Infatica review

Infatica Review

Do you need the most reliable proxies? Infatica gets you covered with their high-speed residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies. Read this article and find out if Infatica suit for you!

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  • 10 million Residential IP pool
  • Offer Countries Geo-targeting
  • Suit for web scraping
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Infatica is the trending proxy provider around the globe. They are genuine, scale exceptionally well, have a cheap resale price compared to other premium proxy providers, and have a user-friendly dashboard. Infatica, the new network provider is loaded with a sense of ethics and above all, it has an overall rate of 7.8.

Infatica Pros and Cons

Why We Like it

  • Option to rotate proxies
  • Pricing plans are simple
  • Customer-friendly dashboard
  • Purchase validation
  • Performance and uptime tracking features
  • PPC quality control
  • Advertising network monitoring

Why We Don't Like it

Expensive pricing.

Rotation settings are not flexible.

Performance is average.

Lacks user experience.

Infatica Overview

Infatica Homepage

Infatica is a new network company specializing in selling residential proxies for online store businesses. It mainly targets industrial customers. They are well known for web scraping, automation of social media, advertisement verification apart from business intelligence. The exotic use covers areas like academic research, election, and cyber-security. This is excepted from sneaker copping.

Infatica presents itself to clients as the trusted service provider with the retail price. The company has borrowed a lot from the playbook of Bright Data. Some of these tools and features are as discussed below:

KYC. The KYC is a use case and identification tool that users must meet before using Infatica. This tool has helped it avoid spam and cracking of Infatica software that might bring in illegal problems.

Secondly is transparent IPs management. They inject an SDK into the applications to get traffic from clients that install them. Traffic follows strict rules that need consent hence saved from ads and monetization.

Also, infatica does not resell its proxies to other companies. If this is verifiable and stands to be a fact, then it helps reduce possible abuse cases and maintain online ethics. The price is high for individuals but affordable when it comes to businesses as opposed to other existing alternatives. Let us now consider their pricing plan.

Infatica IP Types and Pricing

Type of ips of Infatica

Infatica provides residential and datacenter proxies, but the most popular use case is their residential proxy plan. Mobile proxy has been provided in the past, but it seems that there is no such service at present. Infatica currently focuses on the residential proxy. Bandwidth-based charging and their starting prices are unfriendly, but it's a good choice for business.

Infatica Pricing

Its pricing plan starts at $360/40GB which extends to $20,000/10TB. Still, they also pay-as-you-go system where your $360 gives your access to 30GB that can be rolled over. The price currently is based on human traffic. This change has simplified the price structure.

Infatica proxies are cheap and their entry plan is very competitive. Get a free trial for 7 days and Infatica guarantees a refund of your unused traffic within a day.

Infatica User Experience

Relative to others in the industry, their speed is average but good for web scraping. They need to improve on their dashboard as once you leave it, it’s not easy to return to the main screen. The traffic use page is not indicated on their main page-you need to navigate deep to find it.

The high rate of Infatica proxies is from amazon and Facebook. Location coverage is not extensive, but crucial areas are covered with their services.

Infatica Authentication and Protocols

Infatica uses SOCS5 configuration and allows access to HTTP(S) human traffic only. Its proxies do not limit threads that clients can run but expect limitations on the traffic.

Infatica protocol

The proxies have a one-hour default rotation and you can’t set automatic rotation. Rather, there is an option to manually rotate your residential IPs. However, they only recommend users to manually rotate once within ten minutes.

Infatica proxies are authenticated by whitelisting IP addresses. From the advertisement on the website, users can also authenticate using username and password which is practically not available. We therefore conclude that infatica gives access with only IP authentication. Stay updated with their technical customer support staff.

Infatica Customer Support

Infatica Customer Support

Infatica proxy providers support users via email, ticket, and phone calls. They don’t have a well-detailed and comprehensive FAQ page. However, according to their FAQ response time is within 4 hours. Its live chat sections seem to be focused on sales questions.

The Editor's Verdict

Infatica’s pricing plan and design indicate that it is a business-centered proxy provider. It is easy to use with only IP authentication. The proxies are reliable and good for daily internet scraping. However, there is a need for improvement as well as features optimization. Some users appreciate API integration and needless to say flexible rotation.

Well, the price is business-friendly and it seems to be ethically concerned. This makes Infatica outshine other available alternatives. This article has covered interpreted findings for users to make an informed decision.

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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