Slash Proxies Review

Slash Proxies Review

Are you looking for an ensured premium experience? Try slash proxies with dedicated 100 GBPS and ISP geo-targeting for your sneaker copping!


Slash Proxies are best for scraping limited edition sneakers from IP-sensitive sites. Among others, the sites include Shopify, Supreme, JD sports, etc. Before we look at the Slash proxies overview, let us first consider its attractive features.

Features of Slash Proxies

  • Fast speed
  • Residential-O data never expires
  • ISP Geo-targeting
  • 100+ million IPs.
  • No penalty exceeding the usage
  • The residential-o proxies are unbanned on all sites.
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Slash Proxies Overview

Slash Proxies homepage

Slash Proxies specialize in residential proxies and home ISPs, mobile ISPs, and captcha proxies. All their proxies have an excellent speed that ensures consistent success in the sneaker industry. Unlike other residential providers, their residential proxies never expire. You can scrape data from a particular state, city, and country – ISP geo-targeting.

Enjoy over 100+ million of their residential IPs supply worldwide. The good news is that their residential IPs go unbanned on all sites. However, they do not offer refunds to their new customers. Be informed! Despite that, the slash proxy provider has gained the trust of many customers since 2018. Therefore, this is a trusted brand with a high success rate in the sneaker collection.

Are Slash Proxies worth paying for? Let us now look at the pricing plan to help you make a wise decision.

Slash Proxies Plans and Pricing

Slash Proxies Plans and Pricing

If Slash Proxies are worth our pocket, then we should dig deeper into its Plan and pricing. First, for you to see the available plans and their pricing, you must create an account. It's free, simple, and without any verification. In no time, you can access the dashboard. We will discuss residential, ISPs, and Captcha plans as well as their pricing, as shown below.

Residential Plan

Slash proxy Residential Plan

This is the first Plan.  You can select the data of your choice from $40 for 2GB to the highest going at $165 for 10GB. Cheap, right? The residential data never expire, and they generate ISP Geo-targeting proxies.

Users can change location anytime. Scrape unbanned on all sites with 100 million IPs. Slash proxy provider never penalizes you for exceeding your usage.

ISP Plan

Slash proxy Home mobile ISP Plan

ISP plans are cheap but only located in Ashburn and Virginia. Home ISP plan is delivered instantly with high speed ranging between 30 to 100ms. They are locked between releases so as to mitigate the bans. Both mobile and ISP works on Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy, Target, JD Sports, Supreme, etc. They come with tier 1, either Cox, sprint for mobile ISP, and CenturyLink IPs. The starting price is $62.50 with 25GB in all home ISP plan cases.

Captcha Plan

Slash proxy Captcha Plan

Captcha proxy is the cheapest plan Slash Proxies have in store. They start from 28.75  for 25GB. The IPs are unflagged and come with 100 GBPS ports. Since the IPs are not shared, rather dedicated, you can renew them with instant delivery.

The IPs are not banned on online store-sneaker sites hence the need for AYCD auto-solve. Unfortunately, in most cases, they are sold out.

Slash Proxies Location

The location of the Slash Proxies is based on the Plan. Residential Plan is all over the world. ISP plan both home and mobile plans are only limited to Ashburn and Virginia.

Slash Proxies Authentication

Slash Proxies Authentication

Captcha proxy plan uses user-pass authentication to log in. and so is to say, all plans use the same authentication. Not enough information is given apart from Captcha proxy plan.

Slash Proxies Customer Support

Slash Proxies Customer Support

Their technical support staff is online 24/7 to attend to your needs. However, you can only access supports from Twitter or through discord using your username. No FAQ section on their website to provide extra information.

The Editor’s Verdict

Slash Proxies are best for sneaker bot developers and are perfect for the checkout process and regular updates in the latest sneaker releases. This is because residential IPs are private and scrape all sites unbanned.

However, they do not refund the money, but many customers are trusted brands. The trust they have earned from previous customers, together with affordable plans, makes it worth your money. We highly recommend trying their unbanned IPs.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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