LuckyAIO Proxies review

LuckyAIO Proxies Review

Do you need a proxy provider that sells a wide range of sneaker products? LuckyAIO proxies have everything under one account. Get access to high speed datacenter proxies, residential, Nike and Gmail accounts generator.

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Features of LuckyAIO Proxies

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Nike and Gmail accounts generator
  • Unlimited bandwidth datacenter
  • Have sticky and rotating proxies.
  • User: pass authentication
  • Supports over 175 worldwide locations
  •  Over 18 million IP pool
  • No refund
  • Instant delivery
  • High speed
  • Detailed FAQ page.
Editor's Rating

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Lucky AIO is the growing proxy provider since 2018. It specializes in offering many services under one retail store. They have anything you need on sneaker copping. Read our expert review written without bias to know everything about LuckyAIO proxies. Let's start with its features before going to their general overview.

LuckyAIO Proxies Overview

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From our point of view, LuckyAIO is an ALL-IN-ONE provider for anything you need to gain on the sneaker game. They offer different products, including Nike and Gmail account generators, but they still need proxies to operate effectively. The provider seems to be customer centered because they are innovating their services constantly to keep the customers at the edge.

Since 2018 is a long time in providing sneaker copping services and they kind of understand what their customers want to succeed in the game. They source their IP addresses from trusted and quality service providers.

LuckyAIO as proxies’ provider has datacenter and residential proxies besides Nike accounts and Gmail account generators as well as monthly and daily servers. We will deal with this in our next section. Their proxies guarantee us 99.99% uptime, and for sure, they deliver what they promise. The proxies offered us the best success with the support from their 24/7 available customer support.

Though their pricing is moderately high, they have over 175 locations. Another attractive feature is the IP pool size with over 18 million sticky and rotating proxies. Even though their proxies come instantly with unmetered bandwidth, they do not offer refunds. That is one thing you should know before digesting their detailed pricing plans.

LuckyAIO Proxies Plans and Pricing

Lucky AIo Proxies Price and Plans

In terms of pricing, LucyAIO proxies has two plans, including Nike and Gmail account generator. We are going to discuss each in this section.

Datacenter Plan

Datacenter proxies are the most reliable with a stellar speed of 10gbps. They scrap and cop unbanned on any sneaker website. The proxies are fully dedicated and top tier. The support team is available 24/7 to help you attain a consistent success rate with instant delivery and activation. However, the pricing plan is high going at € 75, but their proxies are unlimited and best for sneaker botting.

Residential Plan

The static and rotating residential proxies support over 170 countries worldwide with more than 18 million IP addresses. However, all major countries are covered. Clients can easily generate unlimited proxies that are fully dedicated on the dashboard instantly. The proxies are authenticated using the user: pass authentication method.

However, there are various categories i.e., gold, platinum and diamond. Gold package starts at €30.00 for 2GB while diamond goes at €130 for 10GB. Both proxies last for 3 months upon activation.

Nike Accounts

The UK and US Nike accounts have so far recorded the highest success rate in our review. They have verified sim cards yet come with different anti-detection software. Although the price is high, starting at €25.00, it gives customers high chances to cop in bulk on Nike stores.

LuckyAIO Proxies Location

The distribution of LuckyAIO proxies is uneven. Even though its residential proxies cover over 170 countries worldwide, the datacenter proxies that are fastest and reliable are only available in London, West Virginia and Chicago. This is good location coverage because they have servers in most targeted locations for sneaker copping.

LuckyAIO Proxies Authentication

We have been in this field for so long, and only two methods are known where IP authentication is the most trusted one. But for LuckyAIO proxies, we could only authenticate using the user: pass method. This is not bad and should not shy you away since the proxies get you covered undetected.

LuckyAIO Proxies Customer Support

Lucky AIo Proxies Customer Supports

With LuckyAIO proxies, you will never cop alone. Their support team is available 24/7 to help you. One thing that amazed us is their well-detailed FAQ page. It covers everything a client needs to know. Again, you can reach them via Discord or through an email ticket. Their support staffs are available to let you know everything before committing to purchase a package.

The Editor’s Verdict

The LuckyAIO proxy has some drawbacks, but it is a proxy provider to reckon in the sneaker copping game. If you need residential proxies, it's upon you to decide on the plan you want, but we highly recommend their high-speed and secure datacenter proxies. The datacenter proxies can be trusted and work on all websites.

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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