Sole AIO Review

Sole AIO Review

Have you ever tried to use the Sole AIO bot? It is an ideal bot for great sneaker stores. The bot is hard to come by, but again, it has a dissension channel. Let us now discuss the features that make it famous in our expert review. It will give you a better insight.

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The sneaker business has recently exploded. Now, sneakerheads are always in search of a good botting tool. This is because the sneaker market is so competitive. Every year, new bots are launched, and developers use the new technology available to them. However, not all bots are compatible with other sites, while most of them are designed to cook from one specific store.

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On the contrary, developers are also upgrading the old bots hence coming under the spotlight. They are coming with the most advanced features that parallel the latest bots that utilize the newest advancement. Among the most used bots, we have decided to review Sole AIO today.

The bot is awesome though past reputation is not stellar. The bot is easy to use for amateurs and pros. In this review, we will dive into details and find out if this bot is worth buying. Read our review to the end if you are thinking of buying the Sole AIO bot.

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Sole AIO Overview


Sole AIO is a precious and ideal bot. The bot is unique and comes with the ability to bypass the queues as it increases the chances of grabbing your pairs. Many online reviews recommend it due to its lightning speed. With this bot, you will never miss any drop. However, it is only compatible with a mac using virtual machines and windows platforms. Though it is hard to get one once you set your hands on it, you will never regret it.

Previously, the Sole AIO bot underperformed, but today, the developers have upgraded it, and it is packed with advanced features to redeem it. It has maintained a consistently high success rate. Their developers are reliable and consistent in rolling out any upgrade targeting bugs or errors while copping. sole aio overview

Sole AIO is not simply a mediocre AIO; instead, it is now among the best bots on the market. The force behind its popularity is its new user interface and success rate.

The bot is performing exceptionally on Shopify and Adidas stores. In our test, we never experienced any lag in its performance compared to other tier bots. We can attest to its success rate from the key features of the Sole AIO bot. It is easy to grasp and use it hence recommended for beginners.

If users experience hardship or hitches while using, the discord community is always available to help them. No bot guarantees 100%, but the overall performance of the Sole AIO bot is good in the sneaker market. It supports all major sneaker regions and is successful for the latest splash releases.

The bot has an account generator for Adidas. It is important in selling carts; hence sneaker resellers prefer it as the best bot for Adidas. We will explain most of its features, including Shopify checkout links, later in this article.

We recommend this bot for three things; it is affordable, regular updates, and the developers offer server and proxy support. You should know that proxies are very crucial in sneaker gaming.

How to Use the Sole AIO?

While the Sole AIO bot is the most accessible bot by beginners, it is easy to use. Follow these simple steps once you have purchased the license.

Step 1: All users only need to install the bot on your computer.

Step 2: Enter your details, billing, and location address.

Step 3: Use the settings menu to configure.

Step 4: Then enter it as queue tasks.

Again. one can create groups for the activities to be performed. Chose the website and named it.

But make sure you use the compatible proxies unless you only need a single pair of drops.  For a detailed guide, watch the youtube video.

Sole AIO Pricing

Sole Aio Bot Homepage

In retail price, the Sole AIO bot goes at £300. That is not everything. You will be required to renew the license after every 6 months at the cost of £125. Therefore, the renewal charges give all users regular updates, never to miss any benefits that the bot brings to the table of resellers. Under their package, there is a system monitoring that notifies users when there is the latest release.  They also guarantee proxy configuration.

However, the bot sometimes is out of stock, and they take a look to restock. Thus, the resale price is high and ranges between £450 – £500. Besides renewal, there is still lifetime software. You must purchase proxies and servers so that you maximize the success rate.

Users must obligate their credentials within 30 minutes upon purchase. Else, the request can be canceled. You cannot unbind a new copy after one week, and your codes are eliminated if you fail to renew within a month of their expiration.

Is It Worth to Buy Sole AIO?

While some sneakerheads underrate the sole AIO bot, it comes with advanced features. It previously had a flat UI, but now it is new and upgraded. Let us now look at some of the reasons why you should buy this bot. Conversely, we will also be sharing some of its features and drawbacks. Keep on reading to the end.

1. Proxy Configuration

Support for Proxy Configuration of Solo AIO

Sole AIO bot supports proxies configuration. In its dashboard, the user can create a task and input the relevant proxies. It can be a datacenter or residential dispensing on your needs. The datacenter is the fastest, while residential is the most effective and secure.

Therefore, one must subscribe to a powerful proxies provider to help evade detection and bans while copping the limited editions. Most of the popular sneaker sites have anti-bot and anti-spam technology that detects the activities of a bot. We can evade this and optimize speed using proxies.

2. Support Windows Platform Only

The Sole AIO supports the Windows platform only. To be specific, it supports servers and windows 10. Your computer must have powerful RAM and CPUs; hence, consider purchasing a server. However, it runs on the mac when using the virtual machine. This comes with extra charges, which might be costly to the sneakerheads and resellers at large.

3. Multi-Thread

Site Support

The sole AIO is a multithreaded bot like other available sneaker bots. It allows users to carry out multiple tasks concurrently. But use proxies and servers to achieve this option. The more you create tasks, the higher the chances of grabbing multiple pairs for your sneaker business. Enter the details and keyword or URL with your billing details. Ensure you select the right delay time to avoid being detected.

However, do not overwork the bot. Manage numerous tasks and use unique account details; else, the order can easily be canceled. For instance, you can use your initials or rather rearrange the names. Many sites can detect bots using anti-bot software. They track your bot and block your IP address of which we never wish to happen to you. Use compatible proxies to circumvent such situations.

4. Shopify and Adidas Capability

sole aio shopify

Currently, Sole AIO has been updated to support the most popular Adidas and Shopify sites. It has recorded a good rate on splash releases. The ideal account generator makes it perfect for Adidas stores which is important in copping the latest drops.

But again, the same bot performs well on Shopify custom sites. Thus, it makes the checkout process fast and easy. This ensures that resellers and sneakerheads obtain the maximum number of pairs without any hitches. You can also access Shopify links through the discord.

Sole Adidas Capability

5. Have Maintained Regular Updates

The developers of the Sole AIO bot are very active and updates the bot every month in preparation for the sneaker hype. Never miss out on the effort. The bot stays updated with the latest technology to maximize and maintain a consistent performance rate.

6. Discord Collocation

The Sole AIO is not left behind. They also have a server. Their clients can access information on sneaker drops, keywords, monitors, and stock numbers, with much more. You can also get the guides and tricks of using the bots in the sneaker copping business and achieve the ultimate hype. And again, you can still set up the captcha depending on your google account on the bot.

To this extend, we have looked at various drawbacks, features, and advantages of using the Sole AIO bot. To add a few flies on the ointment, the bot does not do well on supreme nor support many sites compared to other bots in the market. And above all, it has a high renewal fee.

It is worth your pocket when you consider its consistent performance rate. Give it a try, and you will appreciate us.

Sole AIO Customer Support

Since the bot is easy to use and grasp their guidelines, the pros never get problems using it. However, the beginners encounter issues while copping the limited editions using the Sole AIO bot. The support team is active and available to serve you. They offer support through various platforms.

First, they have detailed guides and youtube videos which you can only access from their discord dashboard. Even though you can reach out to their support team via email ticket or Twitter handle, most customers prefer one-on-one live chat in discord. The support team is exceptional, and their response is always helpful. Never hesitate to contact them.

The Editor’s Verdict

The Sole AIO bot has great Shopify checkout links for the latest releases when the site has a human queue. The bot sends links via discord to all users for checkout. It is also recommended for Adidas splash. Above all, the bot has an easy user interface good for beginners.

While it supports restricted sites, limiting you from getting these drops, the bot has had a high and consistent success rate on Adidas and Shopify. The bot has countless outstanding features with stellar speed. The customer support team is great.


Last Updated on April 4, 2024

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