Brazy Kicks Proxies Review

Brazy Proxies Review

Does Brazy Kiskc worth your money? This is what we will review in this article. The proxy provider might be affordable to help you cop a good number of kicks on a single release.

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Features of Brazy Proxies

  • City targeting
  • Private IPS
  • Residential proxy generator
  • IP and user: pass authentication
  • Static IPs
  • 24/7 customer support
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You are here because you need an unbiased review from the expert, or you are looking for the best proxies to cop the limited editions. We have taken time to test the Brazy Kicks Proxies from top to bottom to come up with this detailed review. Let us start with the features of Brazy Kick’s proxies.

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Brazy Proxies Overview

Brazy Kicks Proxies is a popular sneaker proxy provider in the sneaker industry. Their website is simple with a fancy dashboard. Again lack of FAQ and poor customer support might shy the potential customers. Aside, they also do not have features that other providers have for their customers. All that said, the little customer base seems to trust them. This is what made us carry out the test to write a detailed review. Let us see how and why.

Brazy Kicks Proxies Homepage

Before a major release, you will always find their proxies ut of stock. The provider sells three types of proxies, weekly private ISP, Private ISP monthlies, and residential proxy plans. We will discuss each and pricing plan in detail in our next section. Besides the packages, they also offer residential proxy generators and proxy managers to their customers.

Even though Brazy kicks have residential proxies, they don't rotate because they are directly obtained from ISPs. In our test, we confirmed that all the sessions were static. The IPs from the pool never changed during the whole session. This process inconveniences the sneaker copping and checkout process since the same IP is used in the whole process. It's risky, and this is their colossal downside part.

Another thing is that their residential proxies target few regions in the US. The website does not give enough data to decide; hence potential customers should rely on unbiased reviews. So, we went beyond to dig and let you know if the Brazy Kick's proxies are worth it. Maybe pricing and plans might give you a hint. Let's proceed.

Brazy Proxies Plans and Pricing

This proxy provider has 3 pricing plans available on their website, and out of them, two are private ISPs. Take a look at these plans below.

Weekly Datacenter Plan

Brazy Proxies for Weekly Plan

The weekly datacenter proxies never last for a week. The proxies are valid for 5 days. Another thing to note is that the Brazy Kicks offers these proxies on a specific range of days. From Tuesday to Friday and from Friday to Tuesday DC proxies. These two go at $1, while full week datacenter proxies go at $1.25.

Private ISP Plan

Brazy Proxies for Private ISP Plan

The datacenter monthly plan is cheaper compared to weekly. The proxy for a monthly plan is only $2.However, customers should buy a minimum of 5 proxies on a monthly plan which translates to a minimum monetary requirement of $10 per month. The proxies come with 5 locations, 10Gbps, and port speed on the subnet. They do not have a refund policy as they consider sales as final.

Residential Proxy Plan

Brazy Proxies for Residential Plan

The residential proxies are charged per bandwidth.  This plan is always out of stock, but 1GB costs$15. These proxies can work on sneaker sites without strictness. Users can generate unmetered proxies once they make payment and receive username and password. When the allocated data is finished, your connection to the residential proxy generator is cut off. These proxies are pure ISP residential IPs targeting US and UK cities, but they are static.

Brazy Proxies Location

The location coverage of Brazy Kick's proxies is not good. Residential proxies only support four locations, Ashburn, NY, Chicago, and London. The speed and latency in these locations are optimized. At the same time, Datacenter proxies support Chicago, London, and Japan.

Brazy Proxies Authentication

Brazy Proxies Authentication

Brazy Kicks authenticate their proxies using two methods. First, residential proxies are authenticated using the user: pass method to generate the proxies from the residential proxy generator. Secondly, Datacenter proxies use both IP whitelisting and user: pass authentication.

Brazy Proxies Customer Support

Brazy Proxies Customer Support

In our research and search for help, we noticed that users could only obtain customer support in two ways. Messaging them on Twitter handle or using a direct ticket on the Discord channel. The customer response is instant. The website does not have a FAQ page to give detailed information. We hope in the future; they will implement since discord has many users, which might be inconvenient.

The Editor’s Verdict

Up to this far, you can easily conclude the kind of proxies Brazy Kicks has for copping sneakers. They never have a free trial nor a refund, but alternatively, this is well taken care of in the pricing plan. They sell cheap proxies.

Although they have static proxies, they are recommended for copping sneakers from sites that are not strict.

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

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