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2024 年最佳移动代理

Are you looking to buy mobile proxies with a reliable premium for your internet campaigns? But, it may be challenging to choose an excellent mobile proxy provider. It would help if you considered buying them from our recommended mobile proxy providers.

Some internet activities such as marketing campaigns won't work out well if you use a datacenter or residential proxies. If you are in this situation, then you should consider using mobile proxies.

Mobile proxies work in almost a similar way as residential and 数据中心代理. When you use them on your computer, requests go through the servers before reaching the target site. It essentially works by changing the IP address that initiated the request. A new IP will be used to get to the website, therefore masking your original IP address.

However, mobile proxies are better than other types of proxies and have a lower block rate. You can easily browse without worrying about getting banned or blocked by websites.

Why Mobile Proxies Are Highly Effective

Mobile proxy overview

Mobile proxies work by routing client's web requests via mobile IPs assigned by internet service providers (ISPs). ISPs are controlled by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), which help you connect to the internet using the cellular network.

For a mobile proxy to work well, it needs access to four things in your device: 4G LTE device, 4G LTE sim card, 4G LTE coverage site, and a proxy server. Although the 4G network connection works best for most mobile proxies, some can efficiently work well with a 3G network, and now there's a 5G network.

Apart from sourcing their IP addresses, another significant difference between mobile proxies and other proxies is their trust level. Some proxy providers refer to mobile proxies as 住宅代理; this makes it difficult for servers to block your device. They provide an actual IP address and mask your original IP as you will be seen as a resident of a country you are trying to connect to.

Top 10 4G Mobile Proxies

There are many mobile proxy providers available in the market; some are old while some are newbies. The older ones may have the advantage of operating a large pool of IPs, while the new ones also have a strong competitive advantage.

Such things can confuse new users as it may be challenging to choose an excellent mobile proxy provider. Because of this, we have provided details about the best mobile proxy providers you can find in the market.

1. HydraProxy

Hydrapproxy for Mobile Proxy

  • IP Location: United States
  •  Price: Starts from $2.95 per port
  • Carrier: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile

When deciding on which mobile proxy provider to work with, it is essential to consider their pricing. HydraProxy is among the few proxies that offer pocket-friendly mobile proxies.

HydraProxy supports mobile proxies for US locations only. With them, you get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth because pricing is based on the number of ports. They have unique features such as IP rotation; this means you get a new IP address after every 30 minutes. If you feel compromised and need a new IP address, you can change it manually and get a new IP address upon command.

Another exciting thing is their Geo-Targeting feature. They support state-level targeting as well as ISP targeting, which works for specific mobile carriers. HydraProxy also has a professional customer care system that helps its clients get genuine-time assistance. If you have any queries, you can reach them on their official social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. You can as well use their official email address or live chat option available on their website.

2. 社交代理

The Social Proxy Homepage overview

  • IP Location: US, Germany, UK, Australia, and Israel
  • Price: starts from €90 per month
  • Carrier: Unspecified

The Social Proxy is among the best proxy providers that offer high-quality 4G mobile proxies. They give you reliable, unlimited, and feature-full mobile connections. Their vast pool of IPs helps you get an infinite stream of IPs to mask your actual IP address entirely. These IPs are used by natural and legitimate users, lowering the risk of websites blocking or banning your device.

The Social Proxy dashboard is also easy to navigate due to its user-friendly feature. They provide raw and unmodified 4G mobile connections similar to the ones used by real users. Apart from that, they have unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to run a total of 4G internet traffic to run as many accounts as you wish.

You also stand to gain from their IP rotation feature, which assists in changing your IP address after every few seconds. The IPs also instantly change upon command.

3. Soax

Soax for Mobile Proxy

  •   IP Location: 全球
  •   Price: Starts from $99 per month for 300 ports with 3GB
  • Carrier: Unspecified

Soax is one of the mobile proxy providers with totally undetectable proxies. They offer IPs for both mobile cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Soax refreshes its network every day, making it as secure as possible. With them, you can have a stealthy internet connection.

They have high-speed connectivity with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. This mitigates chances of having things such as downtime and network failure while online. They also have the most flexible payment schedule, which includes daily, weekly and monthly payments.

Although their data plans may be a little bit expensive, you get the best quality proxies for your business. They also have the best customer support system, including a live chat option available in their user-friendly dashboard.

4. 代理销售商

Proxy seller mobile proxies

  • IP Location: US, France, UK, Italy, Ukraine, Russia
  • Price: Start from $40 per month
  • Carrier: Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc

Proxy-seller is also another great 4G proxy provider with flexible payment options. It comes with SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols. This proxy provider offers its users a hassle-free experience. Their mobile proxy price is charged based on the country, with the price starting at $40/month. For US users, the prices start at $60/ month and $70 for users from France.

Furthermore, mobile proxies are fast and completely anonymous. They also come with a dynamic feature that enables them to rotate IPs automatically. You can as well change the IP address whenever you want.

Better still, their IPv4 and IPv6 proxies support many countries around the world and have a geo-targeting feature. This allows you to choose your location based on country, city, and even ISP. They also have a live chat feature that enables you to get real-time assistance.

5. 代理-Ipv4

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

  • IP Location: 15+ countries
  • Price: starts at $13/3 days for 1 proxy
  •  Carrier: Unspecified

Proxy-IPv4's Mobile Proxy service offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking diverse geographical access and reliable performance. With mobile proxies spanning countries like Lithuania, Ukraine, the USA, France, Italy, and England, users can seamlessly access content from various regions.

The pricing is transparent and competitive, with a mobile proxy from Lithuania priced at $13 for 3 days and a USA proxy at $23 for the same duration. Designed for a range of online activities, from web scraping to social media marketing, these proxies guarantee high uptime, speeds up to 1Gb/s, and round-the-clock technical support. Whether for individual or business needs, Proxy-IPv4's Mobile Proxy stands out for its adaptability, efficiency, and extensive geographical coverage.

6. 亮数据

Bright Data mobile proxies Homepage overview

  • IP Location: All countries in the world
  • Price: starts at $300 monthly for 20 GB
  •  Carrier: Unspecified

Bright Data, formerly Luminati Networks, is one of the most popular mobile proxy providers. Their network is one of the best you can use in the market; they have very stable and reliable connectivity. They offer a worldwide 3G/4G network with over 7 million IPs. They also guarantee a 99.99% uptime, all thanks to their ever-green network with no downtime.

Bright Data is based on a peer to peer coverage which makes it very reliable and convenient. Apart from being 100 percent compliant and patented, they also give you the fastest response time for your web surf. Bright Data supports both ASN and mobile carrier targeting, coupled with their excellent location coverage makes it easier to stay connected at all times.

7. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Mobile Proxies

  • IP Location: the US, the UK, and Lithuania
  • Price: Starts from $81 per month or $7 per day
  • Carrier: T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telia, and Bitė

IPRoyal is a popular provider of reliable mobile proxy servers. They have over 1.5 million ethically-sourced mobile IP addresses from the US, the UK, and Lithuania. These IPs are obtained from 5G/4G/3G residential mobile network pools, ensuring optimal privacy. They are reliable, stable, and of high quality. 

With IPRoyal’s mobile proxies, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and sessions. Each mobile IP is dedicated to you while using it, and you can instantly switch it for a new one. You can do this manually via the dashboard or an API request.

These proxies come with an auto-rotation toggle, easy integration, and 24/7 customer support. They have high trust scores, so you can use them for social media management, gathering geo-specific data, website testing, accessing blocked content, and much more. Last but not least, there’s a 1-day plan that lets you test the proxies at a minimal cost, which is great.

8. 廉价代理

Proxy Cheap Home Page for Mobile Proxies

  •  IP Location: US, France, and Lithuania
  •  Price: Starts from $50 monthly
  •  Carrier: Unspecified

Unlike the other mobile proxy providers with worldwide proxy coverage, Proxy-Cheap only operates in the United States, France, and Lithuania. They give you unlimited bandwidth, which allows you to use their mobile proxies for an unlimited amount of accounts. They also claim to offer 30 mobile carriers to choose from.

Proxy-Cheap also has a pocket-friendly and flexible payment plan. Proxy-Cheap is one of the most affordable and reliable mobile proxy providers. For security purposes, they have IP authentication, which helps in identifying your account information. Unlike other providers who use username and password for user authorization, Proxy-Cheap uses IP.

They also have excellent connectivity with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. They do not experience network failures or downtimes; this makes it almost impossible for their IPs to be blocked. Their vast pool of IPs also helps maintain the anonymity of their proxies.

9. 网络坚果 

NetNut mobile proxies

  •   IP Location: 全球
  •   Price: Starts from $900 per month for 50GB
  • Carrier: Unspecified

Choosing a good mobile proxy is essential to ensure the best internet campaign. However, finding the best provider of mobile IPs can be challenging, so it's necessary to compare different options in the market.

Certain online campaigns don't perform well using data centers or residential proxies, so having the best mobile IP proxies from NetNut is necessary. These proxies function similarly to residential ones but are much better due to their undetectability and low risk of IP blocking. The major advantage of these NetNut proxies is the ability to browse without worrying about bans or blocks.

You can benefit from a wide list of global locations with an optimal group of NetNut's mobile IPs. Furthermore, it's important to highlight the guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.

The plans for NetNut's Mobile IP proxy service vary based on bandwidth. You can choose from 50GB of bandwidth for $900 per month. Similarly, you can expand your bandwidth according to your needs.

Not convinced yet? Access the free 7-day trial and learn how NetNut's mobile proxies work.

10. Airproxy

Air Proxy for Mobile Proxy

  •  IP Location: Europe (Italy)
  • Price: Starts from €87 for a proxy per month
  •  IP 池大小: 超过 20 万
  • Carrier: Vodafone

AirProxy sells the cleanest proxies in the mobile proxy market. They provide high-quality premium proxies with the best network coverage. Although Airproxy is only available in Italy, they offer the best peer-to-peer network that uses dedicated sim cards for each subscription.

They allow you to use unlimited bandwidth that enables you to access multiple accounts using their proxies. They have no hidden charges or additional costs. Airproxy will enable you to use up to 10 accounts using one proxy.

11. ProxyLTE

ProxyLTE Homepage

  •  IP Location: The US only
  •  Price: Starts at $1.12 for a proxy per day
  • Carrier: Unspecified

ProxyLTE is a leading dynamic LTE mobile proxy provider. It is among the few proxy providers who support their services in the United States alone. They arguably the best proxy providers for social media automation with more focus on Instagram 自动化. It can also be used for a couple of other applications, provided they are within the US location.

ProxyLTE has some of the best payment flexibility in the market. They offer daily, weekly, and monthly package plans. However, ProxyLTE only accepts payment through Bitcoins.

Their excellent network coverage and guaranteed 99.9% uptime will help you surf without worrying about internet disruption. They also have the most professional customer support who will respond to your queries in real-time.

12. AstroProxy

AstroProxies for Mobile Proxy

  •  IP Location: 12 countries
  • Price: Starts at $7 per 1 GB
  •  Carrier: Unspecified

AstroProxy is one of the most trusted mobile proxy providers; they offer unlimited bandwidth with no hidden charges. They also have flexible payment systems, including Visa, PayPal, MasterCard bitcoin, among others.

They enable the grouping of IPs by country, city, and ISP. AstroProxy also has a proxy rotation feature that allows IPs to change after a specific time interval automatically or instantly upon request.

Apart from that, they have a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, enabling you to get stable internet connections. Their responsive support team also gives you real-time assistance at any time.

13. RSocks

Rsocks for Mobile Proxies

  • IP Location: 22 countries
  • Price: starts at $10 per day
  •  Carrier: AT&T, Verizon

RSocks is another good mobile proxy provider. They have good coverage locations. They also clearly indicate how much they charge in different countries. RSocks provide unlimited data usage with limitless bandwidth that supports many popular websites.

Their proxies are entirely anonymous and undetectable. The most exciting thing about this proxy provider is that you get to choose the type of OS fingerprint you want your request to carry. They also allow you to select the IP rotation frequency and change it whenever you want.

14. ProxyGuys

Proxy Guys for Mobile Proxy

  •  IP Location: United States
  •  Price: starts from $20 daily
  • Carrier: AT&T and Verizon

If you are looking for a mobile proxy provider with a vast pool of IPs, you should consider ProxyGuys. They have a whopping 75 million worth of IPs; this makes them the top mobile proxy providers with the most significant IPs.

They use 4G networks to work on carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. They also have over 27 locations that provide IPs and give you information on IP availability in areas they support. ProxyGuys have flexible pricing because they have daily, weekly and monthly packages.

ProxyGuys also gives you an option to buy proxies for a single location or multiple locations using their plans. Apart from that, they also have a feature that allows dynamic IP rotation. This makes your IP address change after every few minutes.

ProxyGuys have highly responsive customer support who will address your queries in real-time. You can use their live chat option or visit their internet platforms; you can also opt to use their email address to get help.

You Should Setup Your Own Mobile Proxy Server

Setting up your own mobile proxy server has a few advantages. It gives you more control over your security and privacy, helps you save cost in the long run, and provides you the best performance ever before of its dedicated nature — and Proxy-Seller is here to make it easy for you to set up and manage one. Proxy-Seller is one of the best mobile proxy providers in the market.

Aside from offering you mobile IPs, it is also ready to help you set up your own mobile proxy server while it helps you with the proxy server software too. You can either get the setup equipment from them or use your own. Regardless of the option you go with, you will have to pay $8 monthly per modem for using their software. I recommend you visit the Mobile Proxy Server Setup Control Panel of Proxy-Seller to learn more.

FAQs about Mobile Proxies

1. Residential Proxy vs. Mobile proxy, which is better?

Mobile proxies are better than residential proxies. However, they are more expensive. Most users may prefer residential proxies due to their affordability.

2. When should I use mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies can be applied for almost all proxy usage, although overusing them may increase the risks. We recommend using mobile proxies mainly for business purposes such as social media automation.

3. How to choose the mobile proxy provider?

It is always essential to pick well-known and reputable proxy providers. This helps prevent your money from going down the drain. The mobile proxies we have discussed are tested and proven to be legit.


All the proxies above are the leading in the market and have proven to work well. However, you need to choose the most efficient proxy, and it works well for you. You also need to check on the pricing and the features offered by the proxies.

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