Find IP Address on TikTok

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on TikTok

Searching for someone’s IP address on TikTok? Getting it might be easier than you think. Follow the methods in the article and enjoy!

TikTok is a very popular platform nowadays. People originally use it to record short viral videos with dancing or singing. Today, this app has many followers, and they share very different content, from their pets to funny videos or pranks. Of course, you can meet different kinds of people there.

Unfortunately, some of them might write offensive comments or try to put you down. Every creator can face such a challenge. Still, you can stop these people by finding their IP address, location, or other relevant data. Below is how you do it.

TikTok grabbers like Grabify can help you find out the address very easily. All you have to do is give the person a specific link to follow. After they click it, you can do whatever you want with their IP address. Here is how to use Grabify to get IPs:

  • Find a Good URL to Send

To grab the IP, you will need to send a link to the user. This link should be interesting for them. You can use anything as long as they find it exciting enough to follow the link.

  • Create a URL

Now, copy your link and go to the Grabify web page. There, paste the link in the special field and click “Create URL.” The tool will create a specific string of code attached to the link. That will help you to find out IPs in the future. Save the tracking code that the tool will generate for you.

  • Share a Link

After you got the link, share it with your user. Introduce it naturally in the conversation. The user should click it, otherwise, you won’t get their IPs.

Share a Link tiktok

  • Grab the IP!

Once your user has clicked the link, the tool will gather their info, including IP, location, device, provider, country, etc. You can access the data by pasting your tracking code in the special field on the Grabify website. Enter your code, click “Tracking Code,” and enjoy.

Grabify Tracking Code

Grabify ip details

Use Command Prompt 

Command Prompt is an easy-to-use tool that you can find on your computer. Using it, you can give commands to the computer and see the underlying processes of your system. For example, you can use it to show which IPs are now connected to your computer. Here is how to use it to find IPs on TikTok:

  • Close All Apps

Before anything else, close all running apps. Don’t forget about the apps in the background. We do it because later, you will need to see all IP addresses connected to your computer. If apps use the Internet, you will see which addresses they use. So, it will be harder to calculate a TikTok user.

Close All Apps

  • Establish a Conversation

Next, you need to approach a person on TikTok and start the conversation with them. Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection. It’s better to use online chat, video call, or voice call.

  • Open Command Prompt

To open the Command Prompt, first press Win+R. This combination will open the app search on your computer. Type in cmd, and you will see the Command Prompt app. Open it, and in the app, type the command “netstat -an.” This command will show you all IPs now connected to your computer, and one of them should be the IP of your TikTok user.


netstat -an command

Of course, later, you can track down the person’s exact location. Use the IP you got to track with the help of IP Tracker, IP Location, or WhatIsMyIP. It’s pretty easy to do, just follow the on-site instructions.

ip tracker ip details

Still, TikTok is mostly a mobile app. So, not many use it on computers. You will have to get TikTok on your computer before you start this method. Many people prefer to use phones for this app, so the first method with link grabbing is usually more popular.


1. Does the TikTok system know my location?

When you first install the app, TikTok asks if you want to allow location services. If you choose to allow it, then the app will know your location. TikTok will use your phone’s location system. This function is useful if you want to get more content from TikTokers near you. You can switch this function off.

2. What should I be aware of when I use TikTok?

The moderators and support of TikTok are doing their best to ensure a safe place for all. But there are threats, for example, suspicious links that can get your IP or location. Also, there are dangerous videos or videos with prohibited content. Plus, there are online scams.

3. How to Safeguard Yourself Against IP Tracking on TikTok

You can a) hide your address and b) not give access to your personal details. In your TikTok, you can add personal contacts, address details, and location. We don’t recommend adding them for the sake of safety. If you still have these details, delete them or hide them from strangers.

4. Which Works Best for TikTok: Proxy or VPN protection?

First of all, TikTok is a mobile app. So, hackers will search for security breaches on your phone. And, for the phone, VPN is better than a proxy. TikTok doesn’t support proxy use, so it can bypass default proxy settings. So, this method is useless. Instead, use the VPN because all your traffic will first go through a VPN service and only then reach TikTok. But if you use the computer, proxy is also very suitable.


TikTok is a popular app for watching and sharing videos. It isn’t completely safe and there might be rude people online. You can track their addresses using Command Prompt on your computer. Also, you can use link-grabbing sites to get their IP. But don’t forget that you are also under threat when you go online. So, be sure to hide or delete all personal details from your account. For complete safety, use VPN to hide your address and be cautious.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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