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Proxifier 101: What is Proxifier & How to Set Up

If your software does not support proxies, Proxyfier will be the best choice. Why? Let's learn more about the advantages of Proxifier and how to set it up.

Proxy pros enjoy online anonymity downloading and accessing all sites using batches of free proxies. It is good to keep your IP address hidden on the world wide web. However, the more you use the proxies and become pro, you definitely notice a few things.

Proxies are tools used for a specific purpose though most people consider them as fun. Nevertheless, it remains that proxies are used as warkhoise instead of pit ponies. They need to help protect and work for you as per your needs. However, when using proxies, you might notice that there are some loopholes. Since these major holes are problems, they should be addressed and remedy them accordingly using a Proxifier.

So, our next step is to understand what a Proxifier is.

What is Proxifier?

proxifier homepage

Proxifier from the website can be defined as a “software that allows network applications that don't work through proxy servers to function via  HTTPS or SOCKS proxy and chain.”  It might be hard to grasp this, but let's break it down into a more straightforward language for easy understanding.

You should note that some applications or programs can't allow users to access the internet while using a proxy connection. While a good number of the software, like Firefox, Chrome, and many others, have a specific place to set up proxies, others don't. It might be troublesome for any proxy user routing a particular site through a proxy.

When using Mac or Windows OS, it is easy to use a proxifier. Go to the setting and change your proxy usage. After that, add your proxies into the proxifier, assign each proxy to its specific task. Always check your logs as the tasks run.
Advantages of Using Proxies with Proxifier Proxyfier helps proxy users run programs through a proxy server. However, it does not require any unique configuration since the whole process is simple. It is also a good option since it is perfect for bypassing firewalls, maintaining logs, resolving DNS names, and tunneling the entire system.

There are many more other use cases of proxifier which we are going to study in detail. Proxifier is compelling software. For that reason, we can go into detail by looking at the advantages of using proxies with a proxifier.

Advantages of Using Proxies with Proxifier

We can term a proxifier as a secondary proxy client that manages proxy usage. Because not all applications support the use of proxies, there are exceptions. Therefore, a proxifier can be used to overcome such exceptions. It is thus suitable to look at the advantages of the proxifier in general.

1. Test Whether Your Proxy is Valid

proxifier load Proxy

Before you start using the proxies and proxifier, users must first load the proxies you intend to use on the proxifier. You can copy the proxies from a list, or whichever case is ok. The software first checks the proxies' connections if they are valid prior to open a website. Authorize verification by clicking the start testing button, and it immediately tests them.

This step is vital in removing banned or bad free proxies.  It helps route out, and it might also explain why private proxies might not work.

2. It is Portable

proxifier Portability

Portability is one of the advantages of proxifier, and it is a huge one. Users can download portable software or any version. This implies the software is readily available on a thumb drive. The software can be used anywhere without restrictions. Be it at school or the workplace.

But, if you have your proxy information, proxifier offers users an opportunity to open any website from anywhere around the globe. It also gives users an opportunity to tunnel through the firewalls and evade any preventive restrictions.

3. Transparent and Real-time Usage

proxifier Transparent and real-time usage

The most valuable thing about setting up a proxifier is the real-time usage window that opens when running the application. Setting up is simple, and immediately you are done, you can run the application to access your desired website.

You will see the proxifier screen when you start running as an empty white box. The Connection tab gives the user an easy-to-read layout of every task connected to the internet via proxifier. The programs are broken down for easy management. Hence you can see the tasks run on proxifier anytime.

Output window constantly updates data or messages in real-time. You Can use the data for tracking what is taking place. A combination of the above traffic tab and windows makes the software exceptionally transparent. You can access anything or tasks and make adjustments where needed.

4. Simple user Interface

proxifier user Interface

In the proxy world, complex things become detrimental. Every concept or thing should be crystal clear. Developers of proxifier made this software for the people that need complexity but are simple to access. There are two versions available for Mac and windows. Each OS has different colors matching them. This also applies to their functionality and application. The software is easy to use without any complications.

5. Free Trial

proxifier Free trial

The software comes with a one-month free trial before purchasing. This helps users evade any risk associated with it. It can easily be integrated with other software, and the free version does not have any limitations. However, it immediately stops working after 31 days.

How to Use Proxifier

Using proxifier is simple as earlier started. However, there are two situations here. We are going to look step by step at how you can set up proxifier both for all network connections and for individual programs

1. Settings for All Network Connections

Before you start on any step here, first download and run the setup of this software from the internet. After that, follow the below step-by-step procedure.

Step 1: Navigate to the profile section

Step 2: open proxy server tab

open proxy server tab

Step 3: Press the Add button as displayed.

Press the Add button

Step 4: Enter your IP address and the port of your proxy server in the empty fields.

Enter your IP address

Step 5: Select the protocol of your proxy server

Select the protocol

Step 6:  If by any chance your proxy supports the user: pass logins, mark the enable box and enter the authentication details to access the proxy.

chance your proxy

Step 7: press the check button to test the work of the proxy server

press the check button

N/B: Incorrect data will display a red message indicating the test failed. You should consider adjusting the IP address, replacing the server, port, or authentication credential. If the test goes successful, you will spot a green inscription.

Incorrect data will display green inscription

Step 8: When testing is complete, press the ok button.

press the ok button

Step 9: You will see a pop-up message prompting you, press yes to allow the proxy server to perform default programs. You are now good to go.

press yes to allow the proxy

2. Settings for Individual Programs

When setting up proxifier for individuals, the procedure seems different, and here are the steps.

Assuming you have downloaded and installed the software

Step 1: click the profile category

Step 2: Open proxification rules as indicated below

Your setup is now complete

Step 3:  On the opened display, press Add button,

Add button


Step 4: Type the name of the new proxy, e.g., a server that works only in google chrome.

works only in google chrome

Step 5: Press the browse button

Press the browse button

Step 6:Then, select the file and launch the application you need by pressing the open button.

select the file

Step 7: Next to ‘Action,' select your preferred proxy server from the dropdown menu


Step 8:  Press ok.

Press ok

Step 9: once again, press Ok button and save changes and exit the main menu

once again press Ok

Your setup is now complete. To verify your connection, try accessing a site that detects your IP address and confirms.

Your setup is now complete


There are many advantages of using a proxifier with proxies. The software allows users to handle multiple tasks without hitches. Proxifier offers clients a one-month free trial before committing to complete payment. We recommend using proxifier because you will never miss the best proxies that we recommend.

While the software has a simple user interface, set up, and offers a free trial, it also has some downfalls. Its advantages outweigh the disadvantages; hence we highly recommend you to go for proxifier when you need to connect to sites that don't open while using proxies and evade the loopholes.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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