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如何使用 IPv4 代理 API (By BlazingSEO) :购买前学习手册

Here is a guide to IPv4 proxies API Settings, We're using the sample of BlazingSEO's IPv4 proxies.

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Welcome to the Blazing proxy API page! The following guidelines provide the information you need to get started using your API to automate proxy management.

You will need your unique API key (mZQjSDSDSD-SAMPALE) any time you use the API. Treat this like you would any password, because it is unique to you and allows access to your proxy product details. It is worth noting that it does not enable access to any of your personal or billing information.

The following sections provide instructions to setup and use your API to view and manage your inventory:


API Access

The API will only work if you have set up authorization using either IP Auth or User/Password, so before using it be sure that your IPs are authorized. You can find instructions to do so by clicking here.

Every request to the Customer Blazing Proxies API should contain an email and API key. If a user does not pass the email and API key or it is invalid – the API will respond with status 401 (Unauthorized).

Authorization type

Get your current authorization type:

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/auth-type/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3

Change authorization type:

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/auth-type/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3/authType

Change proxy authorization configuration with allowed types:

  • {authType} – authorization type to set, possible values – [‘PW', ‘IP']
  • {ipAuthType} (query parameter) – can be specified if authType = IP, possible values – [‘HTTP', ‘SOCKS']

View Whitelisted Authorized Addresses

Returns IPs that are authorized on your account to access proxies. It could take 10-30 minutes after an authorization request for the newly authorized IPs to show in this listing.

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/export/ips/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3

List All Proxy IPs in Your Account

Every time you call the API URL you will be given the newest list of authorized proxies in your account.

Export Proxy IPs to a CSV file

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/export/4/all/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3/list.csv
  • additionalValues – You can specify this parameter to display additional values in the list (region,country,category)
https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/export/4/all/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3/list.csv?additionalValues=region,country

Get Proxy IPs by Country or Category

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/export/4/COUNTRY-CATEGORY/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3/list.csv

Get list of Proxy IPs of certain package

  • {COUNTRY} – package country in country code (us/de/br/fr/ca etc)
  • {CATEGORY} – package category (static/semi-3/rotate/sneaker/block/shopify/static-res)

Adding and Removing IPs

Add new IP

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/ips/add/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3/IPTOADD
  • {IPTOADD} – IP address which should be enabled for proxy authorization (Note that it may take 10-30 minutes after the submission before your IP is ready for use).
  • {IPTOADD1,IPTOADD2,…,IPTOADD20} – You can add multiple IP addresses (separated by commas) for proxy authorization.

Delete / Remove existing IP

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/ips/delete/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3/IPTODELETE
  • {IPTODELETE} – previously added proxy authorization IP which you now want to remove from your account. Once this is submitted, the IP will no longer be authorized after 10-30 minutes.

Replacing Proxy IPs

Get available replacements

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/available-replacements/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3

Replace a Single Proxy IP

Replaces single Proxy IP, and returns # of available replacements for Proxy IPs in the same package type.

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/replace-ip/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3/IP_Single
  • {IP} – Proxy IP to replace (will subsequently reduce the replacements amount)

Replace multiple Proxy IPs

Replaces multiple IPs at the same time. The list of ips must be comma-separated and provided as query parameter ‘replace';
This also returns a list of successfully flagged (IPs to be replaced by cron job) IPs, and # of available replacements (similar to ‘Get Available Replacements' API method).

https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/dashboard/api/replace-multiple-ips/[email protected]/mZQjUfW3?replace=IP1,IP2,IPn

Third-party Tool Setup: GSA SER

To setup GSA SER to automatically grab your proxies at a certain interval, follow the instructions below. This is useful for semi-dedicated and dedicated users who request proxies to be changed every 30 days, or if a proxy dies by chance — GSA will automatically grab the new proxies for you 🙂

    1. Open up Proxy Settings tab
    2. Click on Add/Edit Proxy
    3. Right click the list on the left and select ‘Check None’
    4. Click the Add button
    5. Add your API URL (above) and select the option to ‘Add as private proxy type’
    6. Go back to the main Proxy settings page and click on the Options tab
    7. Set ‘Automatically search for new proxies every’ — to 120 minutes
    8. Done!

Rotation Options

Rotation Options are only valid for Semi-Dedicated or Dedicated Plans.
  • Check this box if you want your static proxies rotated every 30 days. This option is not suited for people that use our proxies for social media and wish to keep their IPs for as long as possible.


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