Rsocks Review

Rsocks Review

Are you looking for a proxy provider with a vast pool of clean IPs? If so, then you should consider Rsocks. Rsocks is a reputable proxy service provider, even surpassing some of the oldies in the market.

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Rsocks proxy is a relatively new player in the proxy industry. However, it has taken considerable strides to be a reputable proxy service provider, even surpassing some of the oldies in the market.

Initially, they only used to offer data center proxies but have since started offering residential proxies too. They have servers in hundreds of locations around the world. Apart from that, here are some other features they offer:

  • 8 million Residential IP pool
  • Offer ASN/Cities /Countries Geo-targeting
  • It can be used for Sneakers and Social Media Sites
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Rsocks Count of Ips

Rsocks Pros and Cons

Why We Like it

  • Flexible and Affordable Pricing: They offer pocket-friendly pricing and have a variety of payment options. You can choose from their daily, weekly, or monthly packages.
  • Variety of Residential Proxy Packages: They have many residential proxy options, including exclusive, shared, and personal proxy plans. All come at different prices and features.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: The proxy offers an unlimited bandwidth that enables you to browse without throttling.
  • User-friendly Interface: Their dashboard is easy to use, making it suitable for new users to navigate the website.
  • Instant Delivery: With Rsocks, you don't have to deal with waiting for days for your account to be activated. Once you buy a plan, your account is activated instantly.
  • Easy Signup Process: They have a straightforward signup process that enables you to create an account without trouble.

Why We Don't Like it

Strict Free trial requirements: For you to be eligible for their free 1-hour trial, you must give them a positive review on Trustpilot.

Comparatively Smaller IP pool: They have a smaller pool of IPs than most of their peers.

Limited Geo-targeting: Their geo-targeting features are limited to a small number of locations; this means that it may not be possible to use it in some places.

Only whitelist authentication: The proxy provider offers only whitelist authentication, which may not be very efficient for many people.

Rsocks Overview

Rsocks Homepage

Rsocks is known to offer datacenter proxies mainly. However, our primary focus will be on their residential proxies as they are essential and more people prefer using them instead of other proxy types.

They have a pretty massive amount of testimonials, but their compulsory testimonial requirement hugely contributes to this. Their signup process is simple and doesn't have many needs.

They having a pool of more than 8 million IPs available in their servers spread in various places across the globe. Rsocks also offer a rotating option for all their proxies. This means that you can automate a rotating period of 5 minutes, enabling you to get a new IP address.

Type of IPs in Rsocks

They offer a variety of proxy plans, which are available on their websites. These plans include exclusive, mobile proxy, shared, personal, datacenter, and residential proxies.

They also offer a refund policy which enables you to request money back if not satisfied with their services. However, this comes with strict guidelines as the minimum you can be refunded $50. In addition, there are no refunds for hourly or daily package plans. Also, datacenter proxies can only be refunded within an hour of activation.

You only become eligible for a refund for mobile proxies if you initiate the process less than 24 hours after purchase. You must have also not used more than 20 MBs of data and provide a reasonable excuse to be refunded.

Rsocks IP Types and Pricing

Rsocks Pricing and Plan

Rsocks have a wide variety of proxies, including datacenter and personal proxies. However, Residential, mobile, and Exclusive proxies have a higher demand and contain even hourly data plans. All these proxy plans have different pricing according to quantity and type.

Rsocks Pricing

Residential Proxies

Rsocks Residential Proxies Pricing

Residential proxies have the highest share of IPs, standing at more than 3 million. It has three payment options; $30/ day, $150/ week and $600/ month. Residential proxies come with unique features such as unlimited traffic and free evaluation of proxy plans.

Mobile Proxies

Rsocks Mobile Proxies Pricing

Mobile proxies are supported in more than 23 countries and have over 200,000 IPs. They are 3G/4G proxies with an automated rotating time of 5 minutes. Pricing for these proxies is $10 / day, $30/ week, and $100/ month.

Exclusive Proxy

Rsocks Exclusive Proxies Pricing

Exclusive proxies are relatively new and come with more features and better pricing. They have different packages for these proxies; exclusive test costs $3 for 2 hours, exclusive MIN costs $30/ 30 days, exclusive MID costs $100/ month, and Exclusive MAX costs $300/ month.

Rsocks Authentication and Protocols

They offer IP authentication, which means to log in to your account, you need to verify your IP address. Apart from that, they also support username and password authentication, which makes login easier.

They also support a variety of protocols; this includes HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5. The availability of these protocols makes it easy to surf using a different browser without any issues.

Rsocks Customer Support

Rsocks Customer Support

For customer support, Rsocks offer a pretty efficient customer care system. If you have any queries, you can contact them using their official email or Skype live chat option. You can as well use the contact form on their website and expect a response very soon.

The Editor's Verdict

It is essential to pick the best proxy when choosing a proxy provider. Rsocks offer some of the best features you can find in the market. They have excellent usability and pocket-friendly pricing. They are also very reliable and have a sound customer support system.

However, one of their biggest letdowns is their refund policy. They also claim to have excellent connectivity speed, but with a thorough evaluation, you will prove otherwise. That said, Rsocks may not be the best proxy provider to go for, although all this depends on an individual's preference.

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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  1. SCAM Attention! Blacklisted proxies
    These are scammers who sell used blacklisted proxies and do not replace and refund.
    It’s hard to come up with a worse proxy.
    Terrible support.

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