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IPRoyal Review

IPRoyal isn't just a residential proxy provider. You can also earn money by sharing your internet connection through their Pawns App. Hard to believe? Our review will dispel any doubts!

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IPRoyal is a proxy provider that sells datacenter, residential, and 4 G mobile proxies. You must know its pros and cons before you purchase. But before going into it, let's see some of its features.

  • 2+ million Residential IP pool
  • Offer Countries/Cities/Region Geo-targeting
  • Offer sticky and rotating residential proxies
  • Support sneaker sites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
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IPRoyal Pros and Cons

Why We Like it

  • Affordable pricing with no minimum monetary requirement
  • Helpful and responsive customer service agents
  • You can make money using their P2P network
  • Many locations supported
  • Both rotating and sticky IP addresses supported
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Proxy list generation supported
  • Low payout threshold
  • Simple payment method

Why We Don't Like it

No refund once purchased

Offers limited earning opportunities

Slows down internet connection sometimes.

IPRoyal Overview

IPRoyal banner

IPRoyal is dominating the proxy market currently. They specialize in selling datacenter, residential, and 4G mobile proxies. Again, they also sell sneaker proxies to the users. Their price is friendly with an affordable initial payment amount. The website provides detailed information on each category, and their technical support team is available 24/7 for live charts.

Aside, you also buy or resell their IPV4 and IPV6 address to other human users. These proxies cut across their three market categories. The IP Royal proxies have many use cases. To start with, you can scrape accurate SERP data using these proxies from different search engines without limitation since the proxies are geo-targeting and move human users closer to the target site.

This helps develop SEO strategies for marketing purposes. Secondly, you can collect stock market data anonymously, monitor trends in the stock market with their update. This case use helps brokers to know when to optimize their investments on the stock market. Additionally, you can use these IPRoyal proxies to collect customer feedback. This might help develop the reputation of your brand.

IPRoyal proxies also have exceptional features like controlling internet usage. The proxies are reliable and faster hence saves your bandwidth. This implies, they help bypass all ads and catch accessible websites as you surf. IPRoyal proxies improve your online security. However, in the first 12 hours after your first deposit, you order only 1GB of traffic.

IPRoyal IP Types and Pricing

IPRoyal pricing

IPRoyal proxies providers currently offer discounts for DC and sneaker proxies. When you order more than 50 DC proxies, you get a 7% discount, whereas 100 DC proxies give you a 13% discount. They have a discount to their users and a 30-day plan; you get a 5% discount for purchase over 100 proxies while 10% on purchase over 250 proxies.

They provide multiple types of proxy packages, Location proxies, Sneaker proxies, Private proxies, and many more. In detail, let us now dive deeper into pricing plans and IP types of each category.

Residential Proxies

IPRoyal Residential proxy

IPRoyal Residential proxies use real IP addresses. You can choose either rotating or sticky proxies for up to 24 hours. They are perfect for scraping data. The residential proxies are genuine. Under this plan, they have different categories. IPRoyal residential proxies are $7 per 1GB, and the more data you purchase, the more bargain you get. For example, 10TB of storage can be acquired for just $1.75 per GB. That's pretty reasonable!

The IP auto-rotates in 1/10/30 minutes, and as well, you can change your IP with a simple click on the dashboard. The sample user cases are US, UK, Germany, India, and China proxies.

Mobile Proxies

IPRoyal 4G Mobile Proxies Pricing

The mobile proxies come with unlimited bandwidth. You can get one mobile 4G proxy but rotate that proxy in a 100k pool. Currently, the 4G service comes with a Lithuanian location. Right now, its price is $7 for one day and $90 for 30-days.  But according to their website, the 4G proxy covers UK and Europe locations with over 10,000 IPv4 addresses.

The proxy auto-rates in a range of 1/5/10 minutes. Therefore, this is the best option for managing bulk account creation, web scraping, and social media accounts.

Datacenter Proxies

IPRoyal Datacenter Proxies Pricing

IPRoyal datacenter proxies are more advanced. They support SOCKS and HTTPS protocols. Therefore, they have high-speed and anonymous proxies copping limited editions from online stores.

Normal DC costs $1.80/proxy for Datacenter proxies, while Sneakers DC costs $1/proxy for a one-day plan and $1.80/proxy for 30 days. They come with multi-thread, and for sure, you can say goodbye to limits with their 10GBPs unmetered bandwidth.

Datacenter proxy offer:  IPv4 IP and IPv6 IP

Locations: US, DE, NL, UK, IT.

Note: Generally, IPRoyal proxies allow unlimited concurrent sessions but remember, you should not create many accounts as they tend to reduce the connection speed.

IPRoyal Authentication and Protocols

IPRoyal Authentication

IPRoyal proxies have two-factor authentication (2FA) that strengthens access security by requiring two methods (also referred to as factors) to verify your identity. Two-factor authentication protects against phishing, social engineering, and password brute force attacks and secures your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.

Since the datacenters are private, high speed, and secure, it uses both user/pass and IP authentication. Again, it supports SOCKS5 and HTTP(S). This is to say, 4G mobile proxies and residential proxies use user/pass authentication.

IPRoyal Pawns App

IPRoral proxy has an attractive feature where users can earn possessive income. The pawn app feature allows customers to share their unused bandwidth with other users online and make cash. They pay 0.20USD/GB. Thus IPRoyal is considered ethical and compensates customers while using its peer-to-peer network.

From the research and response from the support services, IPRoyal mostly relies on the pawn app to generate their IP addresses. This works in mysterious ways. When you purchase the configure proxies, the web traffic does not surf the target site directly. However, it is routed to the IPRoyal, which links your proxies to the available IP addresses. They complete your request to the target website by using available IP pools. This is why their IP pool is growing fast.

Because of the IP rotation, the target host or site will not know your real IP addresses. Instead, they see you as multiple human users online. Since you are using rotation IP addresses. Therefore, you can rotate as many IP addresses as you want. Currently, the IP pool is so large, with over 2m IP addresses.

But, before they consider you to join the Pawn app and use your IP addresses, you go through vigorous vetting. This is because online security is their top-notch concern. This service works like WIFI. You share the connection and create a pool for other people to use to reduce online limitations.

How the Pawn app works are simple. Just install the app, sign up, share your connection to make some passive cash. The earning depends on how unique your IP addresses are and how they rotate. When your connection has a good ping, you are likely to earn more, and as well, the target location matters. This pawn app is built on ensuring security, safety, and online security.

IPRoyal Customer Support

IPRoyal Cutomer Support

The site has a well-detailed FAQ page that any user can refer to for basic knowledge. They also guide you on setting up initially, sharing your proxies, and making cash without being compromised.

Still, their live chat is exceptional. They are 24/7 online for instant reply. Just count on them. Still, you can contact them via email provided on the website for any inquiry. Also, they have a ticket option where you can submit your inquiry. The IPRoyal proxy provider has invested much into customer support services.

Generally, the support services are quick and decent.

The Editor's Verdict

IPRoyal is two-way traffic with over 2m million IPs available in multiple countries. As long as you spend while purchasing, you can still make cash from your unused bandwidth. Although IPRal has few limitations, you consider their interesting features too.

With that comparison in mind, together with your budget, you can see, judge, and act upon your decision. There is always a package that fits you.

Last Updated on February 1, 2023

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