Chi Proxies Review

Chi Proxies Review

Is Chi Proxies worth your money? This is what we are going to discuss in this article. This review highlights all relevant aspects of Chi proxies, including datacenter and residential monthly and daily plans.

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Features of Chi Proxies

  • Quality datacenter and residential proxies
  • Unmatched success record.
  • Multi-location coverage.
  • Extreme speed.
  • Unlimited residential proxies.
  • Dischord customer support.
  • Instant delivery upon payment.
  • Price charged per bandwidth
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Chi Proxies are well known for selling proxies designed for copping the sneakers and other products with high demand but low supply on the market. The information available about this provider is little. Please read our review to get an unbiased overview of Chi proxies. Before we go to the general overview, let us first look at its features.

Feature of Chi Proxies

Chi Proxies Overview

chi proxies Dashboard

Chi Proxies sell both residential and Datacenter proxies. Their proxies have amazing speed- good for the sneaker copping industry. As you know, speed is vital when it comes to copping the latest drops. It is good you try these proxies and succeed, or you lose out on the kicks. Their datacenter proxies are only limited to North Virginia and Chicago, while Residential covers 15 countries, including China and Japan.

Chi Cooked Inc. established the proxies intending to help meet the needs of sneaker retailers. Since its inception in 2017, the company has served over 10,000 customers on Shopify and other platforms. They have an unmatched success record. But, do you have a reason to buy proxies from them? Our test showed that they are commendable as Shopify designed proxy provider.

While the proxies work well with easy initial setup and site monitoring from discord support, it still has downsides. This is because we encountered some issues in our test and in research. The cons should not keep you worrying. Keep reading to learn everything about Chi proxies that will help you decide whether you should purchase or not.

Chi Proxies Plans and Pricing

Unlimited Residential Proxies

During our research, we were forced to sign up for an account to access the pricing plans and make a purchase. There are four plans available, standard, premium, monthly, and daily plans. Each has different bandwidth and pricing. Let us now look at each category as shown below:-

Standard Plan

Chi Proxies Standard Plan


Chi proxies provider cooked standard plans into residential and Datacenter proxies. Since pricing is by bandwidth, you can select as many IPs as you wish. Residential proxies start at $25 for 1GB. At the same time, Datacenter starts at $40 for 25 proxies. The proxies are suitable for copping on Nike, Shopify, Supreme, Adidas, and Footsite stores. Datacenter proxies are cheap and faster. They come with unlimited bandwidth.

Premium Plan

Chi Proxies Premium Plan

The premium residential proxies do not have a data limit. Your purchase depends on the IP addresses you want and is only active for 30 days once you activate them. Premium residential proxies start at $75, for 25 proxies and 250 proxies go at $750.

But the premium datacenter has 1 ISP hosted in North Virginia. They have quality speed good for footsites and much more. The pricing starts at $60 for 25 proxies, whereas 100 proxies cost $240. Both proxies are valid for 30 days upon activation.

Monthly ISP Plan

chi proxies Monthly ISP Plan

The monthly ISP plan has unmetered IPS proxies. There is no data limit, but their proxies are turned on for the limited releases only. The plan is only available once a month. The pricing starts at $50 for 25 proxies, and 200 proxies go at $400.

Daily Plan

chi proxies Daily Plan

This plan offers proxies for 24 hours only and on a release day. The data has no limit but turns off when the release is over. Chi proxies have datacenter and residential ISP proxies. Residential operates at a speed of 200 to 1000m/s  from the VA server. They work well on various websites not only limited to Nike, Adidas, and YeezySupply. Residential ISP proxies start at $20 for 25 proxies, where 100 proxies go for $80.

Elsewhere, daily datacenter proxies have extreme speed good for restocking on many stores. However, the proxies are not reliable on footsites. There is no fixed price for 20 and 50 proxies, but 100 proxies go for $130.

Chi Proxies Location

Chi Proxies Location

Chi proxies sell proxies for sneaker copping. To optimize sneaker copping, you must consider the location of the servers. Their datacenter proxies are only limited to Chicago and N.Virginia centers. However, residential proxies support 15 countries, including Japan, France, AU, CA, UK, US, Germany, and China.

Chi Proxies Authentication

There are only two authentication methods used in the proxy market. However, Chi proxies are only authenticated using user: pass. They do not support IP authentication currently, but we hope this authentication method will be available in the future.

Chi Proxies Customer Support

Chi Proxies Customer Support

Chi proxies provider has issues in terms of customer support. Leave alone Twitter for a while; they only offer customer support in Discord. This service is complicated to some users because they find it hard to create an account for their reasons. Still, they do not have a FAQ page to give detailed information to customers. We could not even ask them for live chat support.

The Editor’s Verdict

Chi proxies provide both datacenter and residential proxies which are categorized into four different plans; premium, standard, monthly, and daily proxies plans. Although they only provide customer support in Discord, the premium datacenter proxies and residential proxies are efficient for copping limited editions. The residential proxies are expensive but suitable for restocking.

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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