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Dedicated Proxies (By BlazingSEO) : Learn Manuals Before You Buy

Want to learn more about Blazing SEO's dedicated proxies? This article discusses their advantages and how they differ from other types of proxies, so let's reading!

About BlazingSEO's Dedicated Proxies

What are Dedicated Proxies?

Dedicated Proxies are proxies that are only used by one single person. Which is why they are called “Dedicated”. They are dedicated to the one person using them.


  • A dedicated proxy is a proxy that is used only by you.
  • It hides your IP(or MAC) address while adding security and protecting your privacy.
  • Dedicated proxies deliver fully anonymous surfing on the internet. It is important to remember that you leave a digital footprint in the form of your IP address when using the web. This means that almost anyone can see you online, including hackers and spammers. A dedicated proxy server can almost guarantee your IP address will be invisible.
  • Higher speed since no one else is working with the same proxy.
  • Ability to bypass filters and firewalls since a proxy server can circumvent these types of blocked websites.
  • Ability to unblock numerous applications and bypass numerous internet restrictions (i.e. unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter at work or school where the “IT administrator” has restricted your access to these and similar sites).
  • Protect privacy for minimal worry about your personal information being exposed or compromised when you make purchases or surf on the web.
  • Deliver a higher level of security on the internet since a dedicated proxy provides a unique internet address dedicated to only you.
  • Avoid and block spam successfully.
  • Get around geographic restrictions (Restricted content based on country).

These proxies are best used for account use because the proxy never changes (Unless you would like the proxies to change).

Dedicated can also be used for games as well. People can create a game account through the proxy and play the game using the proxy.

Dedicated is best because only one person is using it. This means faster speeds, and better reliability site wise for the proxy. To compare, if the proxy was shared (Semi-Dedicated/Rotating), the other person using the proxy might've already created an account for a certain site. As result, the other users on the proxy will not be able to use that same proxy on the same site and create another account.

You might ask why you wouldn't be able to use dedicated proxies for sneaker sites. Please read this article the reasoning behind this.

Typical Uses of Dedicated Proxies:

  • Social Media
  • Games
  • Account Creation/Use
  • General Browsing
  • SEO


  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • UK
  • India
  • Canada
  • Japan

What are Semi-dedicated Proxies?

Semi-Dedicated Proxies are proxies that are used by up to 3 people (Shared Proxy). This is why they are called “Semi-Dedicated”. They are shared by up to 2 other people. However, this allows the proxy the ability to be more affordable. You may not need a proxy entirely dedicated to only you, and this would be a good option if so.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sharing the proxy server allows you to share in the cost of that server
  • They are useful for the user who requires several proxies but uses each proxy only for a few hours
  • Proxies can be helpful with some of SEO software that need harvest data from internet (like keyword ranking or page rank).
  • They can support both an HTTP and SOCKS service
  • Proxies can also be used with web browsers and other apps that support proxy use
  • Get around geographic restrictions (Restricted content based on country)

These proxies are best used for general browsing and they are not recommended for account creation/management on social media sites.

Authorization Types:

  • IP Authorization – HTTP (3128), SOCKS (1080)
  • Username/Password – (4444)


  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Germany

What is the Difference Between Dedicated Proxies and Sneaker Proxies?

What is the difference between Blazing SEO USA Dedicated proxies and their sneaker proxies? A lot — if you're a sneaker buyer. Dedicated proxies DO allow you to choose your “location” after purchasing, however, what most people do not realize is that the location is the GEOLOCATION, not the HOSTED LOCATION of the proxy.

The geolocation is an arbitrary location to appear as if you're from somewhere you're not, but your proxies will be located all around the USA in various datacenters. Sneaker proxies allow you to choose the HOSTED LOCATION after purchasing: either LA or NY. This allows you to select the city that is CLOSEST to your server/computer.

Having a proxy server closest to your server is the ideal situation for the fastest speeds possible. We do recommend you to use their sneaker proxies that are specifically purposed and optimized for shoe sites instead.

Dedicated Proxies Vs Rotating Proxies

BlazingSEO also provide the Rotating proxies, To learn the difference between dedicated Proxies and Rotating-proxies, I would suggest you learn this part at first,

What are Rotating Proxies?

Rotating proxies are proxies that are shared, but the IPs change every set number of minutes to another proxy IP from a larger pool of IPs. This is why they are called “Rotating”. They rotate IPs after a set number of minutes (10-120 minutes) to a different IP. These IPs are shared between other users through which can mean slower speeds and potential website blocks.

Blazing SEO rotating proxies are proxies that switch it's public IP address within an interval of 10 minutes between the switch. Once you have successfully purchased the rotating proxy package, you will be given a single IP address with different port numbers like the following

The proxy IP has different port numbers and will show a different public IP address. When you load the proxy onto Firefox for testing, and when you browse to, you will not see as your public IP, but rather something like this

If you purchased 10 rotating proxy ports, that will grant you access to a pool of IPs that has 200 unique IPs. If you purchased 100 rotating proxy ports, that will grant you access to 2000 unique IPs in your pool. The pool of IP will remain the same throughout the entire billing cycle.

If you let your rotating proxy subscription expire at the end of the billing cycle, and re-purchase after that, this should grant you access to another pool of IP – do take note that the IPs are allocated randomly, thus we can't guarantee that all the IPs will be different from your previous pool.


  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Germany


1. What Limits do You have for Bandwidth and Threads?

NONE! That’s right, Blazing SEO allows unlimited threads and unmetered/unthrottled bandwidth. Most proxy providers cut costs by openly limiting your threads or bandwidth, but a lot of them do it secretly without you knowing. For example, if they cut your bandwidth speed by half just for an hour each day they would cut a significant amount of their costs… and you wouldn’t even know!

2. Does Blazing SEO has Proxies that Can be Used for Social Media?

Blazing SEO proxies can be used in a variety of ways. Social media account management is one of the biggest uses for their proxies. We highly recommend using Blazing SEO dedicated proxies. Their dedicated proxies are only used by a single user and are best used for social media. Where as semi-dedicated and rotating proxies are shared among 3 total users.

We highly recommend using 1 proxy per account. Anything more than that will increase the chances of getting blocked/banned. You can check out Blazing SEO proxy subscriptions on Blazing SEO website here.

3. Can I Use My Proxies on Multiple Computers?

Blazing SEO allows multiple computer access for Blazing SEO proxies – kindly ensure to Authorize the IP address of the computer that wants access to the proxies via your proxy dashboard.

4. How Fast Are Blazing SEO Proxies?

All Blazing SEO proxies are on 1 Gbps DEDICATED network lines. Unlike most other providers, they do not oversell their proxies and ensure all speeds test to the full 1 Gbps.



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Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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