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What Does “By Proxy” Mean?

What does “By Proxy” mean? Is it a fake? What does it do? How do we use them properly? It's all in this article!

Online privacy is vital. This is one of the reasons why we use proxies that guarantee high anonymity and safe data scraping. However, sometimes, you might purchase the said ‘reliable proxies' and then realize that upon setting up the bot, they fail to operate on the targeted site. After that, the proxies can't work, and the chances are you got the fake proxies.

That should not scare you, and it is daring that you are not alone who is a victim of fake proxies. But you must understand that fake proxies share features that make them unique and straightforward to detect. You will be safer when you know how to spot the fake proxy.

Please read our article to the end and grasp the impact of fake proxies, how to detect counterfeit proxies and how to choose the safe proxies on the market. Before we start with the harm of fake proxies, let us first define ‘By proxy' in summary.

What Does “By Proxy” Mean?


So far, you must wonder what proxy means in the real world. To clarify and move together, a proxy is an intermediary responsible for the authorization and work instead of someone else. Therefore, the proxy is meant to work instead of another one in reality.

In the first case, typically, we refer to it using the word ”vote by proxy. However, regarding computing, the term proxy has taken a different meaning. To date, you can refer to a proxy as a proxy server. Therefore, I can sum up the proxy in computing as the intermediary that facilitates data sharing between the targeted site and the network user.

Proxy servers replace your real IP address with their own IP address to help you hide your information or access the blocked sites. People can use proxies to access restricted Web pages, manage more social accounts, and even copping limited edition sneakers, etc.

So don't get confused about ‘By Proxy' that we're going to be talking about today.

Is Proxy A Fake?

fake proxy

The importance of proxy and application is so broad. With the proxy users can tunnel their network connection through a unique server and send a request to a target site. This means that the server on the targeted website will only be able to detect the proxy IP address without revealing the local IP address of the user. This guarantees you not only privacy but also high security and anonymity.

however; some people use proxies to carry out abusive tasks and engage in nefarious activities online to maintain their identity and privacy. So the same logic is used by fraudsters while making their real IP addresses. These tasks include chargeback, fraudulent purchases, and many more.

The mentality behind using a proxy is to evade being detected and masking the payment IP addresses so that it does not match the geo-location address. Therefore, proxies can be used to represent a fake identity online, and this only lasts for a while because the proxy providers are against spam activities.

So, the proxy itself is not fake; Ultimately, it depends on what you're using it for.

What Harm Can a Fake Proxy Bring to You?

A fake proxy is not just a placeholder on the www meant to bring visitors without a hidden reason behind the clicks. The users come up with such proxies to attain at least two goals.

One of the popular reasons why people eat up the proxy site is to sell your data to the ads company. The other reason is to steal your private data and identity. The likes of free proxies easily snag your credit card information on the internet, and when hackers access it, they can do anything after that.

I recommend that you avoid fake or free proxies else you have to bear the consequences. We have researched and gathered some of the harms you can experience while using fake proxies.

Exposure to Fake IPs Targeting Ads Only

Exposure to fake IPs targeting ads only

Most free proxies are fake proxies online. Therefore, since they don't charge in the general, they benefit by running ads. Sometimes, when you get fake proxies, you will realize that instead of connecting to the target site, it is running multiple ads explicitly targeting you.

This is a clear indication that you are using fake proxies. The proxy owner crawled through your browser history and is aware of what you most like, and the high chances are that you will click on them. Avoid clicking on the ads because that is a trap. Never misinterpret the legit ads.

However, when you realize abnormal ads on your computer, we recommend running the malware software and anti-virus to be safer.

Exposes Users to Numerous Distractions
Exposes users to numerous distractions

Besides ads, fake IP addresses also can get you into many distractions while you surf online. Premium proxies cannot and will never stay in the background and lets you connect to any site. Fake proxies only present you with one distraction after the other, not giving you time to access what you want to see on the internet.

This means hackers are busy accessing your information while you struggle with distractions. Therefore, we highly recommend disconnecting the network with the proxy once you encounter such a situation. If you assume, it can be dangerous to you.

How to Tell If the Proxy Is Fake?

Is Proxy A Fake

It is now time to go beyond and understand how to detect a fake proxy. This is the only sure method to fight fake proxies. You only have the option to stop using counterfeit proxies so that you can evade many harms, as discussed above. When you stop feeding the fake proxies, they will shut down.

So, how do you identify fake proxies? You might ask, and the answer lies in testing the proxy protection. You must test the proxies and find out if they are protecting you. Avoid assuming when a proxy is functional. Go beyond and test the security in concealing the local IP address and ISP details. Head to the sites such as Proxy Checker and What Is My IP Address and check if the proxies are safe. When the results displayed are your real location and local IP address, then these proxies are fake.

Which Proxy Is the Safest?

smart proxy

The best proxies are premium which are much safer than free proxies. The paid proxies are the likes of Bright Data, Soax, Smartproxy, etc., to mention a few. However, you can access the more safe proxies here.


Fake proxies exist; the only way to avoid them is to shift from using free proxies to buying premium ones. In our article, we have covered some of the harms that fake proxies can cause, how to detect fake proxies, and shared where to get reliable paid proxies on the market.

Avoid going for any proxy provider you come across on the internet. Regardless of your provider, always test the proxy protection before use to avoid fake proxies. Fake proxies are harmful and can not only make you lose your identity, but also hackers can sue them to steal your credit card information.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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