websites in the UK do not support the use of proxies. Thus, when you nat to use to accomplish a particular target, you must ensure that you use the highly anonymous and high-quality proxies which are not easily detected on a target website.


If you are outside the UK and needs to access the geo-restricted contents or get local prices on services, then one of the most critical requirement is the best UK proxies. We highly recommend premium proxies from the above list for your use. Before you make a monetary commitment, first ask for the trial version. The best UK proxies can help you bypass the restricted contents and effectively find data scraping.

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