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Are you searching for a way to create and manage multiple buyers or sellers' accounts on Amazon? Multiple Amazon accounts are vital for your marketing campaign if you want to learn how this is done.

Amazon is a popular platform with plenty of products. But still, some marketers and influencers are wondering if they can operate or manage multiple Amazon accounts without restrictions. This can be for many good reasons.

Amazon has two accounts; the only difference is what is not allowed and what is allowed. You can have the seller or buyer's account. However, the seller's account only restricts you to one account unless you have applied for the exception. Regarding the buyer's account—more on this in the next section.

Therefore, you can create as many accounts as possible;e to create a marketing campaign though there is a slight caveat. In this article, we will be guiding you through all details about the multiple Amazon accounts. When you create multiple Amazon accounts, you need to read our article to the end. But befoButthat, let us brush through the next section first.

Can You Have Multiple Amazon Accounts?

Multiple Amazon Accounts

Based on the Amazon details, it is not illegal to have multiple buyer and seller accounts is not illegal. But remember that some restrictions come along with having multiple Amazon accounts.

For instance, without obtaining prior approval, Amazon will not allow you to create two or more sellers' accounts. Secondly, every account must be linked to a unique email address for verification purposes. If you need to learn more about Amazon's multiple accounts, terms, and other related things, then keep reading to the end.

But, we must mention that users are only limited to creating up to 4 buyers' accounts on Amazon. Thus, you will be adding every account separately using their unique email address to access the account. When using different email addresses for every account.

The above restrictions are not considered to be significant challenges. It does not imply that as long as Amazon allows you to have multiple accounts, you will be free to use them the way you want. The site might detect and suspend the account if you only need an Amazon buyer's account for providing reviews.

Why Need Multiple Amazon Accounts?

Why Need Multiple Amazon Accounts

  • First, the buyer's accounts are Amazon accounts managed by either a group or a person for a particular reason.

Creating the accounts is not an issue because buyers have an advantage over the sellers since they bring money to the platform. Thus, the restriction placed on creating multiple buyers' accounts is not detrimental. When you navigate the marketing forum on Amazon, you will be surprised to discover that most marketers are finding ways to create multiple buyers' accounts. They usually prefer purchasing old accounts with the transaction history.

It is true that before a buyer purchases products on Amazon, they read through the buyer's reviews. Therefore, as a marketer, when you gain control over a few initial reviews on your products, your products will get potential customers because they tend to build trust from the reviews.

  • With multiple accounts, you can quickly overtake competitors on the platform using only one buyer or seller account to promote their products.

It is beneficial to disperse investments in the other financial management processes than keeping them only in one place. When one account fails or gets suspended, you might be left with no option but to start from scratch. Thus, the more significant the accounts you create, the more the team you will have on Amazon.

  • Multiple accounts help in reducing the risks associated with the platform and the use of third-party tools in managing the accounts.

It also pays a lot when you are a seller with multiple products; it is recommended that you open multiple accounts for each product. It is hard to manage all the brands under one account. When a seller account has low IP scores, opening a second account is the only thing to rescue you.

Most marketers and influencers go for multiple accounts because of one thing; they are aware that they are breaking the Amazon rules intentionally and are afraid the account can be suspended anytime.

Remember that sellers create multiple buyer accounts on Amazon. Amazon is strict and very sharp when detecting a person with multiple accounts, even when you are using different information.

How to Create Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts?

  • Preparation Before Creation

If you intend to create multiple Amazon accounts, there are some requirements you need to meet. Therefore, you must be prepared enough with the relevant tool in place. This is because you need to make sure that the accounts are not linked to each other. Hence, it becomes easy to post reviews on your products without Amazon deleting and blocking them.

  • Among the requirements, you will need an automation tool, and for this case, we recommend using the PVA 创造者. This is a tool designed to create social media accounts. This tool can bypass the anti-bot system, keeping every account safe. You will also need the 2captcha solver to help you solve the captchas involved.
  • The following requirement is the 住宅代理. You must configure the PVA Creator tool with the relevant proxies. Each IP address must be linked to an individual account so that you can separate IP footprints, making it hard for Amazon to detect. Therefore, when you use proxies, every account will have a different IP address, and for his acts,e we highly recommend using residential proxies.


  • Create Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts

After that, in this section, we will describe the step-by-step process of creating multiple Amazon accounts. When all the requirements are in place, you can then proceed with the below procedure:

步骤 1: First, you must launch the PVA creator tool and then navigate through it to familiarise yourself with the interface and various features. You should be able to locate the menu bar and access the campaign section once you give out the authentication details.

步骤 2: Then, you can proceed to add the proxies For this case. It would be best if you used residential proxies. We recommend going for the smartproxy due to the presence of the proxy list generator tool. Get any packages, generate the list of proxies, and then export them as text.

PVA creator

步骤 3: With smartproxy, you can access the PVA Creator integration guidance. You must be aware of the procedure of adding the proxies to the tool.

步骤 4: Then head to the campaign section and select the Amazon link. hit the green colored + icon, and start creating a new campaign. Then give it the name and state the account number t]you need to create. When done, click next.

步骤 5: Then, you will be redirected to the next section to bind proxies. Because you already added proxies, the next thing is to bind only with the relevant campaign.

步骤 6: Then, in the next section, you need to add the username and password for each account. You can create a random password using the random data feature for every account.

步骤 7: Then tap the next icon, and you will be redirected to the other section where you must type in the 2 captcha API key.

步骤 8: Once you have added the 2captcha PI key, then proceed by adding the relevant email dress you need to be linked to every account. for every email address you add, also include the respective password, protocol, port, server, port as well as the SSL. for instance in case of the Gmail, the server is, the protocol is IMAP, the port is 933then SSL is yes.

步骤 9: Immediately after you add the needed data, you will access the complete data. Then cross-check everything, and when it is perfect, tap on the start button. Then your tool will start creating accounts. You will see the tool start browser and authenticate every account.

With the above procedure, you would have created Amazon accounts successfully. The tool ensures you have everything kept unique, and each account is linked to a different IP, Cookies, and browser environment.

Bonus: Create Amazon Stealth Accounts

Amazon is strict and stripes data when you create an account so that it detects when you operate multiple accounts. The platforms use the in-house algorithm is detecting your other accounts. The only solution is to create stealth accounts, thus making their system weak in detecting. It would be best if you made every account as unique as possible.

It is hard for Amazon to detect and block you when there is no similarity linked to the accounts. Thus, only use the information that no one on Amazon has ever used. The significant indicators on Amazon are the payment methods, personal details, your IP address, cookies, flash object, and mac address.

A stealth account ensures that all the above basic requirements are unique and never traceable from any seller accounts. In this section, we will be guiding you on how to create a stealth Amazon account:

  • First, you must swap the network adaptor or spoof the mac address.

Amazon detects multiple accounts using MAC addresses when your device sends a request to the server. The address is assigned to every network adapter. thus, it will be safe when you protect your Amazon account from the mac address tracking. The two methods available to swap network adapters and the second is to spoof the mac address.

Swiping is easy but costs a lot. It will help if you start by disabling the network adapter on the device manager. After that, use the USB network adapter. these devices are available on Amazon at a cheaper cost. The plugged adapter will override the actual mac address on your device. You can also learn how to spoof the mac address.

  • Then change your IP address.

Among the significant methods sued to track your accounts is the use of the IP 地址. IP is an assigned number on a device connected to the network and differs from the mac address. Changing IP addresses is simple, and you can use either a VPN or go for the proxies. Any of them will mask your real IP addresses and keep you anonymous.

But remember, go for the relevant proxies since Amazon can delete and block any request routed through it. Avoid low-quality proxies when you need an effective stealth Amazon account. Using static residential proxies as rotating might get you in trouble because of the verification on the Amazon platform.

  • Next clear cookies, browser fingerprints, and flash objects.

You can track yourself using the above aspects. First, cookies are tiny texts kept on your browser that indicate persistent login, and flash objects are the same as cookies. The data stored in them is not easy to access and delete. When it comes to fingerprints, it involves all the plugins, protocols headers, and fonts, along with many other things.

To take care of the three have different steps. You can clear cookies with the help of the CCleaner tool, and flash objects can be done through the adobe flash player settings manager. Then make the browser fingerprints very difficult. You can simply evade all the steps by using the virtual machine for this case which functions as a new slate.

  • Then draft the new profile data.

You have wiped everything related to the first Amazon account. The next step is to come up the unique personal details. Make sure you use unique details that no one has ever sued on the platform. If so, then Amazon will take it as a duplicate account which risks getting blocked. Generate a new name, email, and telephone number.

  • Please open a new bank account.

We can skip this step. This is because it is not a must to submit your payment details to Amazon when registering. You only need to add bank details after 30 days have elapsed. They offer plenty of bank services partnered with Amazon, and you can open online.

HSBC Advanced Savings and SunTrust Online Banking banks will accept the transfer of funds even when you are using different names on Amazon. Then you must obtain the prepaid card to use on Amazon, which you can obtain from the gift cards website.

  • Then proceed to create an Amazon account.

You can now start creating a stealth Amazon account. Ensure there is no Amazon extension or even plugin on your browser before starting the creation process. When you are using a virtual machine, for instance, VMware, you must first sign in to the VM to access Amazon alone.

Creating a stealth account is not different from creating a typical Amazon account. Once you create the account, start listing low-risk items and selling, and when you have gained enough reviews, you can upgrade your shelve.

You will not need to create a stealth Amazon account if you are a regular Amazon seller operating only one account. But when there are some fishy things. But when Amazon blocks your account due to failure to abide by the Amazon terms and conditions, you will need to create an Amazon stealth account to start your journey again.

Tips for Opening Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Amazon detects and understands that you have multiple accounts. They rely on your device's cookies, IP address, and OS to obtain such information. There are also other methods sued to track your accounts. They conder all the addresses you sue, password even under the name of any false details you provide can trigger their system. However, with these tips, you can evade and reduce the risks of being deleted and avoid account correlation:

  • Avoid operating multiple Amazon accounts using the same computer,.. this is because, with the same typing speed, cookies, typing method, OS, and other factors, Amazon quickly detects you. Go through the browser cleanup and ensure the computer is safe before logging into another account.
  • The network line is the external IP address and plays a vital role in tracing the correlation. Avoid managing multiple accounts with one IP address. Mask your actual IP address using proxies or VPN, and keep in mind other aspects like the date and time and language on the device, which must be the same as the target country on VPN or proxies.
  • Take care of the network card mac address. Some users, once the account is blocked, format their machine and proceed to create a new account. Make sure you replace your new network card when you integrate the old one. If not, then Amazon will detect the accounts that are linked.
  • use unique acocu8nt information. The personal details you use must be unique and make it irregular as long as possible.


Amazon is a popular platform. Though it does not restrict you from creating multiple buyers and seller accounts, some restrictions and terms are still attached to them. It is strict regarding its terms and conditions and takes seconds to detect and block your accounts when you violate its guidelines.

In the article, we have highlighted ways of creating multiple accounts and discussed how to create a stealth Amazona account to reduce risks related to managing multiple accounts. Creating multiple accounts is economical and for good reasons. But the best option is to get old with transaction history accounts.

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