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Is the dedicated proxy important to you? Are you in need of the best providers of dedicated proxies on the market? This is the right place for you. We will highlight the best and recommended dedicated proxies provider you should go for.

Proxies are critical in our daily activities because they give us freedom which we could not enjoy in their absence. Instead, all sneakerheads and experts would be prone to internet restrictions and bans. Besides that, proxies are not the same but are classified according to specific criteria.

In our article, we would consider classification according to the number of users. We can classify them as shared or dedicated proxies. Since we are focusing on dedicated proxies, it is worth exploring them in detail. It is the only data center that can provide you with dedicated proxies. Residential have dedicated IPs, but datacenters are more popular. Let us dive into dedicated proxies first.

About Dedicated Proxies?

dedicated proxies

As earlier stated, we can classify proxies based on various criteria. There are dedicated, public, and 共享代理 according to the usage, how they work, and static IPs. Our focus is on dedicated proxies, otherwise called Private. This is the most foolproof and shared among the three. Their IP addresses are only assigned to a single user, and during that time, you won't share your server with anyone.

This positively impacts the user because it translates deeply to higher reliability due to a lag-free experience. However, public or shared proxies do not offer user controlling power. Once the IP is banned, everyone using the shared or public proxy will bear the consequences. Everything is sorted with dedicated proxies, and you should not worry about it.

Unfortunately, everything has its drawbacks, and dedicated has it too. They always come with a price tag; very expensive. But again, the pricing differs from one provider to another. If you want to have a peaceful online session, then dedicated proxies are the best choice for you.

Dedicated is exclusively used by a single user per device, and it tends to keep their IP addresses for a longer time. Sometimes, dedicated proxies are sold for a particular purpose or specifically dedicated to a specific site like Instagram, etc. For this case, dedicated proxies can never be used for such a special site. However, their virgin proxies can work on these sites 100% reliable. This is the reason why they have a higher price tag.

Best Dedicated Proxies Provider

There are many dedicated proxy providers on the market. However, not all of them work well. Others are made on a low-powered infrastructure, while a good number of them are not legit. That is why we decided to research and present the best-dedicated proxy providers on the market. Read on!

1. 我的私人代理

MyPrivateProxy dedicated proxy

  • 地点: 美国和欧盟
  • 允许带宽: 无限制
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • 费用 Starts at $65 for 22 proxies monthly

MyPrivateProxy is the best datacenter proxy provider available on the market. It is arguably the best because it supports a reasonable number of regions around the globe. These include the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, and to an extent, Netherland. The company has high-class servers hosted on enterprise-class Linux Distribution, squid proxy server, Intel Xeon, and dual GB network. This can tell you how reliable their service is.

Another thing to consider here is that MyPrivateProxy hosts its proxies on green sources of energy. It makes the provider an environmentally friendly provider. All these dedicated proxies are secure; they are also compatible with many sites and come with a stellar speed.

They offer unlimited bandwidth, and users can run up to 100 threads concurrently. When you purchase, they deliver faster and guarantee their proxies to work as all are checked. They have exceptional customer support available 24/7 to guide you.

2. 代理销售商

Proxy Seller Homepage overview

  • 地点: 全球
  • 允许带宽: 无限制
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS5
  • 费用 Starts at $1.82 for 1 proxy monthly

Proxy-seller is the cheapest dedicated provider. This should be the first option to consider before others. They specialize in dedicated Socks5HTTPS 代理服务器 perfect for online gaming, SEO ranking, social media account management, general internet surfing, and keeping you anonymous online.

When you subscribe to a proxy-seller with less than a dollar, you are sure of proxies. The bulk you buy, the more discounts you can enjoy. This is the only provider on our list which offers IPV6 proxies. You can subscribe to different plans like weekly, monthly, and yearly depending on your required duration. Price is indirectly proportional to the period due to discount.

They are customer-friendly. Users can choose from 400 networks and multiple subnets up to 800. When proxies are not working, you can request a refund within 24 hours or a replacement anytime. Otherwise, they have a high speed,1Gb/s.

3. 即时代理

InstantProxies pintesest proxy

  • 地点: N/A
  • 允许带宽: 无限制
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • 费用 Starts at $10 for 10 proxies monthly

This is also another dedicated proxy provider on the market. They are well known for their cheap and affordable pricing. While their dedicated proxies are reasonable, they work well. However, they have a minimum proxy requirement of 10. Though they are cheap, you will never confuse them for low quality. The proxies have a 99% uptime, and all packages come with an impressive speed.

Before selling proxies, the first test and prove to work before taking them out to the market, the IP addresses are hosted worldwide. The dedicated proxies can be used for social media account automation, data scraping, Copping, SEO, as well as ticket scalping. These dedicated HTTP proxies support high anonymity on 3 major browsers and have high performance for web crawling.

Never hesitate to test their speed or customer support; it is instant and guarantees their uptime. Another thing is that they have an advanced control panel, and proxies are 100% compatible and come with a subnet variety. All customers enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

4. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Private Proxies

  • 地点: 30 countries worldwide
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • 代理协议: HTTP(S) and SOCKS5
  • 费用: Starting from $9 for 5 proxies monthly

IPRoyal is a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality dedicated proxies while on a budget. The company offers high-performing dedicated datacenter IP addresses from countries throughout the world at very affordable prices. The IPs are only given to you and not shared with anyone else, so you have all the bandwidth for yourself.

With speeds of up to 10 Gbps and 99.9% uptime, IPRoyal has one of the fastest and most reliable dedicated proxy servers on the market. This makes them great for any online task requiring ultimate privacy and speed, whether multi-channel downloading of large files, streaming, gaming, or data scraping. 

IPRoyal has reliable customer support available 24/7 to assist you, including live chat support on their website. The proxies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols and API access. They come with unlimited bandwidth and threads and are delivered instantly after purchase.

5. Proxy-IPV4

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

  • IP 池大小:未披露
  • 地点: Over 25 countries
  • 地理定位:国家
  • 费用:起价:$2.31,有效期 30 天

Proxy-IPV4's dedicated proxy service excels with its expansive global coverage, spanning over 25 countries, making it highly adaptable for various international requirements. This service is engineered for effortless operation, boasting full automation and an intuitive interface that enhances user experience.

This service's robust infrastructure ensures each user receives a dedicated, private IPv4 address, coupled with high-speed connectivity of up to 1Gb/s and a reliable 99% uptime. The low ping rates further enhance the efficiency of the proxies. Proxy-IPV4's dedication to providing stable and secure connections is evident, ensuring that it stands as a top-tier provider for individuals and businesses alike. The company's focus on reliability, legal compliance, and positive customer feedback underpins its status as a leading solution for those in need of high-quality, efficient, and dedicated proxy services for their diverse online ventures.

6. 鱿鱼代理

SquidProxies Home Page

  • 地点: the US, Asia, and EU
  • 允许带宽: 无限制
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • 费用 Starts at $24 for 10 proxies monthly.

SquidProxies is also a datacenter proxy provider. They specialize in offering high-quality, dedicated proxies. Squid is a name derived from software, and the provider has many IP addresses hosted mainly across Asia, the US, and Europe. Their pricing is affordable yet competitive.

This provider is among the few that have a fascinating refund policy. When the proxies don't work for the purposes intended, you equally get your money back. They have super-fast servers that don't need any configuration from the user's end.

They assign IP addresses in a non-sequential manner coming from multiple subnets. Again the proxies are compatible with all browsers and bots supporting HTTP(S) proxies. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth with highly anonymous IP addresses. They guarantee access without any adverts, and their customer support is top-notch, 24/7 to serve you.

7. SSL 私有代理

SSLPrivateProxy for Autumn Sale

  • 地点: 美国和欧盟
  • 允许带宽: 无限制
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • 费用 starts at $1.75 monthly

SSLprivateproxy is arguably the best dedicated proxy provider you can trust to hide your online identity. The dedicated proxies come with unlimited bandwidth to secure you online for a whole month. While that offers users access to various cities, they also have multiple subnets allowing users to multi-task. Currently, they allow up to a maximum of 100 threads running concurrently.

They guarantee you to stay away from bad neighborhoods as the IP address is explicitly assigned to you. Their speed is incredible, and they have 120,000+ IP addresses distributed around the globe. Upon purchase, they deliver their proxies within one hour, randomized monthly, and ready to use. In terms of pricing, the proxies are affordable and have a 3 days refund policy instead of a free trial.

We consider these proxies secure because they support both IP and user: pass authentication. The only drawback of their dedicated proxies is the lack of a free trial, which is well covered in a refund policy. That should not be an issue.

8. 风暴代理

Storm Proxies dedicated proxy providers

  • 地点: 美国
  • 允许带宽: 无限制
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • 费用 Starting from $10 for 2 proxies monthly

Storm Proxies is among the most diverse dedicated proxy providers on the market. Even though they have residential, they also specialize in dedicated proxies. Their dedicated proxies are optimized for use on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, 推特, Pinterest, Snapchat, Ticketmaster & Ticket sites, and generally dedicated proxies.

The generally dedicated proxies serve a good number of purposes, including ticketing proxies, social media sites, and many more use cases. However, they only offer the USA proxies. Dedicated proxies come with high speed, and their performance is fantastic.

They allow up to 100 concurrent threads, and when you purchase, they deliver instantly. While they don't have a free trial, instead, they offer a 24 hours refund policy. This is enough time to test the proxies at a risk-free rate, and when they don't provide good service, you can always request a refund within 24 hours.

9. BuyProxies

BuyProxies overview

  • 地点: 美国和欧盟
  • 允许带宽: 无限制
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS5
  • 费用 Starts at $10 for 5 proxies monthly.

BuyProxies has been on the proxy market for over 10 years. The company has gained trust from various customers worldwide. It offers the best dedicated proxies on the market. Aside from being dedicated, they also have semi-dedicated proxies, which users can share in a group of 3 people only. All packages have unlimited bandwidth and unmetered concurrent tasks.

The provider supports many regions worldwide, including but not limited to the US, Netherland, France, Canada, UK, Germany, and so on. The dedicated proxies work well with social media account automation and management, SEO services, e-commerce, and many more.

One of the best features of this provider is that they also support API access. We can equally conclude that dedicated proxies from Buyproxies are affordable, elite, provide high anonymity, and are delivered instantly. The support team knows your issue is urgent, and they are available 24/7 to serve you. They don't resell their proxies because they own servers.

10. 变速箱

Shifter dedicated proxy


  • 地点: 美国
  • 允许带宽: 无限制
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS5
  • 费用 Starts at $25 for 5 proxies monthly.

Private dedicated proxies from shifter have unlimited applications. Shifter offers one of the best-dedicated proxies with numerous uses. They have faster servers in the US with a gigabit-speed designed specifically for anonymous internet connection. You can surf the website without experiencing any issues. They keep your IP address hidden.

Like other data center providers, shifters also offer unlimited bandwidth. It also has additional features like advanced control panels than any average provider on the market. They also provide users with non-sequential IP addresses from multiple subnets. The dedicated proxies are secure and highly reliable. You can enjoy thousands of their IP addresses from a single pool that supports instant scaling.

Every order is automatic with instant delivery. And when these proxies don't work, they guarantee you 3 days money back. Equally, their customer support is available 24/7 to help you when you encounter a problem. Their professional service is up and running with 99.9% uptime.

11. 智能代理

Smartproxy dedicated proxy

  • 地点: 美国
  • 允许带宽: 无限制
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • 费用 Starts from $39 for 25 IPs

Smartproxy closes our list as the last dedicated proxy provider on the market. This provider is everywhere when dedicated proxy quality is mentioned. Even though they started offering dedicated proxies recently, we have tested them, and they work well even on the market. You can buy dedicated DC proxies from the US. DDC is specifically meant for one person, and they come with a stellar speed giving you top performance.

All users do enjoy not only their unlimited bandwidth but also unlimited threads. You can carry out unmetered tasks concurrently with easy management. There are so many other features that accompany DDC. all services come with IP randomization support. The proxy gives users complete control and exceptional speed. DDC is best used for SEO analysis, sneaker copping, data scraping, social media account management, and so on.

12. 网络坚果

NetNut ISP proxies

  • IP Pool Size: 1M+ Static Residential IPs
  • Geo Targeting: Global Coverage
  • Permitted Concurrency: Unlimited
  • Allowed Bandwidth: Starting from 20 GB
  • Cost: Starting from $350/month

Proxies are classified into two types based on usage: dedicated or shared. Datacenter proxies are quite popular in this proxy model, but residential proxies are the most suitable.
Dedicated proxies, or private proxies, are the most recommended type. In this case, the IP is assigned only to one user for a specific time. The IP is not shared with any other user, which provides a significant advantage in the browsing experience.

NetNut's static residential proxy service boasts over 1 million IPs worldwide. Each IP has ISP assignment worldwide. Moreover, the speed is 100% effective due to the exclusivity of the service, as well as 24/7 connectivity and availability.
While there are many providers of dedicated proxies worldwide, not all of them are reliable. NetNut guarantees anonymity in browsing and compatibility with any region worldwide.

NetNut's plans for dedicated or private proxies are quite affordable. For residential proxies, you can obtain a 20GB bandwidth plan for $350 per month. However, if you require more bandwidth, you can expand your plan based on your needs.

Advantages of NetNut:

  • Guaranteed security and speed.
  • 100% anonymity during the browsing experience.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Access to the proxy network with ISP assignment.
  • Free 7-day trial without limitations.

Disadvantages of NetNut:

  • Inadequate API integration documentation.


Dedicated proxies are taking over the proxy market. From the above list, you can see that there are many dedicated proxy providers on the market you can trust to use. Your choice will depend on the budget, use case, preference, and particular features. All the above providers offer unlimited bandwidth.

Besides the above providers, there are also other providers on the market we are yet to test. However, these are tested, trusted, and vetted to be on our list by the experts. We highly recommend them.

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