LocalProxies Review

LocalProxies Review

LocalProxies claim to be one of the best premium residential proxies. But, how true is this statement? Read this review to learn more.

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The proxy industry is constantly growing, and new providers are always popping up. LocalProxies is one of them and promises some mouth-watering features. However, there isn't a lot of information available on the internet about LocalProxies. They also do not provide many details about their proxies.

The quantity of accessible IP addresses is unclear. However, they claim to have lessons in thousands of cities in almost every nation on the planet. Today, we will be examining their claims to determine whether they are as excellent as they claim to be.

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The company claims to offer IPs with high anonymity with no ban or block history. In addition, the proxies are also fast and effective. Here are some of the other features you should expect from this proxy provider.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Offer Countries Geo-targeting
  • Cover Almost All the Countries
  • 24-hour Free Trial

Local Proxies Feature

LocalProxies Pros and Cons

Just like other proxy providers, LocalProxies have their pros and cons. These are some of the things we liked and disliked about their proxies.

Why We Like it

  • Unlimited Bandwidth: They allow you to carry out as many tasks as possible.
  • Socks Support: This enables you to use any browser
  • Incredible Speed: They offer super-fast speed for all their proxies
  • Low Latency: It generates data fast with no buffering and downtime
  • Wide Variety of Packages: They provide a wide variety of plans to choose from

Why We Don't Like it

Poor Support Option: Their customer support is not very responsive

LocalProxies Overview

Local Proxies Homepage

LocalProxies is not yet a top-rated company in the proxy industry. This is not surprising given that they are not too exposed in the market as far as we can tell. Regardless, we bought a few proxies from them and put them to the test to see whether they were worth it.

We couldn't retrieve any information about the company's history on the internet. They don't provide enough details on their proxies, although they do have some claims.

Although the IP pool is unclear, they claim to have proxies in thousands of locations worldwide. They further claim that the IPs are continuously updated and that they are completely untraceable. To make it better, the proxies are drawn from various Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ensuring that they are entirely random.

LocalProxies IP Types and Pricing

Local Proxies Pricing

People may believe that since the company only offers residential proxies, they have a few data plans. That is wrong. LocalProxies has split its packages into various parts.

The first section is organized by rotation type. There are two kinds of proxies that have a 10 minutes’ rotation time and those that change upon request. Each of these is further subdivided into three categories: International, European, and Premium.

There are eight packages in the worldwide rotating proxies, which change every 10 minutes. These provide random IP addresses with no geo-targeting options. The only difference is the number of ports that you get. Proxies are chosen at random from all around the globe. This includes Europe, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Only Residential Proxies

Unlike other proxy providers, LocalProxies only offer residential proxies. They do not have any datacenter or dedicated proxies in their plans.

Charged by Ports

You can decide to buy your proxies per port. This means you are charged according to the number of ports you want. The starting price for this plan is $50 for one port.

Charged by Threads

They also have an option to buy the proxies according to the number of threads. For this package, IPs change upon request and have multiple configuration options.

LocalProxies Authentication & Protocols

At the moment, LocalProxies provide an IP whitelist. This is for when you want to utilize their proxies on browsers. If you opt to use the identifiers protocol, the authentication procedure consists of an IP authentication and a username.

To whitelist your IP, log in to the LocalProxies interface. Go to the “Proxy Ports” area and look for “Allowed IPs” near the lower part. The program reads your current IP address, so all you have to do to add it is tap on “Add current IP.” Alternatively, put the IP address, or several addresses, in the entry bar and hit “Update.”

Currently, LocalProxies only has support for SOCKS and HTTPS protocol. These are enough to use several browsers. However, they need to add more web protocols for better customer service.

How to Use LocalProxies

LocalProxies is a relatively good proxy for beginners. They have an easy-to-navigate interface with easy installation. You don't need any sophisticated skills to add and start using their proxies. All you need to follow are these five simple steps.

  • Log into your control panel.
  • Go to “proxy port” and scroll to proxy setting
  • Add the IP addresses and click “update.”
  • Copy text command and paste on the terminal (Linux or Windows)
  • Adjust the “port setting” to change the country and activate the proxies

LocalProxies Customer Support

Local Proxies Customer Support

Customer support is one of the areas that LocalProxies need to work on. Currently, they only offer support via email. Their social media handles are also inactive. Their contact page isn't also functional to enable you to send emails. The only way to go through with this is to hope everything runs smoothly.

The Editor's Verdict

LocalProxies bring both positive and negative features in equal measure. Some of their characteristics are very good; thus, we won't advise you to avoid the provider. The best thing we love about them is their speed and geo-targeting features. They also have very little latency and are pretty affordable. However, their customer support is a bit off.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a proxy provider with fast speed and anonymity, LocalProxies are a good fit. They also have a user-friendly interface, which is excellent for beginners.

Last Updated on May 15, 2022

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