Geonode Review

Geonode Review

Geonode is a new proxy provider that aims to provide an unmetered residential proxy to its clients. While still in the development stage, they have become a force to be reckoned. Want to know more? Find out!

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Here are some of the features which sets Geonode apart from the competitors:

  • 2+ million rotating Residential IP Addresses
  • Offer Countries geo-targeting
  • Available in 140+ locations globally
  • $1 for 7 days trial without data caps
  • API support
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Because the world is rapidly changing and focusing on digital marketing, it requires scraping much data from unlimited and secured websites. How can a business achieve this? Without proxies, it becomes hard to cope with the latest sneaker release, accessing multiple sites, or scraping data from the web.

So, Geonode is a new proxy provider that aims to provide an unmetered residential proxy to its clients. While still in the development stage, they have become a force to be reckoned with. They have an overall rating of 8.6.

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Geonode Pros and Cons

There are many things we liked from Geonode unlimited residential proxies provider but still, we encountered few setbacks which required attention. We can categorize our experience as follows:

Why We Like it

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Good location coverage
  • Logging in and setting up the proxies is easy and faster.
  • Compatible with most browsers:
  • Offer API access.
  • Improved website performance using 2M residential proxies.
  • Supports multiple proxy protocols including SOCKS5.
  • You can upgrade or cancel your plan anytime.
  • Guarantee money back.

Why We Don't Like it

Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc are not supported for now

No 24/7 support services;

Using too much bandwidth; can affect network traffic.

Priced by thread: Avoid being sold or shared maliciously, resulting in slow down.

Only uses software as a service (SaaS).

Geonode Overview

You can Gather accurate data from any website at a scale using millions of Geonode residential proxies. They do not have a limit on monthly transfers and data caps. Geonode does not charge for bandwidth. Compared to their competitors, Geonode does not mix residential proxies with the datacenter. Enjoy faster speed data processing and predictable outcomes anytime with Geonode background rotating proxies.

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However, as a rising proxy provider, their proxies are not designed to be used with very popular websites like Google, Instagram, Youtube, but we can expect it to happen in the near future. The servers are available in multiple countries. The section below discusses the features of Geonode in detail.

Geonode Specifications
IP Pool 2+ Million IP Type Residential
Price Sample 10 Threads – $47 (Monthly) Price Charged Bandwidth
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) + Socks Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
Free trial $1 for 7 days Refund policy Yes
Geo-targeting Countries Jurisdiction Singapore

Geonode IP Types

Ip type of Geonode Proxies

Geonode proxy is an effective tool in hiding your IP address online and surfing anonymously. They allow users to route four different sites with ease. This is because the Residential proxies used rotate by time and supply IPs on request.

Geonode is best for Scraping because you can request instant IP change anytime. The IP address rotates by time in a range of 5/10/15/30/60 minutes. As long as the user is satisfied with the targeted site, you are supposed to enter the correct IP into the scraping box.

Geonode Pricing

Geonode Pricing

Geonode has unlimited bandwidth but it is priced by a thread. They offer a seven-day free trial at $1. The MINI Package monthly subscription starts at $47 per month with up to 10 threads. Enterprise plus comes with 20,000 threads costing $8,000 per month.

Users can cancel or upgrade the package anytime. They guarantee you money back when not satisfied. New clients? You have nothing to lose. For more details, check out their pricing plan here. Let us now look at the authentication and protocols.

Geonode Price Comparison with other proxy

Geonode Authentication and Protocols

Your geonode account is secured. This is because they provide authentication protocols to users which allow the system to connect to a target site. You can log in using your registered username and password. The passwords acquired from the Geonode proxy provider are hard to crack and confidential.

Geonode Authentication
Still, the IP addresses which are provided by ISP authorize access to your target website. You can whitelist up to 4 IP addresses of which the system recognizes and connects to your particular websites.

Additionally, Geonode can also support websites that use HTTP(S), SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, and SOCKS5.

Geonode Location

Geonode residential proxies’ provider is headquartered in Singapore. However, they are available in 140+ countries worldwide. Their services are expanding day and night.

Geonode Customer Support

Geonode Customer Support

Geonode has exceptionally good customer support. However, online chat does not support customers 24/7. Although, you can check on their expert in case you have any issue via phone call, send a message through a ticket, or surprise them with a physical visit. Never hesitate to check on them anytime.

The Editor's Verdict

However Geonode residential proxy provider does not provide 24/7 support services to customers, experience network traffic, and being unable to scrape the popular websites, they have an impact on the digital market.

Currently, they are the best unmetered residential proxy provider on the market even though they are still in the development stage. They have unlimited bandwidth and no monthly transfer limit or data caps. Make an informed decision.

Geonode Alternatives

Geonode provides unmetered proxies with unlimited bandwidth, however; it faces very stiff competition from Shifter who is the best alternative to unlimited bandwidth. Soax is considered as the best city Geo-targeting alternative to Geonode whereas Bright Data fits all your needs.

These competitors support both SaaS, windows, and mac platforms as compared to Geonode; operating software as a service.

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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