VIP72 Review

VIP72 Review

Do you want to know if VIP72 is still in operation? Check out our latest review. This provider is a US-based company that offers both proxy and VPN services to its users.

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VIP72 is a one-person business from their website. Besides specializing in the provision of SOCKS proxies, it is also well known through its VPN. In this review, we are going to look at VIP72 Socks proxies if it's worth your money. Before that, let us look at its pros and cons first.

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VIP72 Socks Proxies Pros and Cons

Why We Like it

  • Supports many locations
  • High speed without traffic limit.
  • They have an anonymous VPN
  • Low price but high-quality services
  • Hidden connection by 1024-bit encryption
  • Proxies have invisible IP addresses.
  • Accepts multiple payment methods

Why We Don't Like it

Do not work on streaming popular sites

No free trial.

No refund policy.

One device per account.

VIP72 Socks Proxies Overview

Vip72 Socks Proxies Homepage

The reviews about VIP72 socks proxies are disgusting, but we have taken out time to test and write unbiased reviews about their services. Although the proxies do not support streaming popular websites, their VPN is extremely anonymous. They hide your IP address through the use of 1024-bit encryption that keeps you secure and completely invisible. And interestingly, you only authenticate using your username and password. They have servers in 172 countries worldwide.

Again, VIP72 socks proxies don't rely on other VPNs. Your data is securely sent through their servers without being intercepted. They also have huge IP addresses, roughly 30436. VIP72 proxies have extra expenses compared to other proxies providers. This might be due to the double security encryption like double VPN, which implies that the users are secured from online traffic. However, they do not have a mobile app, but they support Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Currently, VIP72 does not offer a refund nor free trial to their users. As per our user experience, they need to add extra security features so that they outmatch their competitors. They should consider a switch as well as a no-log policy in their service delivery. But all in all, they are only interested in unlocking VoIP and enabling their users to access restricted sites and applications. Another is that their socks proxies have a decent speed.

VIP72 Socks Proxies Pricing

Vip72 Socks Proxies Pricing

VIP72 offers different plans for its users. They have a monthly plan starting at $85 with a 300 socks limit and 250 IP usage limit. Their yearly plan goes at $450, and it comes with unlimited socks and a free VPN for 181 days. Although VIP72 socks proxies are expensive, they have stronger privacy protection. This makes them more popular.

To access the service, all users must register to make a payment or see their proxy plans. If you want to try out their socks proxy, the demo option is available on their website. The full pricing plan can be seen above, or you can as well access it here after registration.

How to Use VIP72 Socks Proxies

After registration and selecting your plan, you need to download their client software. Since the VIP72 client works on a network tunneling basis, you can only access the network using a proxifier through IP and ports. Setting up steps and using VIP72 socks proxies is simple.

  • The first step, install the client software after downloading and log in using the authentication details you provided during registration.
  • Secondly, select get proxies by GEO. For this step, you should select your preferred geo-targeted country and region.
  • After selecting the socks, connect to the tunnel using your ports and IPs.
  • Lastly, open the proxifier to connect to the tunnel. You will need server settings. Use the IPs of the tunnel that are in VIP72 clients for the socks.

After that, you are set to start browsing anonymously.

VIP72 Socks Proxies Authentication

Vip72 Socks Proxies Authentication

The VIP72 socks proxies are not that simple to use. To some users, logging in to their accounts is somehow time-wasting. After logging in using a username and password, this is because it might prompt you to solve a captcha again. Their proxies are secured and authenticated through user: pass or other circumstances; VIP72 provides users with a token to authenticate their accounts.

VIP72 Socks Proxies Customer Support

Customer support is a vital section to the users. To an extent, the page shows how serious the provider is concerned about their services. The customer support of VIP72 is only limited to email address, ICQ, and maybe on their news or updates. This might be a drawback to their clients. And again, they do not have a FAQ page to give guidance to their users.

To make it worse, they do not have a knowledge base nor a live chat. Most customers claim they do not receive fast replies using the available means. You might doubt them, but this should not demoralize you since it's just a basic proxy provider. They should improve their customer services to gain trust.

The Editor's Verdict

VIP72 is a basic sock proxy provider on the market with a good feature to select from. They have a high-security level which effectively secures your online traffic. Although their price is high, their geo-target is, and their speed is excellent.

It might not impress you, but it keeps its users safe and secure through unlocking restricted sites and applications.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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