Hex Proxies Review

Hex Proxy Review

Does the speed of proxy matter to you? Then your choice is Hex Proxy with unmatched speed for copping sneakers!

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Features of Hex Proxy

  • Dedicated proxies
  • Uptime guaranteed
  • 24/7 support services
  • user/pass and IP authentication
  • Dominate multiple sites
  • 10GBPS speed.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
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Hex proxy features


Hex Proxy Overview

Hex Proxies Homepage

Hex proxy is over the bar. It provides a whopping 10GBPS  while competitors are offering 1GBPS internet connection speed. This speed is good for copping sneakers from online stores. Ping and latency are reduced with hex proxy. This is because the servers are located in areas close to where the sneaker sites are hosted. Therefore, when you consider speed, hex proxy has an economical advantage over the possible alternatives. Speed is important when copping limited edition sneakers.

Hex Proxies type

Hex proxy provides over 35 million IPs. Dominance and speed under one platform. They have different packages with which each has a different subscription. Since they offer unlimited bandwidth, the plans are based on user location.- they offer private residential, premium ISP, and Captcha. They do not have a refund policy.

Hex Proxy Plans and Pricing

Hex Proxies Pricing and Plan

Hex proxy provides unlimited bandwidth but has a specific pricing system for each plan or subscription. Here is a list we have compiled for you.

Residential Proxy

Hex proxy Residential Proxy

There are many categories under the residential plan. These range from entry, starter up to enterprise. Both plans have unlimited proxy generation,99.99% assured uptime with user/pass authentication. The hex provider sells fully dedicated both static and rotating proxies. The starter plan comes with 1GB costing $23, while the business enterprise goes at $605, and it comes with 32GB. Exclusive to hex users only.

ISP Plan

Hex proxy ISP Plan

It has three categories starting at $65 with 25 proxies for 30 days. They only support Nike desktop, Shopify, Adidas, Amazon, and many more. However, the proxy is not guaranteed to have a high success rate on sites with the bot or proxy protection. The plan is good with instant activation.

Captcha Plan

Hex proxy Captcha Plan

This is the last plan, and as well, it has three categories. Monthly ISP starts at $50 with 25 proxies for 30 days. It consists of 10GBPS  business ports and both IP and user/pass authentication. These proxies are fully dedicated and exceptionally good for V2 and V3 captchas. Easy to subscribe, and users can cancel anytime.

Hex Proxy Location

Hex proxy providers have different plans with different location coverage. For instance, the Residential Plan covers over 100 global locations, while ISP is limited to Ashburn and VA locations. No sufficient information on the location coverage of the Captcha plan. We hope they are working on expanding the location coverage in the future.

Hex Proxy Authentication

Hex proxy account is secured using users: pass and IP authentication on both ISP and Captcha plan. However, the residential plan uses only user: pass authentication.

How to Use Hex Proxy

After purchasing a Hex proxy plan, your next step is how to use it. You should sign in and press on the dashboard-seen on the top right hand of the website. The dashboard presents all proxy plans.

To activate and generate proxies, select your plan from the drop-down menu, and it will display the time remaining as 720 hours ( 30 days). Once selected, hit the authenticate button and copy or download. Verify that your IP addresses are authenticated or else, the proxy would not work.

To delete the authenticated IP address, press the trash can. The user can copy IP addresses and paste them onto your bot, ready for scraping or copping. The procedure applies to both plans with minimal differences.

Hex Proxy Customer Support

Hex Proxies Customer Support

The Hex proxy support staff are available 24/7 for any query you have. However, the support is only limited via Twitter and Discord. I hope they will be able to adjust and add more methods for easy communication in the future.

The Editors Verdict

Hex proxy sells unlimited bandwidth proxies with different plans and pricing. They also provide static and rotating IPs, and this makes hex proxy good for copping. The 10GBPS speed is awesome. It is not only cheap but also guarantees users uptime. Easy to set up and authenticate.

We highly recommend them for users due to their speed and dominance in multiple sites under one platform. For more details, click here to select your plan.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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