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Is the Nike shoe bot testified? That is not an issue. Read our expert review to understand it before committing to a subscription since they don't have a refund policy. Learn its features, pros, and cons in this review.

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Setting your hands on pairs of hyped sneakers has been difficult for the last few years. This is because many sneakerheads use bots and get ahead of you to grab the latest drops. Sneaker sites are botted daily. Due to regional restrictions and bypassing captchas, you need the Nike Shoe bot to keep you slaying in your kicks game.

If you have ever used this bot, skip to the features and read our unbiased and updated review. We will cover all features, pros, cons, how to use it, the pricing, customer support, and lastly, we will give you our final verdict.


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However, if you are a beginner, we will digest everything for you. Please read our guide first. NSB is simply software that you can buy and download online to your computer. Before committing to a subscription, you can set up and create tasks to check out limited editions. This bot is easy to use, faster checkout process than human users. Sneakerheads use it to purchase bulk sneakers for resale. This is a premium bot and works well on sneaker copping.

Before going into details, let's look at the overview of NSB.

Nike Shoe Bot Overview

Nike Shoe Bot overview

Even though NSB has a high success rate with consistent performance on sneaker release, it is not easy to use. The bot is made with many features that make it outstanding from its competitors. Besides many modes of proxy and server to choose from while creating a task, it comes with a bot monitor, which is a handy feature.

Its simple user interface makes its initial setup simple for anyone. It also allows users to add Shopify websites. However, it does not stand massive sites. You will never get scammed buying this bot from the resale market. This is because the bot is always in stock for sneakerheads.

This review is aimed at giving retailers and sneakerheads a piece of reliable information before subscription. Being a premier sneaker bot, it has to this far maintained sneaker copping performance on the market. Initially, it was created to help cop kicks from Nike stores but is grown the customer base, becoming a premium bot.

This bot does not only succeed, but it dominates the sneaker sites in getting drops. There are things you should look for here, but most of them we will discuss in detail in the cons, pro, and features section.

Over time, NSB has faced stiff competition, but it still holds its reputation. Surprisingly, NSB does not support Nike stores but works perfectly on Shopify. Before going into its strength and weakness section, let us first understand how this NSB is used.

How to Use the Nike Shoe Bot?

When copping limited editions, you need NSB. Before using NSB, you must purchase compatible 代理. This is an economic decision to make. Tread carefully to evade detection. While 数据中心代理 work well on few stores like Shopify, most strict websites require 住宅代理.

To achieve the desired results, you must use this bot appropriately, following three simple steps.

  • After purchasing and installation, depending on the drops you need, set your billing and shipping addresses first.
  • Secondly, create tasks so that when the drops are releases, automate the whole process by clicking start all. However, you must follow the information provided about the release drops.
  • Lastly, Confirm your orders sent to your email and wait for the delivery to enjoy your profit.

Again, something you should know is adding the proxies to the bot. There are few steps as outlined below:

步骤 1: Click the proxy tab on Add proxy, and you will see a pop-up window opens.

步骤 2: Copy your proxies, paste, name them, then save.

步骤 3: To create a task, skip to the proxy option, select from the proxy list, and bind your task.

We can now move over to the pricing and see if this bot is worth your pocket.

Nike Shoe Bot Pricing

Nike Shoe Bot price

Nike shoe bot costs $499 a yearly retail price from their website. This bot is always in stock instead of other alternatives that can only be purchased from a resale market. The bot is expensive though cheaper in different contexts like when compared to other costly options.

You receive a download link upon payment which comes with a detailed manual. You also get access to its discord community for support and updates or notification about sneaker drops before the release.

Is It Worth to Buy a Nike Shoe Bot? 

Nike Shoe Bot Features

Do this far, do you think this bot is worth your cash? Let us look at it from a different perspective again. That is features, pros, and cons.

  • Super Fast and Multithreaded

Nike Shoe Bot Multi threaded task

NSB has recorded and maintained a good performance, and all sneakerheads can't argue about this. Speed is essential when copping limited editions. This is because any delay for even a second deprives you of those bulk pairs, and for that reason, NSB has been optimized with a faster speed.

Business, this bot comes with multithreaded support, which enables it to multitask. Due to this feature, you can again create multiple tasks to run independently and concurrently without hitches.

  • Cross-Platforms

If you take a survey, you will discover that most developers created sneaker bots for Windows platforms only. A few support iOS and Mac platforms. Therefore, installation on other platforms becomes challenging as they will be required to use virtual machines. NSB developers were aware of this and made it easy to support Mac and Windows platforms. Because these are popular OS today, it supports almost all users.

  • Supports Multiple Sites

Nike Shoe Bot site support

If you are not aware, NSB is an all-in-one bot. It supports many sneaker sites. Even when you pair with ANB'S AIO bot, NSB still leads the premier AIO bot in sneaker gaming. It can sweep and destroy sneakers from Supreme stores, 阿迪达斯, Footsites, and over 100 Shopify sites.

Though the name is suggestive, NSB does not support copping the latest drops from Nike stores. Not supporting Nike is one of its drawbacks, but they promise to support it in the future, while its strength lies in the number of sites this bot supports.

  • Slow Customer Support

As earlier stated, the bot is easy to install, and it comes with a detailed guide. However, many users still seek support from the technical support team. They always use email, Twitter handle, or discord requests. Their response is not instant, neither can we say it is fast. Alternatively, their reply is helpful but takes time.

  • 易于使用

SNB targets beginners and non-techies, thus made with simple UI, whether Windows or Mac platform. In other OS, the instruction is not straightforward because users must install it on a virtual machine. The developers present simple yet detailed steps from downloading to set up ready for use.

Manual is sent to the email once the user purchases the license. The updates are automated, with no manual work. It is packed with simple features like a one-click captcha solver, which is faster than ever.

  • Expensive but Reliable

Before deciding, consider pricing, and if you do, NSB is expensive for a one-time user in a copping game. In our review, we noticed that yearly payment is costly. But for long-term users, it is economical.

But in terms of security, this bot is secure and reliable. They never save your details on servers as they are ethically concerned about their customers. The bot is equal to the tasks in terms of its reliability. Due to this, it has recorded a high success rate in sneaker copping and dominates any site.

  • Captcha Solver and Monitor

NSB has manual captchas to make your tasks easy. Captcha also gives you access to youtube videos and generate captcha token using Gmail account before the drops. It is a great time saver as captchas are automatically solved. The Monitor alerts you before release.

This is only effective when you assign a proxy list, search keywords, and get early links. When the Monitor detects drops, it automatically triggers the tasks. Using integrated Discord, you can now hook up the Monitor of your set cook group.

Nike Shoe Bot Customer Support

Nike Shoe Bot Customer Support

Nice Shoe Bot is easy to install as well as using it in copping drops. The support team provides detailed information, a guide, and a FAQ page. It also covers all areas. But, users still need extra support. Currently, their available channel of communication varies and depends on your urgency.

You can contact the support team for help using the Twitter page, Instagram,  sending email addresses, or accessing them via Discord. Though it takes time, alternatively, the response is helpful.


If you need a simple yet reliable and effective bot for copping limited editions on cross platforms, then Nike Shoe Bot is here to meet your needs. The bot is waxing strong when you consider the sites it supports and its consistent performance.

However, the bot is expensive for one-time users but economical for long time coppers. Customer support is one of its weaknesses but not a concern as all details are available on their website. Compete and win since nothing will hold you back while using NSB.

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