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6 Best Minecraft Proxies to Enjoy Your Game!

Do you need Minecraft proxies to get started?  Check out our well-researched list and start building your dream today.

Minecraft is a video game that most people enjoy its creativity. It offers players a chance to build endless opportunities. While it is the favorite among gamers of all time, it sometimes slows down while using your pc and the same IP address when signing to it. This, together with connectivity issues, makes the game dull.

There is only a simple solution. Seek a relevant proxy server and powerful pc to enjoy the game with full potential. There are many proxies on the market, so finding affordable and reliable providers has become tricky. This article will cover the best Minecraft proxies to help you get started and enjoy the game without lagging or any problem. Here we go; let's first look at some reasons why you need Minecraft proxies.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Minecraft?

There are many reasons why you need Minecraft proxies. Selecting the relevant proxies is crucial because they can help you in :

Change Your Location

track down your location

First, some Minecraft is not released to be operational around the globe. A particular country might be restricted to playing a specific game like the Minecraft version. When such restriction prevails in your country, you need Minecraft proxies to change your IP addresses to a country where the video game is available.

Hide Your Real Identities

Hide Real Identities

Besides shielding your IP addresses, Minecraft proxies keep you anonymous and protect your pc by providing high security and speed against online attackers. Get extra protection and stretch your playtime with undetected proxies. Minecraft proxy also works as reliable security while online.

Escape Sanctions

different IP addresses

When you go against Minecraft terms and conditions, they can ban or blacklist your IP address. For this case, you cannot use your same PC without relevant Minecraft proxies. Get proxy servers to shield you and provide different IP addresses to access and play the game again.

How to Choose Proxies for Minecraft?

Choose Proxies for Minecraft

Proxies can help you improve your video gaming experience. When you are blocked, never rush to buy a new device, get proxies. The perfect proxies for Minecraft are residential proxies. However, they are expensive.

And before buying, there are a few factors you need to consider. Speed and latency are the most important things. A reliable proxy increases your gaming speed while reducing the lag time, ping, and latency to gain a super-charged gaming experience. Secondly, consider the cost, and this is why we highly recommend datacenter proxies since they are cost-effective for Minecraft.

Therefore, besides the security of your online connection and changing IP addresses, proxy servers have a lot of benefits, especially to Minecraft video gamers around the world.

Best Proxies for Minecraft

1. MyPrivateProxy

Myprivateproxy Homepage Overview

  • Location: 31 locations in the US, UK, and EU
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starts at $2.49 per proxy monthly

MyPrivateproxy was founded in  Seychelle island and served people on the proxy market for a long time. Currently, their datacenter proxies offer one of the stellar connection speeds. This is because they have dedicated servers specifically for their customers.

Additionally, the proxies are reliable and secure hence perfect for Minecraft gaming. They prioritize the anonymity of their customers and secure them from external cyber-attacks. These guys have servers in Eu, the US, and other worldwide locations. You can enjoy multiple proxies from a bulk Ip pool.

They offer affordable pricing plans based on a proxy. They have different pricing plans to select from according to your needs. Also, they specialize in shared proxies that support multiple locations and subnets and are easy to use. Their customer service is readily available and on another level. Their FAQ page can help you solve any issues you have too.

2. Blazingseollc

Blazingseollc overview

  • Location: 30 worldwide locations
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS5
  • Cost: Starts at $2 per proxy monthly

Bazingseollc is our best Minecraft proxy provider on the market too. They rely on cloud-based services; hence you can enjoy non-stop and unmetered streaming. This means users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth without encountering any interruption during the gameplay.

The proxies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, where one can select from any of them depending on the browser. Their location is perfect around the globe hence giving Minecraft gamers a chance to access over 300k unique IPs while connecting to the internet. You also refresh these IOPs after every one month.

The pricing is based per proxy, thus customer-friendly. But, the speed is good and comes with an unlimited concurrent connection that justifies the cost associated. Again, when they don't live up to your expectation, cancel the subscription anytime within 2 days of their free trial. Besides using Minecraft, these proxies are also used for other purposes.

3. SSLprivateproxy

Ssl Private Proxy Overview for Autumn Session

  • Location: 39 locations in US and UK
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starts at $15 for 5 proxies monthly

This is a premium proxy provider that dedicates a package according to your needs. They offer private and shared proxies on the market, perfect for Minecraft gamers and private networks. That is for gaming and online shopping as well.

They have proxy servers in the US, Europe, and other global regions with over 300k IP addresses to choose from. SSLprivateproxy also offers high-speed connectivity, which goes to approximately 1000MBps. Besides regular IP randomization, proxies help in preventing disconnection issues.

They offer varied price plans, but all are customer-friendly. You can start from as low as 5 proxies per month. You can pay for their immediate secure connection using different payment options. However, if you are not happy with their services, you can request for refund within 3 days. They guarantee you money back.

4. Instantproxies

InstantProxies pintesest proxy

  • Location: USA and Europe
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starts at $10 for 10 proxies monthly

Among Minecraft proxy providers, you can never miss Instantproxies. It has been on the market for an extended period, and its services prove it as a perfect option besides its few drawbacks. Even though they don't disclose their IP pool or the location coverage, their proxies have excellent speed. This is one of the things a Minecraft gamer needs. Again, it is an added advantage that Instantproxies offer unlimited bandwidth just like other datacenter proxy providers.

They have decent packaging options with flexibility. You can get Minecraft proxies of your choice from 10. Going beyond 500 proxies, you can request the customized package from their customer support page.

While they do not offer a lot of services, their pricing is affordable, making it our best Minecraft option. They do not offer a free trial; instead, they cover it in a refund policy where you can test proxies for up to 7 days. This is the longest time to try them using their free tester tool. Run the Minecraft proxies through the tool and get instant results. This is a nice touch.

5. SquidProxies

SquidProxies Home Page

  • Location: 22 locations
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starts at $24 for 10 proxies monthly

Squidproxies also offers the fastest Minecraft datacenter proxies on the market. Their proxies are found in the US, EU, and Asia. They specialize in providing both private and shared proxies among their customers. The proxy supports HTTP(s) protocols and is secured using IP authentication.

When it comes to speed which is a core element of Minecraft gaming, they offer a competitive niche at an affordable price. You can match their momentum with a few exceptional Minecraft proxy providers.

Their IP addresses are non-sequential, which matches online anonymity, and you can refresh once per month. There is a lot that Squidproxies need to add to their proxies for extra security. Besides the downsides, they best datacenter proxies perfect for Minecraft gamers around the globe at a friendly price.

6. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies Homepage Overview

  • Location: US
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starts from $10 for 5 proxies monthly

According to the history of the proxy market, Storm proxy offers the cheapest Minecraft proxies. You can pay for their services using different methods, and their free trial only lasts for 24 hours. The provider specializes in the datacenter and private dedicated proxies. These can be rotating or backconnect rotating proxies, which comes with a high speed perfect for video gamers.

While they support HTTP(S), they offer limited usage of SOCKS5. This means security and anonymity are guaranteed while playing games online. You can only authenticate their proxies via IP whitelisting. Unlimited bandwidth is also another advantage that you can enjoy without any hidden costs. The speed is optimized for high performance and faster multi-thread tools. They use real IP to keep you hidden.


Gamers can only play a limited version of Minecraft video games. To have complete control, evade restrictions, and enjoy full features, you need relevant Minecraft proxies. Selecting proxies from the above list is vital. They offer stellar speed, anonymous and secure connectivity at an affordable price.

Stay safe online and unlock all geo-restrictions. Enjoy the entire gaming process, reduced ping, latency, and high speed with an endless super-charged gaming experience.

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

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