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How to Find Someone’s IP on PS4

Find out IPs on PS4 easily! Use one of the four effective ways in this article to fetch anyone’s IP from a PS$ party or a simple conversation.

PS4 is a very popular gaming platform that allows you to access thousands of different games. To use PS4, you need a device and, of course, an account. With an account, you can buy games, take part in events, and communicate with players. Of course, they aren’t always nice to you. Luckily, you can find out someone’s IP on PS4 quite easily – here’s how.

Use PS4 IP Tracker

Surely, IP trackers for PS4 are some of the easiest ways to get someone’s address and location. One of such trackers is Lanc Remastered. This is one of the best IP pullers for PS4 around. It’s pretty easy to use it – see below.

  • Prepare for Lanc Download

Lanc Download

To download Lanc Remastered, you will need certain tools before you start. Firstly, download these:

Install these apps. You will need them to correctly install Lanc Remastered later, as there might be certain incompatibilities with your system.

  • Change Windows Settings

Disable IPv6

Before you start installing, go to Windows settings.

Step 1: For Windows 10, follow this sequence: Settings – Network and Internet – Change adapter options. 

Step 2: After this, right-click on the Internet connection of your computer.

Step 3: Scroll down until you see Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) and untick the box you’ll see.

Step 4: Next, restart your computer.

  • Download the App

When your computer is on again, download Lanc Remastered. Extract the files using either 7zip on Winrar. After you extract, go to the Lanc Remastered folder and double click on the file LANCv2.exe. This will open the program in a new popup. If the program happens to give you an error, just click OK.

Lanc Installation

  • Get Your IP

To start IP grabbing, you need to open Lanc Remastered and select your network adapter in an app window. It can be a wired connection or a wireless network. Tick on Filter and ARP spoofing. After this, it’s time to get your own IP. On your console, do the following: Settings – Network settings – IP. Write down your IP, then go to Lanc Remastered, and find the ARP Spoofing section. There, put your address into the TO section.

Lanc Remastered ARP spoofing

  • Get Other People’s IPs

Next, do the following sequence of actions.

Step 1: First, find the Destination Port tab, and tab in port 9307.

Step 2: After this, verify that everything is correct.

Step 3: Create a PS4 party.

Step 4: Once people start to join, click on the Start button in the app.

Step 5: Then, under the Connections, you will start to see IP addresses. They are the addresses of the players of your PS4.

Lanc Remastered IPs details

Use Console Sniffer to Monitor Your Computer

Console sniffers can capture the data of all incoming IPs that currently connect to your computer. One of such sniffers is Wireshark. This is an app that lets you see the IPs of people who join your PS4 party. You need a bit of technical knowledge to use it, but you will be fine as soon as you follow the sequence below.

  • Create a Mobile Hotspot

To grab IPs, you need to go to Internet settings on your computer. Choose Mobile Hotspot and create a hotspot to connect with PS4 to create a bridge. This way, you will pick up all the IP data you need. So, on your PS4, go to Network settings and connect to the hotspot you’ve just created.

ps4 Mobile Hotspot

  • Install and Tune Wireshark

Be sure to go to the Wireshark website and download the app. Install and open it. In the app window, you will see area connections, so connect to one of them. After this, go to the search panel above the connections and type in UDP. This will narrow down the data for the app to show you only relevant IPs.

Install and Tune Wireshark

  • Pick Data from PlayStation4

To pick data, you will need to create a PS4 party. The people will join, and Wireshark will start grabbing their IPs. You will see new IPs incoming, and they will be your IPs. Remember that you should be a party host yourself to see everyone else’s IPs.

PS4 Wireshark ip trace

Use PS4 Gamertag IP Puller

Amongst other tools, you can use xResolver, a web tool that is easy to access. To use it, you need to know a person’s username. It is effective as it has a database of user IPs, where your user will probably be. Here is how to use this app.

  • Copy the Person’s Username

First, you will need a person’s PSN. Enter your PS4 account and find a person. Their IDs are usually publicly displayed, so you can copy anyone’s username.

PS4 person’s PSN

  • Go to xResolver Page

After you have the username, go to xResolver and paste the PSN in a special field. Then, click Resolve. The web tool will then show you the user’s IP address under the Resolve button.

PS4 xresolver ip tracing

This method is pretty easy, but it isn’t always 100% accurate. So, if it didn’t work for you, try other tools from this article.

Use PS4 IP Finder

IP finders can grab the person’s IP by introducing a shortened link. When the user of interest clicks your link, the app can fetch the IP and other data, including geolocation. Let’s see how to use the Grabify IP Logger to get the PS4 IP address.

  • Create the URL

To start, go to the Grabify webpage. There, you will see the field “Enter a valid URL or tracking code.” Then, enter any URL. Remember that the URL you shorten should be interesting to the person to whom you’re going to send it. Paste the URL and click “Create URL.” After this, copy the shortened link for later use. Also, copy the tracking code that you’ll get.

Grabify ip loggers

generated Grabify link

  • Send the link to the User

Next, initiate a chat with your PS4 user. In the conversation, introduce a link. It shouldn’t look suspicious, the chat should be natural, and the link should be interesting to them. For example, you can pick an article about a new exciting game release. You can also send a simple meme or let's play if the person likes them. Make sure that the person clicks this link, or you won’t get their IP.

Send the link to the User ps4

  • Track IP

When the user clicks the link, return to the Grabify webpage. After this, enter the tracking code in the field and click “Tracking Code.” After this, the tool will show you all relevant information about the user, including their IP and location.

Grabify IP tracking service

Be Careful When You Play!

Remember that online gaming on PS4 can be risky. As you see, it’s pretty easy to grab your IP address using such tools as IP Tracker and Opentracker to fetch your address. If hackers target you, you might be subject to hacker’s DDOS attacks or cyber-bullying. So, be sure to use proxies that will safeguard you. Consider installing HighProxies, SquidProxies, or MyPrivateProxy to hide your real IP address.

Opentracker tracking details


PS4 gaming is always fun. But certain people might act rude, violate rules, or offend you. In this case, getting their IPs is vital to make them stop. You can use a console sniffer like Wireshark to get their address. Also, Lanc Remastered can help you get the IPs of your PS4 party players in real-time. Use Grabify to create links of interests that help to fetch IPs. xResolver is another good tool to grab IPs. While you pull other’s IPs, remember about your safety and use powerful proxies to hide your IP.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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