Find IP Address of Zoom Participants

How to Get Someone’s IP Address from Zoom

Have you found it impossible to use IP grabbers to get participants' real IP addresses from Zoom? Now, this article will show you the ways that actually work on Zoom.

Zoom has risen to be one of the best platforms to undertake online forums and virtual meetings. It is a secure way to have meetings with fast connection and easy usability. Although it may sound impossible to get an IP address from Zoom participants, some methods are pretty practical. These tips are easy to use and do not require any technical know-how to use them.

Why Can’t Get Participant IP Address from Zoom IP Grabber

Not able to Get Participant IP Address from Zoom

You are probably wondering why you cannot grab the participant's IP address from zoom. The reason is that Zoom does not offer end-to-end connections. This means that your information is not sent directly to Zoom participants.

Your data is first sent to the Zoom communication server in your region and then sent to the recipient. This makes it hard for you to get the IP address of the recipient. If you try using IP grabbers such as Grabify or Wireshark to get IP addresses from Zoom, you will probably see your IP or the IP address of the Zoom server.

However, there are some methods you can use to get the actual IP addresses of Zoom participants.

Access Zoom Webinars Dashboard to Find Participant IP

Having access to Zoom webinars can be a resourceful way of getting hold of someone's IP address. You can use old and live webinars to get Ip addresses in Zoom using the following simple steps.

  • Sign in to your Zoom account using their web portal or simply using the Zoom desktop app.

Zoom desktop app

  • On the Zoom page, navigate and click the dashboard tab. It will provide many options, including profile, meetings, and webinars options.

Zoom dashboard tab

  • Click the webinars option. A list of all webinars will appear, including past and ongoing ones. This is where you are going to get the information you want about your target's IP address.

zoom Webinars dashboard

  • If you want to find the IP address of participants in past webinars, you need to click on the “Past Webinars” option. This gives you access to details about people who were part of past webinars. However, if you need info about an ongoing webinar, you can go straight to “Live Webinars” and see all the details there.



  • On the webinar option, you will get every detail of the participants. This includes their login name, device, IP address, and location. You will also see things such as their network service provider, the time they joined the webinar, and the time they left.

detail of the zoom participants

Using Zoom webinars is a great and easy way to get hold of someone's IP address; it is simple yet very effective.

Access Meeting Details Page to Find Participant IP

Using the Zoom meeting details page on the dashboard is one of the surest ways to get a participant's IP address. It is easy and a few steps to gain the information you need.

  • Open the Zoom page using your desktop. You can access your Zoom software online or use the Zoom desktop app.

Zoom desktop

  • Sign in to your account to access the Zoom meeting. For this method to work, you need to be the administrator of the forum.

zoom login

  • On the dashboard, click on the “meeting” option available in the top left corner. This tab will allow you to see meetings that have happened in the past and live ones.

zoom dashboard webinar

  • If you have been an admin in a past meeting, you will see participants in that meeting. You will also see a complete list of current participants and all past conferences.

zoom attendance meeting participants

  • The list of participants provides you with all the information you need. This includes the display name, the device used, the IP address, and the participant's location. You will also get details of their network type, connection time and time they left the meeting.

zoom meeting participant

This is a straightforward and effective way of getting the IP addresses of Zoom participants. The only challenge is That you must be an admin of the Zoom meeting to get these details.


Zoom is a safe place to undertake meetings and proceed with webinars. Although, if you are not careful, your information could be grabbed and used for malicious activities. It is not new to hear people being arrested because hackers used their IP addresses for activities that risk national security.

There are several ways you can use it to protect your IP address. You can use VPNs which are some of the most effective ways of masking one's IP address. You can also opt to use Proxies, giving you multiple IP addresses that you can use for all your online activities.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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