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The Best Mobile Proxy List 2023 (20+ Compared & Tested)

Want to get the mobile proxies for multiple social accounts? We’ve tested and reviewed more than 20+ mobile & 4G proxy providers. Every mobile proxy review we check their carriers based on the IP address and  Test their proxy speed,  We made a list of mobile proxy service providers.

Proxy Services IP location Proxy Protocol Carriers Type Price Speed Free trial Refund policy
Soax overview N/A HTTP(S) + Socks5 N/A Rotaing $70/month Good


Yes (1 hour) Yes
Bright Data logo US HTTP(S) + Socks N/A Rotaing $500/month Good


Yes (7 days) Not support
HydraProxy Logo Overview US HTTP(S) + Socks AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile Dedicated $7.95 / prot / 3 days Average


No Yes(24 hour)
ProxyGuys Logo overview 27+ locations in the US HTTP(S) + Socks Verizon/AT&T Dedicated $20 for 24 hours Good


No Yes(24 hour)
The Social Proxy Logo overview UK/Austria/Israel HTTP(S), SOCKS N/A Rotaing €90/month Good


Yes (1day) Yes (3 day)
Proxy cheap Logo Overview US /France/Lithuania HTTP/Socks5 Ukranian Rotaing $50/month(4G US Mobile) Good


On request Not supported
Proxy Seller Logo overview UK/Ukraine/Russia/US HTTP/Socks5 Vodafone/AT&T/Verizon Rotaing $40/month Good


No  Yes
ProxyLTE US HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 Verizon/T-Mobile /AT&T Rotaing $ 2 / day Average Yes (1 hour) Yes (1 hour) Italian HTTP Vodafone Rotaing €87 / proxy / 30 days Good Yes(€9.9/72 hours) Yes (3 Days)
AstroProxy 12 countries HTTP(S) + Socks N/A Rotaing 1GB – $7 Average Yes Not supported
RSocks Netherlands HTTP(S) + Socks N/A Rotaing 9000 Proxies – $600 Good Yes (1 day) Not supported
DSL Rentals US HTTP(S) + Socks N/A Rotaing $240 /mo Good Yes Yes (1 day)
DSLRoot US N/A N/A Rotaing $190/month Average Yes (1 hour) Yes
3G Proxy over 40 countries HTTP(S) + Socks 130+ mobile carriers Rotaing €149/month Good Yes Yes (1 day) US HTTP(S) + Socks N/A Rotaing $20 per month Fast Yes (3 hours) Yes

Last Updated on March 6, 2023

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