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ProxyGuys is one of the largest mobile proxy providers with fast speed and excellent scraping performance. Where that network enables a consistent speed of 40-60 Mbps downloads and uploads. With the new wave of the 5G network, ProxyGuys enables you to experience a faster and low latency network.

ProxyGuys Logo overview

  • 60 million mobile IPs in the US
  • Offer States/Cites Geo-targeting (US)
  • 25+ locations in the US
  • 24 小时退款政策

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In every market segment, there is a market leader. If you are in the USA and looking for the best mobile proxy company, ProxyGuys has got you covered. They have millions of virgin or fresh mobile IPs found around the USA, even in remote places. Apart from that, below are other properties of ProxyGuys.

ProxyGuys Location overview

ProxyGuys Pros and Cons

Since ProxyGuys offers one of the best mobile proxy networks, it is the fastest mobile proxy we have ever used. When we used it, we found some pros and cons in ProxyGuys, which we will share in the next session.


  • They have good session control: Since ProxyGuys own their modem and IPs, they allow you to manage their network. Their network is also flexible where it rotates.
  • Fast speed: Their proxy technology supports 4G LTE and 5G networks. These networks are fast and capable of downloading 40-60 Mbps.
  • Flexible pricing plans: ProxyGuys provides a day, week or monthly mobile proxy plan. Else, they provide a single or multiple location package.
  • Fast IP changes: It only takes around five seconds to have your IP changed when you click on the ‘Fast Reset IP’ icon.
  • Have static and rotating IPs: ProxyGuys provides auto-rotating IPS that change within seconds. you can also use static IPs where ProxyGuys allows you to keep the proxies as long as you want
  • Offers paid surveys: If you are not using ProxyGuys for its proxy network, you will use it to earn from its payable surveys.


Only provide US proxies: Sorry for you living outside the USA, because you will not experience the goodness of ProxyGuys.

ProxyGuys Overview

ProxyGuys Homepage overview

As the days go by, ProxyGuys is aligning its strategies to suit proxy customers. They are one of the best mobile proxies with affordable plans. They provide 4G LTE proxies, but they have ventured into 5G proxies as technology demands. ProxyGuys secure your account with both IP and Password/username authentication. Not forgetting, they allow both HTTPS and SOCKS proxy protocols.

代理服务器 规格
IP 池 60+ Million IP 类型 移动IP服务器
价格样本 24 Hours – $20 收费价格 Time duration
代理协议 HTTP(S) + Socks5 认证 用户密码/IP Auth
免费试用 不支持 退款政策 24 Hours refund
地理定位 25+ locations in the US 管辖权 美国

ProxyGuys IP Types

ProxyGuy is a mobile IPs provider that uses the Verizon wireless mobile network. ProxyGuy provides the 4G LTE proxies, which targets data scraping, advertisement verification, SEO, sneaker sites and other activities. In addition to that, ProxyGuys have recently unveiled a 5G proxy network. The 5G network will be a faster, secure and efficient network than 4G LTE.

ProxyGuys List service

AS per the 4G proxies, ProxyGuys provides real or virgin IPs. These IPs are fresh, or they have never been used before. Therefore they guarantee complete anonymity when using them for web scraping. Due to that significance, you have to pay a subsequent fee to sustain virgin IPs. For that reason, they are also called premium IPs.

Moreover, ProxyGuys further classify their network as either static or rotating proxies. Just like the residential proxies, ProxyGuys offers fast-changing IPs to wade off any website looking to block you. The rotating proxies can change in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Next in line, we have the static IPs in ProxyGuys. ProxyGuys allows you to keep the static IPs as long as you want. But if you suspect that the IPs are corrupted, you can change these IPs automatically by tapping on the ‘fast reset button.

ProxyGuys Pricing

In contrast to proxies' providers that charge per number of proxies, ProxyGuys charge by time duration. That means there is a 24HR, weekly and monthly package.

If you check at ProxyGuys' plans when considering time duration, you will find them expensive. For example, the least price is around $20 for one day, and a monthly one is $300. However, it would be profitable if you buy the proxies in large quantities. ProxyGuys provides a 35% discount when you buy a multi-locational bulk plan that offers five proxies.

ProxyGuys pricing

If you are wondering what a multi-locational offer is, then it is a plan that allows you to access multiple locations at a given time. Still, we have a single-location one that concentrates on a specific city or region you choose.

Between the two plans, a multi-location one is more expensive than a single location plan. That is because the multi-location package automatically switches to those locations with a high proxy hotspot. For instance, the monthly package of the multi-locational package is around $300 while the single location one is cheaper at around 180 dollars.

ProxyGuys Authentication and Protocols

For the privacy and security of your ProxyGuys' account, you can input IP Authentication or Username/Password.

When you register with ProxyGuys, their system sends you username and password details. Once you input these details, the system automatically captures them and automatically logs you to their services. Secondly, ProxyGuys accepts IP authentication mode where It whitelists one IP from your ISP address.

ProxyGuys supports HTTP(S) + Socks5, which have advanced encryption technology on matters or do with data security. Notably, the SOCKS protocols enable fast networks and subnets.

Testing ProxyGuys

Everything seems perfect with ProxyGuys, but you cannot trust everything that their website says. So, it would help if you test this proxy server to confirm its performance. It's even fortunate that ProxyGuys has a free test mode that expires within 24 hours. So, don't be left behind in testing this proxy server.

On that note, we experimented on how ProxyGuys performs in speed, data scraping, social platform and sneaker sites. We rated the performance of every sample out of a hundred, and the following table shows the results.

测试目的 速度测试 数据搜索 社交平台 运动鞋网站
评级 95/100 92/100 85/100 84/100

As per the table above, we loved every performance of the cases we tested, particularly the speed of ProxyGuys. The results above reflect the average score of every sample, but in the next section, we will look at how we tested every case individually.


ProxyGuys Mobile Proxy 平(女士) 下载(兆比特/秒) 上传(兆比特/秒)
无代理 26 15.37 9.70
使用代理 326 4.28 7.06

Rating, 95%

The first experiment we did was concerning the speed of ProxyGuys. Our objective here is to learn how the speed of ProxyGuys fairs with the speed of accessing websites without using a proxy. Therefore, if you wondered why we conducted one test when using a proxy and the other without a proxy, hopefully, you can now relate.

In both the two tests, we used a speed test 软件 which brings results to contain variables like ping, download and upload. Using this software, you will realize that a sample without a proxy is likely to perform well since it does not lose speed like proxy networks that take time to re-route network or mask your IP.

Therefore, the deviation of using Proxy Guys for the speed test is high compared to the test where you don't use a proxy. But that does not mean that ProxyGuys is not fast because its results would be far better if you compared it with other mobile proxies. Still, Proxy Guys provide a winning edge considering that mobile proxies are relatively slow in network transmission.

To sum it up, the speed of Proxy Guys is fantastic because it manages its network. In other words, it uses a 4G LTE modem which amerces a higher connection and response rate. Another booster for speed is the use of 5G enterprise-grade proxies. This 5G is the fastest network around.


Data scraping Performance for ProxyGuys

Average success rate on E-Commerce website – 92%

The second experiment was about the data scraping performance of ProxyGuys. ProxyGuys produces the best scraping results, which are evident from the six samples we carried tests on. The overall performance of each invariable crosses the 90% mark except for Amazon, which we expected.

Typically, Amazon has a large customer base who makes orders every minute. Therefore, scraping the Amazon info would prove difficult because it can cause an imbalance in overall customer orders. On that note, Amazon would indeed block anybody who scrapes their data. The worst case is if you use an Inferior proxy network with its IPs blocked or banned.

When we tested Amazon using ProxyGuys, we knew that risk, but we believed in ProxyGuys capability. But at the first stage of the trial, we experienced timeouts and some connection errors. Still, we could also receive some blocks.

That was the same case with other samples where if a sample had fewer network bottlenecks like Blocks, we gave it a higher rating. One observation we liked about ProxyGuys is its consistent network flow. A consistent network will always sail smoothly in scraping data. Also, the sticky ProxyGuys' IPs and their rotating Addresses have a role to play in data scraping performances.


Social Media on ProxyGuys

Average success rate on Social Media – 85%

ProxyGuys performed remarkably on social media sites. In this sample, we bought a multi-locational package.

The test involved six samples that we wanted to find out if they would connect smoothly with ProxyGuys. Almost all the proxies connected smoothly with ProxyGuys except Instagram and Facebook, and had few network bottlenecks.

Most significantly, we liked the performance of Facebook sites considering that it has strict anti-scraping and anti-spam rules. What we wanted to know is whether ProxyGuys can harvest Facebook's private data and if one can make multiple accounts with it. Fortunately, ProxyGuys successfully did that.

There were also sites like and YouTube that we tested together. These sites require higher traffic because they deal with videos or live games. For instance, Twitch .com requires a proxy capable of uploading, downloading or live streaming games. Fortunately, ProxyGuys managed to host those Twitch's tasks even though the network would be slow in some instances.

In summary, ProxyGuys has a fast network that helps to scrape Social Media sites. This proxy also supports social media bots that enable one to create multiple social media accounts. Lastly, ProxyGuys have rotating IPs that change every five seconds to prevent you from being tracked by prying websites.

在 Sneaker 站点进行测试

Sneaker Sites on ProxyGuys

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 84%

This is another experiment we liked much. Ironically, ProxyGuys performance on sneaker sites was the best test even though it had the least rating. That is because few mobile proxies' support sneakers sites, and few of them match our performance.

Nike, Adidas and Supreme can block you if you are using a proxy because they have specialized technology that detects any proxy network. In contrast, with ProxyGuys, you don't have to fear because it has advanced encryption and rotational proxies.

Another element that these sneaker sites hate is the copping bots. They usually produce limited sneaker pairs and feel threatened by cop bots that enable a buyer to buy the limited goods in excess. Therefore, we wanted to confirm if we would order multiple pairs using ProxyGuys. To our surprise, ProxyGuys managed to do that well on all sites.

The other reasons why ProxyGuys support sneaker sites is its advanced encryption system and sticky IPs. With sticky IPs, you can choose the session to cop multiple sneaker editions. If probably the websites will detect your scheme, the rotating ProxyGuys IPs will save you from blocks. Furthermore, the presence of advanced encryption of HTTPS AND SOCKS protocols hide your online visibility.

ProxyGuys Customer Support

ProxyGuys Customer Support Details

If you have challenges using ProxyGuys, you can contact the ProxyGuys support team, where they will respond to you in seconds. You can contact the ProxyGuys support team through an email, phone number, a live chat or a support ticket. Most significantly, the support team interact with you freely and intuitively, which confirms that you are not speaking to a bot but a person.


ProxyGuys remains the fastest mobile proxy globally, but they are only found in the USA- which is a disadvantage. The proxy provider provides a 4G network modem which gives you control and management of their network once you pay the services. ProxyGuys are also secure and enable a 5G connection.

  • Are ProxyGuys Proxies Good for Social Media?

Yes, because they support Social Media bots that help in creating multiple social media accounts.

  • Are ProxyGuys Proxies Good for the Sneaker site?

Yes, because they have fast IP rotation that enhances your sneaker copping rate.

  • Are ProxyGuys Proxies Good for Scraping?

Yes, because they offer High-tech enterprise-grade proxies that are good for your scraping.

ProxyGuys Alternatives

If you feel that the price rating of ProxyGuy is expensive, you may choose HydraProxy which costs around $7.95 for a three-day refund period. When you want another proxy provider in the USA, you could use 亮数据. But the best alternative to ProxyGuys is Soax which has fast and safe mobile proxies.

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