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10 Best Twitter Bots to Automate Your Social Marketing

Are you tired of manually automating your Twitter accounts? There is good news with Twitter bots. Learn about Twitter automation using the best Twitter bots on the market. Automate your Twitter accounts’ activities with ease.

Twitter is the best social platform to promote your content although, it has stiff competition and limitations. For your account to be recognized, you need to work more intelligently as well. That is why people are employing third parties to help grow their Twitter accounts. Therefore, we will review the best automation tools and Twitter bots to take your content to the next level.

About Twitter Automation

About Twitter Automation

First, Twitter automation is simply an automated method of managing  Twitter accounts with the help of Twitter bots. Managing accounts is slow when done manually and requires patience, and few people possess the required skills. Using a Twitter bot, the automation process is simple and quickly done on autopilot.

The Twitter bots have simplified tasks like scheduling tweets, unfollow and follow, auto messaging and replies, automatic hashtag generation, and so forth. These automated tasks mean that the user inputs minimal effort daily. You only need the right automation tool or Twitter bot.

Social media marketing automation is essential because it is one of the keys to success, especially being consistent on the Twitter account, which is almost inevitable. Again, managing bulk Twitter accounts are problematic. Using a Twitter bot with relevant Twitter proxies allows you to bypass all restrictions, geo-target various locations, etc.

This implies that Twitter bots are important in evading account bans, managing multiple accounts using different IPs, and bypassing Twitter location restrictions. We have gathered and tested the best automation Twitter bots for you. But before that, let us see how you can your own Twitter bot instead of purchasing.

Top 10 Twitter Bot

Twitter is a bot-friendly platform. However, managing multiple accounts, geo-restriction, and engaging customers becomes a hitch. Besides making your bot, the easy way to manage your accounts is to use the already built Twitter bots below.

1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse Homepage

  • Platform support:  Android, Windows, and Mac
  • Cost: Starts at $79 for one month
  • Proxy: Support

Agorapulse is a social media account management bot with an automation feature. This bot works best for scheduling  Twitter posts. It works perfectly in creating engagement and collaboration on Twitter accounts. Besides scheduling posts, this bot also helps monitor, report what is essential, and check the Twitter inboxes. This is ideal for a marketing agency.

The pricing plan depends on the social profiles and users. They offer a free trial accompanied by two other plans billed annually, and for enterprises, there is a perfect custom plan. The bot has been used by over 31k Twitter managers and marketers daily. The 30 minutes reply time is a record-breaking speed and has a user satisfaction score of 96%.

2. ASB Twitter Bot

Auto Social Bots Homepage

  • Platform support:  Windows and Mac
  • Cost: $39.00 for one month
  • Proxy: Support

ASB Twitter bot is one of the most used and best Twitter bots developed by auto social bots. This bot is best for managing unlimited accounts. This is because the software utilizes multithreaded HTTP requests at high speed. It is easy to use Twitter apps, updates regularly, and guarantees your money back within 7 days when not satisfied.

Like other Twitter bots, ASB Twitter bot can automate all activities like commenting, scheduling posts, following, unfollowing, deleting, blacklist, and username scrapping. Because it supports spin syntax, users can automate unique messages, and the good news is that the bot can auto SMS verify your Twitter account. Enjoy free updates as long as you have a valid and active license.

3. Socinator

Socinator Homepage

  • Platform support:  Windows
  • Cost: Starts at $9.95 for a month
  • Proxy: Support

This bot is well known for its high success rate for increasing your return on brand awareness. This bot has Four monthly and yearly packages. It is the cheapest on the market but comes with unique features. Besides normal activities, Socinator can give users statistics and reports, broadcast messages to fans, manage multiple Twitter accounts intelligently, find and extract engagement, hashtags, and extract targeted users.

Again, the bot can monitor folder features, schedule profile pic change, automate messages to new followers, greet users while mentioning their name as well as muting to clear unwanted tweets without unfollowing users. Their trial goes at $1 for 5 days. Its downside is that customers complain that it sometimes fails to work and supports windows only.

4. FollowLiker

Follow Liker Homepage

  • Platform support:  Window, Mac, and Linux
  • Cost: $97.99  one time and $5.55 monthly
  • Proxy: Support

Besides managing a Twitter account, the FollowLiker bot also automates other social media accounts. One of its advantages is that this bot works well on all platforms and can perform all activities that the user handles manually. The bot is super flexible, powerful, reliable, and multipurpose.

We used it effectively to share information, generate leads, gather new engagement, generate human traffic, and promote products. Users can't handle these tasks simultaneously. This bot has everything you need to market your products on Twitter accounts.

The FollowLike bot can do anything from sharing photos, searching users, repin photos and any automatable responses. This is an affordable bot in the long term with easy UI. However, there is no free trial nor refund policy.

5. Twesocial

Twesocial Homepage

  • Platform support:  Windows
  • Cost: It starts at $15 for one week.
  • Proxy: Support

Twesocial is an excellent Twitter bot with consistent and powerful growth services. They offer high-quality prices at a lower price. They are working hard to surpass other providers in a dozen of ways.  Their Twitter growth service is real followers that increase at a natural rate. The number one feature is their optimized advanced targeting option to reach relevant and active followers.

Aside, they have a very competitive price both weekly and monthly. The weekly plan assures users of maximum speed with priority support. Every plan has a 3-day free trial. Using these bots is easy, and just in case, you can access guides from the website or reach out to their well-detailed FAQ page.

The developers do everything they can to point users in the right direction. Still, the bot has a feature where you can forget or set a service performed by the case manager. Try Twesocial bot to increase your Twitter growth and engagement effectively.

6. Tweetfull

Tweetfull Homepage

  • Platform support:  Chrome extension
  • Cost: Starts at $15 for one month.
  • Proxy: Support

Tweetfull is another Twitter bot that automates liking, retweeting, follow clients. There are many methods by which this bot promotes your account engagement.

First, it uses hashtags to get you potential customers. The hashtag is well known for its excellent ability to search and connect minded clients in Twittersphere. Secondly, it also promotes your account by engaging your targets. This achieves this by automatic linking and retweeting to get immediate engagement. Another method is the use of strategic artificial intelligence in growing the real users.

The provider offers all users two weeks free trial period. It's worth trying it out. Over 90k business managers trust the bot. This bot is best for all influencers, marketers, bloggers, business owners, and individuals. It is a cheap and excellent bot to try out.

7. Tweeteev

Tweeteev Homepage

  • Platform support:  All platforms
  • Cost: Starts at $15 for one week
  • Proxy: Support

Make a difference on your Twitter account using the Tweeteev bot. These guys have excellent customer support if you like bots, and the bot comes packed with advanced automation tools, organic growth, and targeted followers without getting fake engagement. They have two weekly pricing plans and guarantees the users 100% safety.

The bot is efficient in managing Twitter accounts. Even though they keep everything simple, they are effective automation tools for your Twitter account. Don't be concerned about your reputation; they will do things for you. They are confident with their services; thus, any user can cancel a subscription anytime. It's optimized for Twitter hence risk-free.

8. Somiibo

Somiibo Homepage

  • Platform support:  Window, Mac, Linux
  • Cost: It starts at $14.95 for one month.
  • Proxy: Support

Somiibo gave us an easy time while reviewing it. Their online reputation among clients is incredible. The bot protects your Twitter from radars and keeps you away from some annoying notifications. The good thing about this bot is that users can multi-task. This implies one can manage a Twitter account with another social media account simultaneously. They provide one platform where you can log in to all your social media accounts.

The module makes use of trusted user-input events, making it safe and reliable. The speed and efficiency are second to none. It does everything faster without compromising on efficiency. Multiple modules allow users to mix and match while customizing Twitter marketing.

It earns you free organic growth, comments, and retweets, saving your time. They have two pricing plans; monthly and annual. However, they also offer a lifetime free trial that can run two modules and two sessions concurrently.

9. Tweet Attacks Pro

Tweet Attacks pro Homepage

  • Platform support:  Windows
  • Cost: Starts at $67 one time for one account.
  • Proxy: Support

Tweet Attacks Pro is a bot designed to manage Twitter accounts and automate daily tasks. Its operation complies with the Twitter API regulations. Thus it's impossible to get your account banned. Users can start with a lifetime free version but enjoy advanced features upon purchasing the pro 5 ultimate. This bot mimics human behaviors online with reduced chances of being detected. It is easy and secured to use on Twitter.

The downside part of this bot is that it is pricey for short-term users. However, it operates at random and remembers to mix tasks making it hard to be traced.

10. Jarvee

Jarvee Homepage

  • Platform support:  Windows
  • Cost: Starts at $29.95 for a month
  • Proxy: Support

We liked Jarvee not only because of the free trial but primarily due to its favorable features and being the best tool for Twitter marketing automation. It scales your Twitter account engagement to the next level under one platform. Jarvee takes everything seamless when it comes to managing new clients or maintaining the existing ones.

This is the best seed for organic growth on your social media accounts. It does everything; creating unique messages using spin syntax, scheduling, auto-follow, retweet, follow-back, and hashtag are a few of its capabilities.

The best part? They have an affordable price that covers all your needs. Because this bot supports proxy, it is safe, secure, fast, and reliable, and above all, Jarvee has a long history of success. All three packages come with 5 days free trial.

How to Make a Twitter Bot

How to Make a twitter Bot

If you are a tech freak, you can make your own Twitter bot to automate your accounts. We will only highlight important areas of making a Twitter bot using Python with Tweepy. Tweepy is a convenient package that uses Twitter API. We are concerned about these bots because Twitter is an important platform, and keeping customers engaged is another factor that needs a compatible bot.

First, you should understand how Tweepy works for you to be able to make a Twitter bot in python. You can practically make different Twitter bots. These python bots can automatically follow, unfollow, tweet and retweet following specific criteria. Most of the Twitter bots use the stream to filter some tweets. Using the Tweepy package, the low-level data of your Twitter API stays hidden hence keeps focusing on the Twitter bot's logic.

Steps to make your bot are simple. First, you need to install Tweepy, Sign up for a Twitter developer account, invoke your Twitter API, build the Twitter bot, and finally deploy it to the server using AWS and Docker. For a full tutorial, you can visit the actual python website to learn more.

To wrap up, Twitter bots automates your online presence to a higher level. These bots save your time and create a better experience for your customers. You can use our best Twitter bots in this article to help you automate your Twitter accounts.

FAQs about Twitter Bot

1. Does Twitter Bots Give Me Fake Followers?

First, fake engagement puts your account at risk. Using the best and high-quality Twitter bots above helps you evade fake engagement. However, many automation tools sell fake engagement, but the above bots are not willing to do it. Keep an eye on the retention rate; if it sticks, then you can conclude whether the followers are fake or not.

2. Are Twitter bots legal?

Yes. This is the correct answer because no law works against it. However, the bot should ethically use public APIs, and failure to do this, your account is put at risk of getting banned. Using private API is even worse. Still, Twitter bots from unreliable companies might put you at risk, and your account might end up being compromised.

3. What are the best proxies for Twitter bots?

Since Twitter is not much aggressive in fighting bots and has its public APIs for bots, datacenter proxies can get the task done. But for extra security, you can use residential proxies. All details are in our post, and you can check it out for detailed information.


A Twitter bot is a good choice for automating and managing your Twitter accounts. The bots help save time and increase public engagement. What you need to do is simply making the proper selection from the above lists. The bots are tested and trusted to have a consistent performance on Twitter.

We have given you a brief review of each bot and its current state in the market. Working harder is not enough; you should work smarter with the best Twitter bots to bring your customers on board and promote brands online.

Last Updated on December 28, 2023

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