Space Proxies Review

Space Proxies Review

Are Space Proxies good for copping sneaker? Read our review and find out! Explore locations, costs, types of proxies, and services in our full Space Proxies review.

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Space Proxies are proxies with unlimited bandwidth and locations in both EU and the US. Still, are these proxies fast, reliable, and worth attention? Read all info about the company in our review below.

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Why Choose Space Proxies

  • Many locations in the EU and US
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Work on many websites, including but not limited to Shopify, Finishline, Footsites, Yeezy Supply
  • 100Gbps servers
  • Captcha, Residential, Gmail, and Bulk Proxies available
  • Discord support
  • Instant delivery

Space Proxies Overview

Space Proxies Homepage

Space Proxies have two packages that involve ISP service. The regular package has a max of 100 proxies and bulk packages of 200-500 ISP proxies. Although this company’s services are rather pricey. Still, they work on a variety of websites including Yeezy Supply, Footsites, Finishline, Shopify. You get proxies for the US and European locations of your choice.

Space Proxies Plans and Pricing

Space Proxies provides its customers with many plans, including Captcha, Gmail, Residential, DC/ISP, and Bulk plans. This review focuses on their Residential and ISP proxies:

ISP Proxies

Isp Proxies of Space Proxies

You can get the ISP proxies from Space Proxies for as little as $17 a day, although a 30-day plan for $52 is more beneficial. You can also opt for a 60-day plan. For this price, you get 25 proxies for use on Walmart, Supreme, Target, Bestbuy, Amazon, Gamestop, Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Footsites, and much more.

There is a Premier ESP and London ESP if you need more websites such as Mesh, Offspring, Zalando, or Footlocker EU.

Residential proxies

Residential Proxies of Space Proxies

Residential prices from Space Proxies will be helpful if you are running a lot of tasks. They provide you with a private residential system with individual custom website pools. You can generate unlimited proxies in more than 175 countries of the world. It’s possible to get a 3Gb plan for $52. If you want more, you can opt for 6, 9, or 15 Gb plans.

This purchase will get your 25 proxies with real USA 5G static residential IPs. They are perfect for many websites such as Footsites, Shopify PP, or Supreme. And if you choose Eclipse residential plan, you will work with any sites you like.

Space Cadet Program

Space Cadet program from Space Proxies is a subscription program that lets you get more resources than in other plans. For $15 a month, you get 30% off all of your purchases onsite. Also, the program will get you to monitor for many sneaker websites such as Mesh, Footsites, Nike, Supreme, and Shopify.

You will also get exclusive bot partnerships and weeklies, including Wrath, Estock, Valor, BurstAIO, etc. This program also includes early links for all popular sneaker releases and access to in-depth guides about bots.

Space Proxies Location

If you search for a variety of locations, you can get the residential proxies from Space Proxies. They cover 175+ proxies around the world. But if you need specific locations in the US or London, be sure to go for ISP proxies of this firm.

Space Proxies Authentication

Space Proxies Authentication

When it comes to residential IPs, you can use the only User: Pass identification. If this is not convenient for you, use Datacenter ISP proxies that provide you with IP auth. All of these authentication methods have their pros and cons, so be sure to take notice before you make a purchase.

Space Proxies Customer Support

Customer Support of Space Proxies

You can get customer support help on Discord of Space Proxies. To join, you should visit the web page of the service and scroll down the Help section. You can join Discord even if you haven’t purchased it yet. A friendly and polite team at Space Proxies will answer all questions regarding their product.

The Editors Verdict

Space Proxies is a great sneaker proxy provider that can get you Datacenter ISP, Residential, Gmail, Captcha, or Bulk proxies. With each plan, you will have a choice whether you want a day, week, month, or more of proxies. Their 100 Gbps service is fast and has unlimited bandwidth, with more than 175 countries to choose from. The proxies work on many websites, including but not limited to Yeezy Supply, Mesh, Footsites, Nike, Shopify, or Supreme.

Last Updated on May 15, 2022

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