Surge Proxies Review

Surge Proxies Review

Do you want lightning-fast proxies? Then try out the ISP, Datacenter, or residential proxies from the Surge proxies provider. Flexible payment plan and discount on bulk purchase.

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Surge Proxies' website has very limited information. So, if you wish to purchase their proxies, read this article to the end. But before that, lets us look at some of its key features:

Features of Surge Proxies

  • Flexible payment plan for ISP proxies
  • Instant delivery/High-speed proxies
  • Fast proxies
  • Datacenter; unlimited bandwidth
  • User; pass authentication
  • 20+ million IP pool
  • Provide proxy tester tool
  • Responsive customer support
  • Affordable proxy solution
  • Discount on bulk purchase
  • Proxies at high-speed
  • Provide both ISP and residential proxies
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Profit of Surge Proxies

Surge Proxies Overview

Surge Homepage

Aside from providing ISP proxies, Surge proxies also have residential and Datacenter proxies. ISP proxies are only limited to two locations; Ashburn and VA. However, their website says servers are located in Chicago and VA; only VA is effective. Although, the proxies are affordable. From the information on the website, they have over 20 million IPs. Again, the residential proxies are secure and fast hence can cop through Shopify, Nike, and Adidas.

Surge proxies have Twitter and telegram where customers can get help and learn more. Unfortunately, there is no refund once you make payment for your plan. But even though they are a small premium proxy provider, their proxies are good for the sneaker copping business. Their rate is standard, and they have gained customer trust over time.

Gracing in the sneaker copping market does not mean they only specialize in proxies; they are also among the server providers. The free proxy tester is available for both Windows and macOS but is still inactive on their website.

Surge Proxies Plans and Pricing

Surge Proxis Plan

A surge, you will only find a few proxy packages. Their datacenter proxies are not known to be detectable. Rather, they have invested more into ISP. But also, Surge proxies provide residential proxies to human users. Let us dive into their packages in detail below.

Datacenter Plan

Surge Datacentre Plan

In the datacenter package, you can get ISP retail or Captcha proxies. This package starts as low as $ 35. The captcha proxies are only available in VA locations. They support Walmart, amazon, target, and more. The spring network circuit is good for managing and creating bulk social media accounts and Gmail. This package mostly targets Nike and other sites for limited sneaker editions.

In general, Datacenter offers users:

  • Email protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web browsing
  • Brand protection.

Residential Plan

Surge Reidential Plan

Surge proxies have over 20 million residential sticky IPs. All packages under the residential plan are valid for 60 days, and any unused data is automatically rolled over. The sticky proxies are geo-targeting with instant delivery. However, the users cannot rotate sticky IPs often. There are many packages under this plan, but the least starts at $35 for 2GB, and 10GB goes at $130.

Residential proxies are good for:-

  • Market research.
  • Retail use.
  • Software automation.
  • Data scraping.
  • Ecommerce.

ISP Plan

Surge ISP Plan

Among other packages, this is the most trusted for it uses IPv4 subnet from datacenter server. Cop and scrape data with limited bans. It has a high speed of 10GBPS and comes with unlimited bandwidth. 25 proxies are going at $70, and 100 proxies go at $280. Unfortunately, it is limited to VA locations.

ISP proxies are exceptional for:

  • Privacy
  • Data scraping
  • Sneaker copping

Users mostly buy surge proxies and specifically ISP, for copping limited editions as they are optimized for a specific use case.

Surge Proxies Location

Surge proxies have limited location coverages. They mostly pay attention to sneaker proxies, therefore, optimizing speed in limited areas for sneaker copping. So, captcha proxies support VA locations. Residential proxies have over 20 million IPs, and there is no sufficient information about their location coverage. However, ISP proxies support ISP VA locations. VA location is the hotspot for sneaker copping.

Surge Proxies Authentication

IP authentication is advanced authentication, and it should not be an issue. Surge proxies only support user; password authentication.

Surge Proxies Customer Support

Surge Proxis Customer Support

Surge proxies provider supports their customers through discord. You can log in using your registered telephone number or email address and password. Again, users can scan the QR code on their mobile app. Still, if you have any concerns, you can contact them via Twitter handle or email address. We guarantee you that.

The Editor’s Verdict

You cannot doubt the speed and work of surge proxies. It is exceptionally perfect for sneaker copping, but they still flop. The technical team is working hard to improve the services, and still, there is a lot to be done.

Although the proxies are limited in VA location and have no detailed information about residential coverage, the speed of captcha proxies 10GBPS makes it good for copping sneakers and perfect for making bots.

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

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