Best SoundCloud Proxies

Best SoundCloud Proxies to Boost Your SoundCloud Plays

Do you need the best proxies to use with your SoundCloud bot?  Proxies are essential in boosting your online presence on SoundCloud. Please read our article to learn more about the trusted and compatible tested proxies.

First of all, we should understand what SoundCloud is all about.  SoundCloud is a platform that is taking over society. It has become popular among musicians and their fans. Fans here we are talking about music lovers. Since its inception, its is difficult to make your music popular on SoundCloud, and today, it is even more challenging. Since the barrier to entry of audio production has reduced, competition in music production has increased to the next level. Competition is very stiff.

Sound Cloud overview

New users have a hard time getting popular, and it is hard to notice their new tracks. Therefore, you must be patient enough to become famous on this platform. This calls for your time and effort.  However, the effort and time go to waste without using the SoundCloud bot.

When you use this software, you can create a botted account and increase your popularity within no time. Create botted accounts, download, and play the tracks. When you achieve impressive playtime, many users spot you like a great deal. This way, you can gather users to come and download and listen to your tracks on SoundCloud. You should also note that these SoundCloud bots require compatible proxies. This is what has brought us to research for the best SoundCloud proxies.

Why Use Proxies to Boost Your SoundCloud Plays

Use Proxies to SoundCloud Plays

There is one reason why you should use proxies to boost your SoundCloud playtime. Even though most need to gain followers, get likes and repost, it is only possible with proxies. When you use proxies, you can quickly turn musicians into marketers. Proxies are used in bots for automation purposes.

SoundCloud encourages automation, too, intending to achieve followers and playtime. Although, it only allows one SoundCloud account per IP address which limits you. Since you need more play, you should go for rotating SoundCloud proxies. Musicians can now create multiple accounts, automate and increase their play.

Proxies are critical because they help musicians on SoundCloud perform multiple regulated activities from different IP addresses. Without them, the ISP gets upset, and SoundCloud can catch you. To stay on the radar, you can use datacenter or residential proxies. As long as you are using the proxies, you should always ensure that you regulate your frequency.

Set the bot automation to work on an average human scale and avoid suspicious actions. When you do it correctly, you can easily increase your overall playtime with the abroad community. When SoundCloud notices this, it will start to feature you, and for sure, you will get more organic playtime.

Best Rotating Residential Proxies for SoundCloud 

When you need unlimited play and online anonymity, we would always recommend rotating residential proxies. We tilt towards residential because they are affordable compared to dedicated or mobile proxies while evading blocks.

Since SoundCloud is aggressive to filters, you can also try a datacenter to manage multiple accounts. So, let's look at the elite residential proxies that effectively manage bulk accounts without detection.

1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy for buy Shopify Proxies

Smartproxy is our number one choice. Smart proxy is a USA company that specializes in selling residential proxies. While the pricing is charged per bandwidth, they have a good IP pool size of over 40 million. It is pretty popular out there due to the friendly pricing to suit the needs of their users. Their residential package of 5GB costs $75.

That aside, the provider also has a good feature that made us consider it as the best SoundCloud proxy provider on the market. They have a dedicated support team. The residential proxies rotate automatically after every 30 minutes.

This is a good feature for automation and is hard to detect. The speed is good, and because they support HTTP(S), they are safe and support any compatible site. Musicians can also geo-target 8 cities and 50 countries in the USA. However, they do not offer a free trial, but they guarantee clients a 3-day refund when not satisfied with their services.

2. Soax

Soax Homepage Overview

SOax is also another high-rated residential proxy provider on the market. Today, we rank it among the best proxy providers. In service provisions, they have received many awards. Recently, they were awarded for having the cleanest proxy pool and geo-targeting up to ISP level. Soax is a good rotating residential proxy provider for SoundCloud automation. They have a massive IP pool, and you can mix their proxies while surfing online.

They monitor their proxies and remove any dirty proxies to keep their users secure constantly. This is the reason why they are ranked to have the cleanest proxies around the globe. The backconnect rotating residential proxies use residential IPs from real mobile and WIFI devices hence hard to detect on SoundCloud. This makes it practical to operate multiple accounts unnoticed.

The proxies are effectively reliable, and they entirely own them. Therefore, we can recommend using them for account automation and data scraping. You should rest assured of a secure connection, good speed, extensive network, good location coverage, and live customer support. Above all, they offer a free trial. Try them today.

3. Bright Data

brightdata rotating proxies

Bright Data company, also known as Luminati, is a prominent company to any proxy expert or botter. They guys are the king in the proxy world from Israel. They have a large IP pool that no human being can ever use in their lifetime. It is a worldwide provider, and most people love them because they have servers in several locations around the globe. So, they have proxies for you no matter where you are now.

Again, they have an excellent customer support team which goes in hand with quality. If not pricing, we would have considered it the best residential proxy provider as the first choice. It is not suitable for small marketers or musicians due to its minimum monetary requirements. Besides pricing, the provider is a force to reckon with regarding account automation and online security.

They offer users control sessions. That means users can tune the rotation of their residential proxies from 3 to 15 minutes. This is perfect for managing unlimited play while used on SoundCloud Bots. If you can stretch your budget, then go for them, they are worth everything.

4. Shifter

Shifter Residential Homepage overview

Microleave, which today is called Shifter, is also a residential proxy provider. They changed their name in early 2020. They pride themselves on having the best and largest proxy network around the globe. Besides, they have over 31 million residential backconnect proxies. Though we can dispute this fact, it remains the best proxy provider due to some good reasons.

Their residential backconnect proxies work perfectly when used together with SoundCloud bots. Again, musicians can use these proxies to unblock blocked accounts. They are effective in managing multiple accounts because these proxies automatically rotate after 5 minutes.

They are secured with HTTP(S) and socks5 protocols, thus hard to detect. In our test, their speed was average, and you can filter or target up to the country level. Even though their proxies are expensive, they are charged per port every month. This Britain company does not offer a free trial, but instead, they guarantee 3 days money back.

5. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy Cheap Overv iew

Proxy-Cheap is the last residential proxy provider we would recommend using on SoundCloud bot automation. This is the cheapest residential proxy provider on our list, with an IP pool size of over 6 million. Their pricing is based on the bandwidth; however, there is a minimum monetary requirement. Even with this requirement, it is still cheap.

Their IP addresses are located all over the globe. Because they support HTTP(S) and socks5 protocols, they are secure and hard to detect. This, together with their good speed and random IP rotation, makes them the perfect choice for SoundCloud account automation. Since they have IP rotation sessions, they are never detected easily, but SoundCloud is an aggressive platform.

It targets up to country level and still expanding. They offer a free trial upon request. They offer customers support via live chat but unfortunately, they don't have a refund policy. They do not disclose some of their information, maybe due to anonymity, even their place of jurisdiction is unknown to date.

Best Private Proxies for SoundCloud 

Other than residential proxies, you can also go for datacenter proxies. For money reasons, this is the best alternative. Their payoff is also as good as you can expect while using residential. However, everything depends on your choice, and here are our recommended datacenter proxy providers.

1. MyPrivateProxy

Myprivateproxy Homepage Overview

MyPrivateProxy is among the few popular datacenter proxy providers. Their private proxies are the best choice for SoundCloud account automation when used together with compatible bots. Though it is not the best datacenter proxy provider as far as the SoundCloud is concerned, it has sweet features that make it suitable for that task. This is a cheap proxy provider but gets the job done due to its good speed. They have clean IPs that are replaced after every 30 days.

Because they have unlimited bandwidth and allow users to run up to 100 threads concurrently, it is a perfect choice for managing multiple SoundCloud accounts. This is exceptionally good when targeting play time to gain popularity on the platform. They support HTTP(S); thus, it is hard to detect them. They offer excellent customer service and guarantee you money back within 3 days when not satisfied with the services. However, their location coverage is poor.

2. SSLprivateproxy

SSLPrivateProxy for Autumn Sale

When you need SoundCloud proxies, SSLprivateproxy is also another datacenter proxy provider. They are worth checking on them. The provider has an expensive database that offers private proxies and shared proxies, and private VPNs. Private VPN services are also a good option based on your location.

Their location coverage is good, and thus superior high speed favors all users. They support HTTP(S); thus, their private proxies are hard to detect. The datacenter proxies are hosted on a 1000Mpbps internet connection and have 99.99 uptime. They have multiple subnets with prefixes consisting of over 120k IP pools. This is also a perfect option you should consider using in managing multiple SoundCloud accounts.

Their dedicated proxy IP addresses are meant only for one user account, thus securing premium packages. It is a switched-on company with backups that can take you far to the next level. They offer good customer support via email or live chat. Instead of a free trial, they guarantee a refund within 7 days from the day of purchase.

3. Blazingseollc

Blazingseollc overview

Blazingseollc is our last recommended choice as a good datacenter proxy provider. This is as SoundCloud is concerned. Though they are, it is tempting many users to try them due to their excellent services. Though they don't have good location coverage, it is still a provider you should consider.

Their datacenter proxies are hard to detect since they support HTTP(S) and socks5 protocols. All connections online are secured hence a reliable provider. Their servers are distributed well, covering the most targeted locations. Speed is perfect, and they offer a 2-day refund policy when not contented with the services of their datacenter proxies.

Their proxies have technical features, and customers trust them.  Blazingseollc proxies have over 300k IP addresses with around 200k unique c-class subnets. This ensures that users can easily avoid bans and downtime and customize diversification across the subnet to obtain optimal combinations.

Hence, it is a perfect choice to use when automating SoundCloud accounts. Since they put customers first, they seem to have a bright future. Try them out, and you will never get disappointed.

Don't Forget to Use the Bots

SoundCloud bots

When you decide to use dedicated or residential proxies, you should also get compatible software. Never forget to purchase a bot. SoundCloud bots allow users to automate multiple accounts management. They automatically do everything as you relax and watch. You can gain download and play in no time.

Therefore, using the proxy with the relevant bot is important since bots are not accepted to operate online around the globe. You need to hide your IP address using proxies. There are many popular bots out there like SoundCloud manager and Somiibo. There are many other options available to select from. We will discuss this in detail in our next article.


Gaining popularity on SoundCloud is hard. To get started, you need more play; however, it is even harder to get within a short time. But, with using SoundCloud bots, the process is simple. Using bots with relevant proxies offers an excellent chance to create more play by automating multiple account management processes without being detected. Without proxies, one can easily be detected and banned.

Avoid wasting your time and go for the proxies and let them make you feel confident and get a pronounced presence. The above residential and datacenter proxies have been tested, trusted by customers, and approved by our expert to give you nothing but optimal results.

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

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