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2024 年最佳鞋柜机器人

Which is the cheapest yet reliable Footlocker bot? We have got you covered on this, and here is our well-tested and researched top ten Footlocker bots.

There are so many sneaker stores in the sneaker business. However, Footlocker is the largest retailer in the sneaker store. It receives numerous limited editions across the world from Yeezy, Jordan, etc. Therefore, Footlocker bots are likely to be quite interesting.

To overcome the human traffic and curb bot copping, Footlocker developers made an anti-bot, Akamai. Copping the latest drops became so complicated as this anti-bot offered the best web protection. Different Footlocker regions have different Akamai. But Footlocker EU is the most botted.

Aside, the developers have tried to beat these anti-bots and came up with the Footlocker bot to bypass Akamai. It has taken us time to test and prove our top ten Footlocker bots to battle anything Footlocker throws on them. Our review is unbiased, trusted, and reliable. Let us now dig into our top ten Footlocker bots list.

Top 10 Footlocker Bot

1. 毁灭者计划

Project Destroyer Homepage

  • 平台支持: 窗口和 Mac
  • 费用 $200 then $35 monthly renewal
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Project Destroyer is also called PD. This bot has been supporting Footlocker websites for a long time. Project Destroyer is rocky on Footlocker and the other supporting sites like Finish Line and Eastbay. The sites are well known to be owned by Footlocker.

Currently, human users are hyping more drops efficiently on Jordan and 耐克. In our test, this bot showed consistent results and a high success rate on Footlocker for limited editions.

Again, we also realized that Project Destroyer bot has an exceptionally amazing technical and support team. The bot has an advanced checkout process with a competitive speed. Together with the available record and trust, they have earned us rank as the first Footlocker bot.

2. Nike Shoe Bot

Nike Shoe Bot Homepage

  • 平台支持: Windows 和 Mac
  • 费用 $499 yearly
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Nike Shoe Bot is also on our list as an OG sneaker bot. It started to slay on Footlocker sites even before the development of the Akamai anti-bot. The developer made a huge effort by updating its version, which is currently an improvement with the introduction of the sensor cookie generator. Therefore, it became an elite bot that has never been shaken when copping from Footlocker.

With the improved speed and faster checkout process, the bot overrides other bots, particularly on Footlocker. This bot has maintained market leadership status for a long time. However, this bot is expensive but efficient, friendly UI, and has a high success rate. It is worth the cost since it has the smartest link monitor among the Footlocker bots.

3. AIO 机器人

AioBot Homepage

  • 平台支持: Windows And Mac
  • 费用 A one-time payment of $325
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

AIO bot is the best all-in-one sneaker bot in the market. It supports over 200 sites, including Footlocker. We tested its speed and success rate on the Footlocker, and it amazed us. It was the fastest in copping Footlocker limited editions. Again, it slays on all the sites selling the latest drops with high demand.

So, you never miss any of the hot releases on Footlocker as it was reliable with high checkout speed. We can attest that this bot has copped over 300k sneakers where it was so perfect on footsites.

With AIO Not, we could even multi-task concurrently, increasing the chances of success for the limited releases. It mainly specializes in Footlocker CA, kids Footlocker, and Footlocker US. Enjoy footsite bypass, 6 months of free updates, and auto-retry on any failed checkout process.

4. Ghost AIO

Ghost AIO Homepage

  • 平台支持: Windows 和 Mac
  • 费用 Starts at $300 for a 6-month license
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Ghost AIO is purposely made to give users a hassle-free tool that is reliable. This bot is good for bulk purchases of limited editions. For our case, it gave us a smooth experience and perfectly reliable, faster, and successful on Footlocker sites and as well other supporting sites.

It also works well on Mac OS without necessarily a virtual machine. This bot is multithread and the best option sneaker bot market offers currently. When compared to other bots, Ghost AIO is cheap yet secured and safe for copping the latest releases in bulk.

Actually, it destroys the drops in a second. There is always instant notification of every step, and these magnitudes of features make it stand out in hyping all releases on Footlockers and other sites.

5. PrismAIO

PrismAIO Homepage

  • 平台支持: Windows 和 Mac
  • 费用 $250 one-time payment (subject to renewal after 6 months)
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

In our sample test, PrismaAIO managed to cop the latest release on Footlocker US/UK/EU and its support websites like EastBay, etc. It is effective with a beautiful and powerful automation checkout process. The friendly design is another attractive feature. It is easy to set up and functional to use.

It is designed with monitors which signal the developer about sneaker site changes to prepare for updates. It took us time to purchase it since, in most cases, as you can witness from their website, it is out of stock. It shows you how the bot has high demand or a good customer base.

In short, this bot was developed to perform in any setup. We efficiently set up in the shortest time possible. So far, the bot has recorded over 700k checkouts. Interestingly, this is convincing. For restock updates, you keep on checking their Twitter and Instagram pages.

6. Adept Bots

Adept Bots Homepage

  • 平台支持: 窗口和 Mac
  • 费用 £100 and monthly renewal of £35
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Previously, Adept Bot was working on 无上, but currently, the bot is effective on Footlocker. We have tested it, and it's doing great. However, it is often sold out. It is a good feature for mac users, but it seems unusual to run the bot on mac. This bot curates users' need for reality in seconds. Most importantly, once installed the software, you can control it remotely using a mobile app.

Adept Bot is the cheapest Footlocker bot so far on our list. But again, it comes with features like instant notification, a captcha solver, and a restock mode. The companion app is free and helps users check out the process, solve the captcha, and manage tasks. The checkout speed is good for sneaker copping. Aside, Adept Bot supports over 200 other sneaker stores.

7. Torpedo AIO

Torpedo AIO Homepage

  • 平台支持: 窗口和 Mac
  • 费用 $300 and $100 after every 3 months.
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Torpedo AIO has recently increased in popularity. It has maintained an exceptional performance on sneaker drops.  A good sneaker bot is always sold out, and so is the case of Torpedo AIO. But, you can get it at retail price.

We tried it on footsites, including Footlocker, and it worked like a human user but rather with a high speed. The speed makes it perfect for copping limited editions from Footlocker. The hype can tell you the success rate of the bot.

The bot has a simple and clean UI, thus easy, customer-friendly and perfect for beginners. The customer support team is always available to give you help. Torpedo has cool features with a faster checkout process. Torpedo users dominate the Footlocker and other stores they cop limited drops.

8. GaneshBot

GaneshBot Homepage

  • 平台支持:  window
  • 费用 Renewal £100 for 6 months
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

GaneshBot is a great bot on Footlocker EU and UK. This bot supports any site. Over 650k checkouts are real since, in our test, the GaneshBot overturned everything like a beast in copping limited resources.

Currently, the bot is the best and preferred on Footlocker. However, the resale price is gradually hiking up. Restock is normally done on their Twitter page. The bot has an unrivaled user experience with a small user base for efficiency. We can conclude that this is a lethal bot.

The bot has taken Footlocker drops by storm. It does well on other sites too. But you should note that GaneshBot needs compatible proxies and preferably 住宅代理. As earlier said, GaneshBot is rare due to the high demand and low customer base.

9. Breeze AIO

Breeze AIO Homepage

  • 平台支持: Windows 和 Mac
  • 费用 License $300 then $50/month (60 days after purchase).
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

Breez AIO has everything you need on a drop day under one umbrella. The software has been updated and comes with a variety of new features. It now supports numerous footsites. Breeze AIO has a good speed, and with compatible sneaker proxies, the speed is awesome.

The bot showed us a good customer experience with stellar speed on copping limited editions from Footlockers and other related sites. This bot maintained a regular update, notification of any latest release on Footlocker, and the checkout was beyond our expectations.

Upon purchase, it comes with a free companion IOS app for the latest updates. For sure, this bot gave us sneakers in a matter of seconds. Surprisingly, the bot is cookieless. This was the best AIO bot we have ever used, and we never hassled to generate the cookies.

10. EasyCop

EasyCop Homepage

  • 平台支持: 窗口和 Mac
  • 费用 $ 600 per year.
  • 代理: 支持
  • 与其他网站兼容:

EasyCop bot is currently the number one Footsites bot. In our research, we came across this bot, purchased and tested it. We can't deny the bot graces sneaker copping business. Before paying, we can approve the bot, and it dominates Footlocker and other sites. This is the real beat, and it cops everything, even from Yeezy and Jordan. It outperformed other bots in our research list.

The bot has automatic updates on any latest release from Footlocker and all footsite websites. It comes with unlimited tasks and a high-speed checkout process. Its score currently stands at 80%. Any reseller looking for a bot, this is the best of the footsite sneaker collector.


The above list shows specialized Footlocker bots. Yes, they all support 运动鞋代理. And we have practically tested out these top ten Footlocker bots. They are efficient and reliable for copping limited editions. They all bypass the akamai anti-bot on the Footlocker.

Though security is not that strong on Footlocker, you need Footlocker bots for slaying and increasing your sneaker business profit. Price is not an issue; you can select the pocket-friendly or best fit for your need and start copping without facing captcha and bans problems.

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