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Have you heard about how effective Cybersole is in copping sneakers? This bot is fast, credible, reliable, and easy for beginners. Get a license, set up, and create your task. Read our expert review to cover everything here.

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Cybersole or sometimes referred to as the CyberAIO, is an exclusive, effective, and elusive bot. Being an all-in-one, it supports many sites and maintains a high reputation among sneaker retailers. So, today, we will be going through the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Cybersole bot. By the end of this review, we hope you will have gathered an unbiased view and be able to decide whether to purchase it or go for alternative bots.


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We are sure that you have ever come across this bot in your sneaker business. The bot came into the market in 2017, and over that time, it gained popularity. Are you the one? How was your experience? If you have never used it, then you have missed out a lot. This is our favorite bot due to its attractive features and consistent success. Read our expert review and get to know Cybersole in detail.

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Cybersole Overview

Cybersole Bot Homepage

Cybersole is the best sneaker copping bot just from the design of their website and experience when you start using it. Every step is sleek. The bot has an easy user interface, thus user or beginner-friendly. You might not consider yourself a beginner while using it due to its clear dashboard.

A feature that caught our attention is the fact that users can carry out unlimited tasks running concurrently. The bot is packed with an automatic restock mode. You will never miss out on any drops, and if by any chance it happens, it waits for restocking. The Cybersole bot is also packed with an android app that you can rarely find on a sneaker bot.

Again, the bot offers sneakerheads high speed, and its license comes with a fast captcha solver, anti-bot, and queue bypass. The chances of an order being canceled or your account being banned are very minimal. We encourage you to use compatible proxies with the bot to help you evade blocks. To obscure your IP address, we recommend you use 住宅代理 and always tweak your shipping address.

In conclusion, Cybersole supports multiple sites. Besides 无上, Shopifyfootsite, the bot still supports over 170 other sneaker sites. However, the bot does not support 耐克阿迪达斯. In terms of location coverage, the bot is worldwide in any country that supports Shopify.

Cybersole works only on Windows 8 or 10. On a mac, it only works on virtual machines. Their customer support page is well detailed, with guides on how users can set up the bot on Mac using virtual machines.

How to Use the Cybersole?

As stated earlier, Cybersole is a beginner-friendly bot. There are simple steps in getting you started.

  • First, create an account, purchase the license to access the key.
  • Then download the official installer, which comes with the latest updates from their website, and install.
  • Upon entering the license key, press the green check. It will automatically initiate a download, thus proceeding to open.
  • After successful installation., you are ready to cook the drops.

Cybersole is a high-quality bot but, you must invest in 专用代理 to attain optimal outcomes.

Cybersole Pricing

Sold out Tab

Pricing is a  factor when buying a sneaker bot. Cybersole is right away sold out from their website. Otherwise, the bot goes at a retail price of £300, with 6  months of free updates. When 6 months elapses, users must pay a £100 renewal fee for another 6 months. You will be lucky to buy it.

Again, the bot is also available at a resale price, but it costs thousands of dollars. This is a high price range, and for you to get one, you should constantly check their social media pages for restocking. They rarely restock, thus never put high hopes on it.

Is It Worth to Buy Cybersole? 

Cybersole Bot Feature

We have seen the overall overview of the Cybersole bot. Before deciding to buy it, let us now look at its features, pros, and cons for you to make an informed commitment.

  • iOS and Android Mobile App

When you purchase the bot, the license comes with a free iOS and android app, making it easy to control your bot from anywhere in the world. The app is convenient and can help you execute commands, easily create a task, manage your tasks, solve the captchas on a flay and instantly access the notification.

  • Support Proxy Configuration

Users can easily add proxies on its dashboard by clicking the plus icon located at the top right or directly adding the proxy button at the bottom left. Still, you can import or copy and paste, arrange them for convenience. From the arrangement, you can easily assign each task to a specific proxy.

Get reliable proxies to get ahead of other sneakerheads. Get a server when your PC is unreliable and run the checkout process faster to attain full potential copping.

  • Multi-Threaded Task

Cybersole Multi tusk

Cybersole is multi-threaded for stellar speed while copping. You can run unlimited tasks simultaneously. The good thing about this is that the task does not hinder its speed. This feature enables the Cybersole bot to multi-task hence optimizing the sneaker orders. Set your command and time; things are done automatically.

  • Support Multiple Platforms

This bot supports an impressive number of sites. It goes beyond and above your selection. In over 170 sites, you will automatically find your preferred sneaker store except for Nike and Adidas. The multiple tasks capability does not make it complicated; instead, it is easy to use.

  • Expensive and Complex to Get

At retail price, the bot is always sold out. It is hard to get it, and they rarely restock on their website. Although this is a good investment for the resale business, the pricing is insane.

  • Only compatible with windows

This bot works only on windows 8 and 10. But, still, you can run it on macOS using a virtual machine. There is a detailed guide on how to do this on their webpage.  This is so unfortunate and ends up being expensive copping experience while using a virtual machine on macOS.

Cybersole Customer Support

Cybersole Bot Customer Support

If you go through their help page, you will find that Cybersole bot developers support their customers through tickets, accessing a detailed FAQ page, or going through the documented and extensive guide.

They have the most reliable and experienced discord community. They also have tips and articles centered on any error you might experience on each site they support. You always check from the already asked question and if that does not satisfy you, then drop them a message using the email form.


Cybersole is a decent AIO bot that you could be lucky to set your hands on it. It is the best choice for experienced sneakerheads. For beginners, you better try out something more straightforward and cheaper. But, it is a worthy investment for seasoned users.

This is because the bot is always sold out, and they rarely restock. Stay active on their social media pages and grab your Cybersole bot. You can always rent it to text before committing to purchase the software.

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